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What Types of Nonprofits Use Mobile Fundraising and Text-to-Give Tools?

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TYPEOFNP-1Currently, in the US alone, there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations, and each year, an increasing amount of the $300 billion per year average raised by these nonprofits comes straight from mobile giving.

Out of the millions of organizations out there, which kinds of nonprofits are using mobile fundraising and text-to-give in order to support their causes?

The answer can be broken down into 7 individual categories.

If you want to skip ahead to any particular category, just click on any of the links below: 

  1. Faith-Based Organizations
  2. Health and Wellness Organizations
  3. Animal Rights Organizations
  4. Disaster Relief Organizations
  5. Educational Advocacy Organizations
  6. Environmental Awareness Organizations
  7. Arts and Cultural Organizations

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started! 

faithbased1. Faith-Based Organizations

Within faith-based organizations, you’ll find that there are the obvious candidates for utilizing mobile giving software, and then there are those that might just surprise you.

We can easily divide faith-based organizations into two major categories:

  1. Churches, synagogues, and mosques
  2. Ministries

Both are equally important as nonprofit organizations. And both benefit from mobile fundraising.

tithephoneChurches, synagogues, and mosques

Mobile giving and text-to-give are sweeping the nation primarily as ways to supplement traditional collection plates.

With the latest trends in mobile giving allowing for simple, 2-click tithes to be made, more and more churches are opting for a text-to-tithe system on Sunday morning. Most churches pass around collection plates for those who still wish to give traditionally (through checks or with cash), but they also encourage their members to take out their phones and text their tithes.

Churchgoers can donate as frequently as they’d like using text-to-give technology, and they can also set up recurring mobile donations.

While synagogues don’t generally pass around collection plates, they do often charge membership fees and accept charitable donations through mobile platforms.

Similarly, with mosques, sadaqa (charity) is accepted weekly, though it’s never mandatory. Online and mobile-friendly donation forms and email donation buttons make this process simple for everyone involved.

Text-to-give campaigns, whether for Sunday tithing or for voluntary donations to sadaqa, provide the opportunity to donate simply and securely.


Some of the most popular ministries you’re probably aware of consist of action ministries that tend to focus on outreach and advocacy for the homeless, or more generally, people in need.

These types of organizations tend to:

• Provide homeless shelters where needed
• Host events to raise money and/or awareness
• Work to present educational opportunities for those who could not otherwise afford them
• Assist in job searches for people in need

More often than not, it’s fairly easy to find a tab on a ministry’s website that displays “Donate.” These tabs typically provide the opportunity to donate online (using online donation forms) as well as information for how to donate traditionally (sending checks in the mail).

It’s also becoming commonplace to find those same ministries’ websites advertising the opportunity to donate via text.

healthandwellness2. Health and Wellness Organizations

Some of the biggest, most recognizable names in health and wellness charitable giving have already hopped on board the mobile giving train. In fact, some of the frontrunners of the industry began to launch mobile giving campaigns long before mobile became one of the standard ways to raise funds.

Healthcare organizations can use mobile fundraising as part of their grateful patients programs and annual funds. Text-to-give and mobile-optimized donation pages make it easy for patients to give on the go.

In addition, hospitals can use mobile fundraising to reach out to other supporters as well. Physicians, employees, corporations, healthcare-related foundations, and communities can all use these fundraising methods to give.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways your hospital can raise money, check out this guide from DonorSearch on healthcare fundraising.

Larger health and wellness charities

One notable health and wellness charity that’s using mobile giving to save lives is the American Heart Association. They’ve made it an easily clickable option on their website to donate $25, $50, up to $1000 per month as a recurring donation.

But major players like the American Heart Association aren’t the only health and wellness charities tapping into the mobile giving market.

Local and city-specific health and wellness programs

With the ease and simplicity of setting up mobile fundraising campaigns, any local do-gooders can now make giving back that much easier.

Examples include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Your neighborhood church. They’ll often set up free clinics.
  • A local homeless shelter. They, too, offer free medical advice to those in need.
  • The animal shelter down the street. Animals can benefit from affordable healthcare, too.
  • City-wide health and wellness advocacy groups. There are so many worthy causes, from cancer to HIV that warrant advocacy groups, and chances are your city has organizations devoted to these causes.
  • Your own personal passion project. If you have a cause that you feel fired up about, there’s nothing stopping you from advocating for your cause in your local neighborhood.

So why not get involved? No organization or cause is too small to benefit from mobile giving.

animalrights3. Animal Rights Organizations

From the well-known Humane Society, who advertises on their landing page their own text-to-give program, to innovative apps that raise money for the animal rights foundation of your choice every time you walk your dog, animal rights charities are champing at the bit to get mobile users to donate to their causes.

Just about every animal advocacy and animals rights group has a way for donors to show their support with a few clicks and a credit card.

Larger groups will often supplement their grassroots, pamphlet-sharing campaigns with online efforts that implore donors to contribute (with the help of pictures of adorable puppies). Who can resist a cute picture of kitten asking you to donate to charity?

Even smaller groups can use the same tactics. All it takes is a little creativity and a few pairs of irresistible puppy dog eyes.

Often, animal rights organizations will use social media to get the word out about their mobile fundraising campaigns.

To spread the news, they’ll use:

  • Facebook, like this animal rights organization below: Facebook post that says, "We need your help" and has a picture of a cat
  • Instagram, like this example post below: Seal Saviors Instagram post
  • Twitter, like this Save Our Seals post: "Save Our Seals" Twitter post
  • Snapchat, as in this post below: 

Snapchat screenshot

  • And more! 

disasterrelief4. Disaster Relief Organizations

One of the most devastating natural disasters of the past ten years ended up bringing about one of the most positive changes in charitable donations.

