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Go in-depth on the most popular fundraising topics

Capital campaign gifts are quite meaningful to donors. Without effective campaign follow-through, you can risk souring your most important donor relationships.

Capital Campaign Follow-Through: Key Lessons for Nonprofits

Capital campaign gifts are quite meaningful to donors. Without effective campaign follow-through, you can risk souring your most important donor relationships.
Hybrid events are fundraising experiences that combine the excitement of in-person events with convenience of online access. They're proving to be reliable and effective ways to hit fundraising goals and connect with supporters.

What Is a Hybrid Fundraising Event?
The Basics

Hybrid events are fundraising experiences that combine the excitement of in-person events with convenience of online access. They're proving to be reliable and effective ways to hit fundraising goals and connect with supporters.
Explore this virtual auction buyer’s guide and steps for planning a successful virtual auction.

Virtual Auction Software Buyer’s Guide & 7 Planning Steps

Virtual auctions bring a favorite charity event to the digital realm. Learn how to plan one and how to pick virtual auction software for your organization.
Snowball's guide to virtual fundraising events.

Virtual Fundraising Events Guide | FAQ, Ideas, and Tips

Virtual fundraising events experienced an uptick in popularity with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As 2021 continues, we see that online events are here to stay. Why? People worldwide can join
The 8 crucial components of a fundamental grant proposal template

Fundamental Grant Proposal Template: 8 Crucial Components

Is your nonprofit organization applying for structured external funding for the first time? Need help nailing down the essentials of your grant proposal? The competition can be fierce for nonprofit
Here are 10 online courses that can help boost your fundraising efforts.

10 Online Courses to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

“Oh, if we only had the money for that!”  Really? Why not? There’s no reason to hold you back from providing a high-quality, robust mission that serves more people than
Here are some key church fundraising tips for cultivating a more generous congregation.

3 Fundraising Tips for Cultivating a Generous Congregation

Generosity is a core element of Christian life and discipleship. From the financial perspective, God doesn’t need our money to further His Kingdom, yet the Bible says a great deal
Follow these best practices to ensure a successful dance studio fundraiser.

4 Best Practices for Your Upcoming Dance Studio Fundraisers

Businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many are turning to strategic fundraising efforts to keep revenue flowing. As a
Here are a few key ways to incorporate animal advocacy into your pet business.

5 Ways to Incorporate Animal Advocacy into Your Pet Business

Why did you choose to go into pet care? Often, the answer is simple: you love animals. You chose to create a safe and enriching environment for dogs, cats, or
Here are four ways your nonprofit website can drive donations.

4 Ways Your Nonprofit Website Can Drive Donations

In 2020, nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes have learned beyond a doubt that online engagements and efforts are invaluable to fundraising and outreach efforts. With a global pandemic

Two Quick To-Do Items to Raise More This Giving Season

No matter the time of year, Giving Season feels like it’s always right around the corner for nonprofits. You know that the last few months of the year are critical
Learn more about crafting a political campaign fundraising plan.

Political Campaign Fundraising Plan: Handy Guide + Template

Any successful fundraising campaign starts with a detailed and actionable fundraising plan. Political fundraisers are no different! That’s why it’s crucial that if you’re looking to plan and host a
Learn more about nonprofit payment security with this guide.

Nonprofit Payment Security Practices: The Essential Guide

Online fundraising has been on the rise for a while, accounting for 8.7% of total giving during 2019. Now, with a global pandemic requiring social distancing guidelines and most in-person
Pledge fundraising is a great way to raise support for your organization.

Pledge Fundraising | The Complete Guide [with Tips]

Fundraising is an important (if not the most important) activity that nonprofit organizations must conduct on a continual basis. Yet finding new strategies, donation tools, and engagement techniques can be
Text to tithe, the ultimate mobile giving guide for churches.

