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Online Giving

Learn how to maximize donations online

Online Fundraising Events: Complete Guide + Fundraising Events

Online Fundraising Events: Complete Guide + Profitable Ideas

Fundraising events bring in a ton of much-needed revenue for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Now in the digital age, more and more organizations turn to online fundraising events
Learn how to get the most from your Blackbaud Luminate Online system by reading our top tips!

5 Incredible Ways to Maximize Blackbaud Luminate Online

Luminate Online Marketing is Blackbaud’s cloud-based digital fundraising and marketing solution designed to help enterprise-level nonprofits thrive through enhanced donor engagement and targeted stewardship tactics. Though not ideal for all
the power of online donations

The Power of Online Donations

Over $1.2 million dollars is spent online every 30 seconds. With this level of activity, your organization has incredible opportunities to take advantage of online fundraising. This post will walk

Online Tithing Tools: 15 Questions You Need to Ask

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to online tithing. Before you pick one online tithing tool over all of the others, though, you’ll definitely need to do

Infographic: Mobile Holiday Shopping

Capturing an adult’s attention is hard enough — the average attention span of an adult is just eight seconds, according to the U.S. National Library Association. That attention span shrinks to

Increase Conversion with Email Checkout

Everyday, we as consumers are inundated with emails from our favorite retailers. Everyday, we ignore those emails. Why? Because they are either irrelevant (they aren’t offering me products I want)
email uses uncommon payment checkout.jpg

Unexpected Uses of Email

In a previous post, we shared four ways to conquer email. Expanding on this topic, we wondered if there was anyone creating innovative new ways to use email altogether. Here,