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See how smart software can improve fundraising

Paypal Alternatives for nonprofits

PayPal Alternatives for Nonprofits: 14+ Payment Platforms

If you’re looking for a way to accept money online for your organization, you might have considered using PayPal, a popular payment processing tool. However, PayPal doesn’t offer all the
Online giving companies

Online Giving Companies | 16 Choices for Better Fundraising

Online giving is a popular way donors are supporting causes they care about. No matter what you’re raising funds for, there is a company that will help push your efforts
Virtual fundraising software for nonprofits

Virtual Fundraising Software for Nonprofits | 15 Top Picks

Virtual fundraising software is crucial to raising money as we move through the COVID-19 era and beyond. This method of collecting donations opens a world of possibilities for nonprofits like
Online donation platforms, what you need to know.

Online Donation Platforms | What to Know & 12 Top Picks

As a nonprofit professional, you recognize how crucial fundraising is for driving your mission forward and making an impact in your community. Fundraising provides your organization with resources to implement
Learn more about effective digital fundraising strategies with this guide.

Strategies to Launch Your Digital Fundraising

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that fundraising for nonprofits in the age of social distancing is a challenge. But, as the year has also shown, digital fundraising and
What to look for in an auction software

Auction Software | What To Look For + 14 Provider Reviews

Charity auctions are a brilliant way to engage new and existing supporters. Plus, these events can rake in donations, but just as long as you have the right auction software
Fundraising software guide for nonprofits.

Fundraising Software | 24+ Low-Cost Providers for Nonprofits

Getting up and running as a brand new nonprofit is a major challenge—and costly software is a huge part of that. Finding the right donation tools early in the planning
A matching gift database can be an invaluable tool for nonprofits looking to elevate their company matching strategies. Here’s how to find the right solution.]

Matching Gift Database Selection: What to Look For (2022)

Whether you’re accepting donations with text-to-give software or using standard donation pages to receive funds, you can promote matching gifts to donors right alongside your donation requests. However, you’ll need
Learn how to use a fundraising thermometer and get started with our free template!

Fundraising Thermometers: Why They Work [Free Template!]

Fundraising is a tricky process to master, especially when learning how to use and make the most of online tools. From setting up an effective donation page and launching a

Pledge Software: A Secret Weapon for Nonprofit Fundraising

Pledge software — a secret weapon for nonprofits that know raising money is all about speed. Launching a pledge campaign can generate a lot of support for your cause quickly,

Best Nonprofit Software to Raise Money Fast

There’s no reason your organization shouldn’t thrive online these days. After all, that’s where your donors are. You have to master this medium if you want to make meaningful connections

Donor Management Software: A Buyer’s Essential Guide

Your nonprofit juggles all sorts of information. You have information about your donors, the gifts they give, restrictions on those gifts, and more. Keeping it all straight may seem like
Explore our picks for the best association management solutions on the market!

Find the Right Association Management Solution | 8 Top Picks

Finding the right association management solution that meets your exact needs can be a major challenge. Striking the perfect balance of price, utility, and scale is tricky, but necessary. Without
Need to find some great Blackbaud partners for your nonprofit? Look no further.

Top 10+ Blackbaud Partners Nonprofits Need to Know [Reviewed]

In the nonprofit world, the name “Blackbaud” certainly rings bells for almost any fundraising or donor management professional. If your organization makes use of Blackbaud software and integrations to manage
Get the best donor prospect research software for your nonprofit.

Top 7 Donor Prospect Research Software for Secure Nonprofits

The most important information a nonprofit stores is its donor data. Keeping donor information safe protects not only your donors’ identities and financial profiles but also their trust in you
Check out these top 9 event fundraising software tools your nonprofit has to know.

Event Fundraising Software: Top 10 Tools You Have to Know

Fundraising events are quite often both hectic and important times for nonprofits. Whether it be a marathon or a charity gala, your fundraiser is essential to bringing in donations and

Top 8 PayPal Alternatives: Expert Tools for Every Occasion

If you’re looking for a way to accept money online, you might have considered using PayPal, a widely used payment processing tool for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Upon closer inspection,
Learn why these Blackbaud software integrations are such game-changers for your fundraising strategy.

Top 4 Blackbaud Software Integrations (You Don’t Know About!)

If your nonprofit is one of the many organizations who’ve taken advantage of Blackbaud’s excellent product offerings, you may be wondering how you can extend your software even further by
Learn how to plan the most engaging fundraising event using your Salesforce data!

5 Show-Stopping Salesforce Event Management Strategies

Nonprofits who regularly plan fundraising events know that donor data is one of their most valuable resources. By using data to better understand your donors, you can plan an event
Our favorite nonprofit software

Nonprofit Software | 45+ Favorite Tools and Platforms

There is an abundance of nonprofit software available to help manage organizations like yours, but how do you choose the right one for your unique goals and efforts? With the
Discover our top 7 things you can learn about your donors through a fundraising feasibility study.

Fundraising Feasibility Studies: 7 Things to Learn About Your Donors

Fundraising feasibility studies are targeted interview efforts that precede a capital campaign or a large project. Usually, a fundraising consultant will interview 20-40 stakeholders about their perceptions of your nonprofit
These crowdfunding websites are similar to GoFundMe but are even better for achieving your fundraising goals.

GoFundMe Alternatives: 14 Crowdfunding Websites to Consider

Crowdfunding is more than just a popular fundraising strategy. Crowdfunding campaigns have proven to be a valuable method for individuals, organizations, and teams to increase their fundraising power through their
Nonprofit CRMs: 7 Essential Features Every Organization Needs

Nonprofit CRMs: 7 Essential Features Every Organization Needs

Nonprofit CRM software is the most robust and comprehensive piece of technology that organizations can buy. CRMs boast an extraordinary range of benefits, from enabling your organization to better organize and
What are the benefits of PayPal alternatives? Find out with our article!

PayPal Alternatives for Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Guide

Even though many nonprofits use PayPal, it’s not the best platform for organizations seeking to accept online donations. Many PayPal alternatives can offer your nonprofit more. If your nonprofit is

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mobile Giving App

We’ve put together a list of the top ten questions you need to consider when shopping for a mobile giving app: #1. What exactly are you looking for in a