Text-to-Tithe: The Ultimate Mobile Giving Guide for Churches

New technology has revolutionized churches. From the way congregants relate to one another to the processes involved in hosting a church service, and even to how we read the Bible,
Virtual Fundraising: The Complete Guide for 2021 & Beyond

Virtual Fundraising: The Complete Guide

In the COVID era, we’ve had to sacrifice a number of events we looked forward to. This includes the vast majority of fundraising events. As we enter 2021, organizations continue

Nonprofit Productivity: 6 Tips in an Uncertain Time

So much goes into running a nonprofit organization on a day-to-day basis. Between managing team members, recruiting volunteers, raising necessary funds, and keeping daily operations in order, you’ll always have
Explore this guide for creating a 1-page fundraising plan for your organization.

How to Create a 1-Page Fundraising Plan to Minimize Chaos and Maximize Revenue

This post was contributed by Sandy Rees from Get Fully Funded. If you don’t have an annual fundraising plan, you’re not alone. Most folks in small nonprofits have no fundraising
Ensure you're backed with actionable text to give knowledge with this comprehensive guide.

Text-to-Give | Complete Guide for Nonprofits and Fundraisers

With more options than any other online fundraising software, Snowball Text-to-Give is designed to adapt to your organization’s needs.
Check out these tips for perfecting your nonprofit's donation website.

Your Donation Website: 7 Steps to Boost Conversions

Put yourself in a prospective donor’s shoes, and take a close look at your donation website. Can you easily find the resources you need? Does it compel you to give?

7 Must-Have Pages for Your Nonprofit Website

Are you venturing into creating or redesigning a website for your nonprofit?  Designing a nonprofit website can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Nonprofit web design
Nonprofit grant writing for nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Grant Writing Guide: How to Apply for Funding

đź’°Improve your grant writing and double your funding. Inside: Basics of Grant Writing, Effective Components of Grant Proposals, Finding Grant Opportunities, Strategy Get the Guide Is your nonprofit interested in

6 Common Roadblocks to Church Growth and How to Fix Them

In Matthew 28, Jesus says to go out and make disciples of all people, and that’s just what your church is doing. But the necessary church growth associated with this
Learning how to collect pledges is an essential part of securing support!

How to Collect Pledges: 6 Steps for Securing Pledged Support

You put so much work into your pledge campaigns! You developed special pledge conditions, chose the perfect tools, and promoted your drive to the community. Your team worked hard to
There are a few key differences between traditional donations and fundraising pledges!

Fundraising Pledges Vs. Donations | What’s the Difference?

Fundraising is an important (if not the most important) activity that nonprofit organizations must conduct on a continual basis. Finding new strategies, donation tools, and engagement techniques can be a
Our 5 essential tips to building a powerful and engaging pledge campaign!

Creating a Powerful Pledge Campaign: 5 Essential Tips

The powerhouse strategy of the fundraising world, a pledge campaign can be an extremely effective way to leverage your network of support. When the right planning, concept, and mission come
Nail your nonprofit mission statement

6 Tips for Writing a Perfect Nonprofit Mission Statement

A nonprofit’s mission statement is incredibly important, perhaps more important than even most experienced nonprofit professionals realize. Your nonprofit’s mission statement represents its guiding vision, its tagline, its funding pitch,

Starting a Nonprofit Org:
Raise Money Now

Building an effective, long-lasting organizational structure takes determination and planning— and the right tools
The fundamentals of a grant proposals

Fundamental Grant Proposal Template: 8 Crucial Components

Is your nonprofit organization applying for structured external funding for the first time?  The competition can be fierce for nonprofit grants offered by governmental agencies, private foundations, and other grant-giving
Learn to write nonprofit grant applications

Getting Started with Grants: 5 Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit organization has never applied for or received special funding from governmental bodies or grant-giving foundations, the mere idea of grant writing can be intimidating! After all, every

5 Essential Features of a Top Online Donation Page

If you asked a nonprofit twenty-five years ago how they asked for donations, they likely would have responded with some combination of in-person appeals, direct mail solicitation, phone donations, and
Find out our top fraternity dues collection services.

Top 8 Fraternity Dues Collection Services for Your Chapter

Finding the right fraternity dues collection app can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. After all, it can be really tough to keep track of all of your chapter’s members
Find out how your nonprofit can get more from year-end giving with this infographic.

