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Fundraising Trends

Keep your fundraising strategy ahead of the curve

Use texting in donor acquisition

Attracting New Donors with Text Messaging

Businesses are constantly fighting to be noticed in a busy world. People are being inundated with information online through their own searches and time on social media. This makes it
Learn these top 9 fundraising trends with our article!

9 Brilliant Fundraising Trends (That can Help You Raise More)

The end of 2017 is quickly approaching. At the start of this year, we listed the trends and predictions contained in the article below. So, in looking forward to 2018,
Fundraising in the modern era

6 Ways to Increase Your Proceeds Using Modern Fundraising

With online and mobile fundraising becoming more popular each year, it’s no surprise that traditional fundraising methods are starting to see exciting changes. But while online and mobile fundraising certainly offer a

8 Reasons Mobile Giving is a Trend That’s Here to Stay

Shoulder pads. Tasseled loafers. Neon in all its forms. These are trends that didn’t stand the test of time. Mobile fundraising, however, is no 80’s mullet. It’s a trend that’s

Are Mobile Donations Safe? 6 Vital Questions You Should Ask

Above all else, you want to choose the most secure way for your supporters to make mobile donations through their phones and tablets. Choosing secure donation software not only makes

The Rise of Social Media Fundraising

A few weeks ago, we discussed social media as a key method for receiving donations. The recent results of Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s Winter 2015 Report seem to agree with us. The report

A Look at Campus Fundraising

This week’s blog explores a slightly different perspective in the fundraising world: the college campus. While students may not be your #1 donors today, they will be your future donors. A look at

How to Use Social Media to Spark Donations

Offering an easy, convenient, and secure method of giving is a great first step. But what good does it do if your supporters don’t know about it? When used correctly,

Millennials: Reshaping Online Giving

NPR recently posted an article on their “All Tech Considered” blog about how Millennials are drastically changing how we give to nonprofits — especially online. “Millennials are spending — and giving