How to Raise Significantly More Money From Your Existing Email Marketing Campaigns

emailgrowthYour nonprofit has done all that it can do with an email:

So why is your email conversion rate not rising?

Don’t worry. This is an extremely common challenge among nonprofits.

It’s not you; it’s email.

That’s why we’re here: to offer a solution, so that you can start raising more funds through email.

thechallengeThe Challenge:

For every nonprofit, the challenge lies in getting donors not only to click on your email, but also to be led away from that email onto your nonprofit’s donation page.

From there, your potential donors are expected to go through all the motions to donate. After all is said and done, they’ve just spent several minutes fumbling around in way too many different browsers.

If you want to raise money from an email, all of the following things need to go your way:

  • abandondedcartThe email you write has to be the perfect length. Too long, and no one will read it. Too short, and few people will take you seriously.
  • The headline you come up with has to be compelling enough to click on. But not so attention-seeking that your organization seems desperate. There’s a balance to be struck.
  • It has to be sent at precisely the right moment. As you know, there are great times to send an email, and then there are terrible times to send an email. 2 AM on a Tuesday is reaching no one.
  • A donor has to see the email and decide to click on it. This part is almost completely out of your hands. Of course, there are ways to make sure that your email isn’t labeled as “junk,” but you can’t force a donor to open your email, even if it does wind up at the top of their inbox.
  • Your potential donor has to read the email and find the “Click Here to Donate” button. Clicking the button will bring them to the donation page…in a separate browser.
  • Finally, the donor will have to go through all of the steps on the donation page. If they haven’t abandoned the transaction by this point, then they’re in the minority. 97% of online shopping carts are abandoned somewhere along the way.

That is far too many steps, and there are way too many factors that are completely out of your nonprofit’s control!

What’s the answer? How do you convince donors to follow through with making a donation?

thesolutionThe Solution:

rrfb-emailbuttonLuckily, there actually is an answer.

Since the problem has to do with donors being led away from the email itself down into a rabbit hole of clicking and multiple browsers, the solution is to keep donors in the email.

With Snowball’s patented 2-click email button technology, donors never have to click outside of your nonprofit’s email.

They can give automatically: right then and there. Snowball allows nonprofits to embed a straightforward donation button directly into every email.

This button, unlike traditional email fundraising techniques, doesn’t link back to a donation page. It is the donation page.

donorexperienceWhat is the donor experience?

Step #1: You incorporate an email button into your next communication

Once your donors are 2-click enabled (through our SDK, Cross-Pollination, etc.), they can donate with ease from then on.

For a donor who’s already given before, or who’s signed up with Snowball, the email donation process looks something like this:

Demos of @Pay's email donation buttons

Once donors click on the desired donation amount, they will be directed to a pre-written email with their donation and the intended recipient (in this case Roadrunner Food Bank). Donors just have to click send to confirm their gift. It’s that simple!

Each email has a unique token attached to it that links the donation to the supporter’s payment information so that the donor doesn’t have to remember a pesky password, eliminating one more step from the process.

When you incorporate the donation button into your drip email campaigns, you increase the likelihood that your email recipients will give on the go.

Because the information is all already safely stored in Snowball’s secure vaults, your donors have nothing to worry about. Plus, they automatically receive a donation receipt!

How great is that?

Step #2: Your email recipients donate!

It’s as simple as that.

You Be The Judge:

By incorporating Snowball’s simple solution, your nonprofit no longer has to fret over whether a donor will stay on the donation page or randomly decide to abandon their donation. Giving through email just got a whole lot easier.

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