Infographic: Year-End Giving Secrets to Inspire Donations

You might know that 25-35% of giving takes place between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but do you know how to make the most of your year-end fundraising efforts? MobileCause is
These solutions are the best Salesforce apps for nonprofits and businesses.

12 Best Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits and Businesses

Looking to supercharge your Salesforce CRM? You’ve come to the right place! Salesforce is a powerful, versatile data management solution used by next-level organizations in practically every sector. From expansive

Increase Volunteer Awareness with 4 Easy to Implement Strategies

Increasing volunteer awareness of your nonprofit’s opportunities is one of the biggest steps your organization can take to be successful. According to The National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are
This month's Nonprofit Tech Carnival is all about mobile giving strategies.

10 Mobile Giving Strategies — The Nonprofit Tech Carnival

As we explained in the announcement post, this month’s carnival theme homed in on the best strategies for mobile giving. (Read the full announcement here!) We were incredibly thrilled with
Check off our nonprofit web design template to ensure that your organization's website is one that looks great and will keep donors engaged.

Nonprofit Website Design: The Beginning Designer’s Checklist

With more and more donors preferring to engage with nonprofits through mobile and digital channels, designing a captivating website for your nonprofit is more important than ever before. A strong
Use a event management application to help organize invitations and guest lists.

How to Manage Invitations and Guest Lists for Fundraisers

The success of any fundraising event relies on its guests. Perhaps more than any other kind of event, the ability to effectively manage your guest list is crucial for a
These 10 practical and effective lessons will help improve your church online giving.

Church Online Giving: 10 Practical (And Effective!) Lessons

Every Sunday, your church probably passes an offering plate around to the congregation. But if you’re anything like other churches nowadays, you’ve probably noticed that offering plate coming back with
Mobile phone is being used for a mobile crowdfunding campaign.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Crowdfunding Campaign

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Crowdfunding Campaign Crowdfunding was made for a mobile world! Crowdfunding is online fundraising housed on a platform that is built to be social
Outdoor Summer Fundraising: A girl holding a watermelon while at a crowdfunding event.

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Outdoor Fundraiser

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Outdoor Fundraiser As the weather warms up, non-profit fundraisers take to the great outdoors in the form of runs, walks, and golf outings, as

How to Secure a Golden Donation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring a Second Donation

What is a “golden donation”? Great question! According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s 2015 Survey, only 19% of new donors give again after their first donation. However, once a new

Church Fundraising Letters: The Basics

It is better to give than to receive. This adage has withstood the test of time. There’s truly nothing more rewarding than giving to a worthy cause and seeing the

Sample Church Fundraising and Communication Letters [Free]

Now that you’ve gathered a few tips and know a little bit more about how to draft the perfect church fundraising letter and the perfect church newsletter, it’s time to dive into

Tips for Crafting the Most Effective Church Fundraising Letters

There’s nothing better than opening the mailbox to find a beautifully written letter personally addressed to you. About your passions. Your interests. And how you can help make the world

How to Raise Significantly More Money From Your Existing Email Marketing Campaigns

Your nonprofit has done all that it can do with an email: You came up with a catchy subject line. You clearly stated your mission. You included beautiful pictures throughout

The Time to Donate is Now [Infographic]

 The Time to Donate is Now Mobile Optimization is a Must 50% of the Text-to-Haiti donors made their contributions IMMEDIATELY upon learning about the campaign. And an additional 23% donated

What Types of Nonprofits Use Mobile Fundraising and Text-to-Give Tools?

Currently, in the US alone, there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations, and each year, an increasing amount of the $300 billion per year average raised by these nonprofits comes

Mobile Fundraising and Text-to-Give FAQ

When you’re looking into mobile fundraising for your nonprofit, there are roughly a thousand important factors to consider. Okay, maybe there are fewer than a thousand. There are some common

Text-to-Give 101

If you’ve already gotten the chance to add the basics of mobile fundraising into your toolkit, it’s time to add the particulars of text-to-give to that handy belt of knowledge.