When a 7.0 on the Richter scale earthquake hit Haiti, the Red Cross implemented one of the most successful text-to-donate campaigns to date, raising tens of millions of dollars in a short amount of time.

The wonderful beacon of hope that came from that unspeakably horrific disaster continues to shine, as it set the precedent for other disaster relief funds to meet with the same level of response.

The outpouring of support for Haiti made it standard for nonprofits to launch text-to-give campaigns as a way to make giving back in the wake of a disaster instantaneous and uncomplicated.

Since that earthquake, there have been hundreds of relief efforts made for hundreds of disasters.

There have been mobile fundraising campaigns: 

  • To help rebuild houses after a tornado strikes – See examples.
  • To provide shelter for families in the wake of a hurricane – See examples. 
  • To give medical attention to victims of wildfires – See examples.
  • To set up schools for students who have been displaced by mudslides – See examples. 
  • And so many more

Often, disaster relief organizations will employ tactics other than text-to-give to raise money for their cause. They’ll use other mobile fundraising techniques, such as mobile email:

Disaster Relief mobile email plea

If you’re in the business of helping people in need in the aftermath of a disaster, mobile fundraising, from texting to mobile email, is a fast and effective way to get the money where it needs to go.

educational5. Educational Advocacy Organizations

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all students had an equal opportunity to learn?

With the increase in popularity of text-to-donate and mobile giving software, one of the best ways teachers can now improve their classrooms is to launch their own individual online fundraisers.

A new world of possibilities has opened up for many schools thanks to the advent of mobile giving technology.

Children are now granted access to learning devices they might otherwise have been denied–all because of the proliferation of easy mobile giving.

There are so many schools in need, but mobile fundraising through donation websites and text-to-give campaigns is making it possible to begin to close the education gap.

The great part about mobile giving is that it can be combined with other school fundraising ideas to raise more funds (and awareness!) 

Think about this way: if your school is already hosting a campus carnival or talent show, you can make announcements during your event about your mobile giving channel.

Attendees are probably already using their phones to capture the event with videos and photos, so the transition to making a contribution with those same phones won’t require much effort. Plus, you can even educate supporters on how to make a mobile donation during the fundraiser.

In addition to helping schools on the day-to-day basis, mobile fundraising can also help schools on the larger, policy-making level. Educational advocacy groups often use mobile technology to raise awareness and encourage the community to advocate for change.

Mobile-friendly online petitions are among the dozens of ways that mobile can help make the world a better place for future generations. Advocacy groups also make use of text-to-give and mobile email donation buttons to fund their efforts.

environmetnal6. Environmental Awareness Organizations

All sorts of environmental awareness and advocacy groups have clued in to the latest
burgeoning industry standard of imploring donors to use their mobile devices to show love for Mother Earth.

Did you know that there have been text-to-give campaigns run for Earth Day (every April 22nd)?

But the focus isn’t just on Earth Day.

Environmental conservation and preservation societies all over the country are tapping into the vast resource that is the world wide web.

Groups, like:

  • Wildlife conservation groups that are using mobile donation platforms to save polar bears
  • Environmental awareness groups that are using mobile email donation buttons to help clean up the ocean
  • Forest preservation societies that use text-to-give to salvage our rain forests
  • And more!

Every day, hundreds of environmentally-focused nonprofits are casting out nets to catch the attention of potential donors.

There are thousands of ways to use mobile giving technology to plant the seeds of philanthropy. You just have to find the one that’s right for your organization!

arts7. Arts and Cultural Organizations

Most cities and states don’t allocate a large amount of funding for the arts.

Therefore, most of the arts and culture enjoyed by the public come mainly from private donations made to organizations, such as:

  • Theaters
  • Museums
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Galleries
  • And more

Many of these arts and cultural nonprofits use methods like ticket sales and membership programs to raise money. However, there is a growing trend toward using mobile donation software to provide more convenient solutions to interested donors.

Mobile donations can be especially useful for arts and cultural organizations during events, performances, and exhibition tours. With text-to-give, donors can give when it’s most convenient for them.

For instance, after guided tours at a museum, the guide can ask donors to support the museum by making a mobile donation. Since the text-to-give process can be completed in just a few short steps, supporters can easily contribute and get right back to enjoying your exhibit.

Furthermore, mobile-friendly donation, ticketing, and event registration pages make it easy for donors to RSVP for events, donate, and much more right from their smart phones. 

Let’s say your zoo has posted ads around town about your penguin habitat opening. When John passes by your ad, he can immediately purchase a ticket for the opening day instead of waiting until he’s at a computer.

Interested in learning more about how you can raise money for your art and cultural organization? Check out Doubleknot’s guide on museum software.

In the end, the simplest answer is that every type of nonprofit can and does benefit from mobile fundraising.

For more information on mobile fundraising, check out these additional resources:

  • Mobile Giving Guide: If you’re looking for more fundraising tips for mobile giving, check out this ultimate guide. It will guide through the basics as well as help you find the perfect mobile giving software for your organization.
  • What Is the Mobile Giving Foundation: Some mobile giving providers are part of the mobile giving foundation. Learn more about this foundation and why your organization should work with a provider that isn’t a member of the mobile giving foundation.
  • Free Fundraising Software: If you’re looking for more fundraising solutions, check out this list of free tools that organizations of any size can use.

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