Top 25 Charity Auction Websites For Better Fundraising

Online charity auctions can enhance your fundraising results. Check out the top 25 recommended charity auction websites to power the perfect fundraiser.
The top 25 charity auction websites for better fundraising

As a nonprofit leader, you know the right fundraising ideas can drastically increase your organization’s funds. Charity auctions have the power to do just that with a 50 to 65% average rate of return on auction items.

96% of nonprofits held at least one online fundraiser in 2023, and your auction fundraiser could follow suit if you leverage the right tools. Charity auction websites are a must-have for planning and executing such events. There’s nothing a top online charity auction site can’t handle, from event registration forms and ticketing to auction item payment processing.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about charity auction websites, including:


As we discuss these top providers, note the benefits and drawbacks of each. That way, you’ll be able to find a solution that makes sense for your organization’s upcoming charity auction and equips your team with the tools they’ll need to succeed.

But before we dive in, let’s answer a few simple questions to guide your research.

Looking for the best-in-class auction features?

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What are online charity auctions?

Online charity auctions are fundraising auctions that list all of the items on a website or app and allow participants to bid virtually or from their mobile devices. Nonprofits can host both silent auctions and live auctions online.

Charity auction websites are the tools that facilitate these events. They offer features such as:

  • Auction item catalog builders
  • Online and mobile bidding functionality
  • Real-time notifications for participants
  • Streamlined checkout tools


With the increasing popularity of online giving, virtual charity auctions are a prime solution for raising more. In fact, 24% of donors give through online auctions, meaning your nonprofit urgently needs the right tools to take this fundraiser online.

Why are charity auction sites important?

Your nonprofit needs to leverage online fundraising, but why are charity auction websites crucial for this approach? These tools can:

  • Simplify fundraising
  • Help you plan and execute the event
  • Keep supporters engaged


Plus, charity auction sites can help you prepare for future events by collecting data based on your fundraiser’s performance. After tracking your auction’s key performance metrics (KPIs), you can adjust your approach next time to raise more. For example, you might track attendance and bidding activity to identify ways to grow your next auction.

How to choose the best charity auction website

To choose the best charity auction website for your nonprofit, follow these simple steps:

A process map showing the steps necessary to choose a charity auction website, which is detailed in the text below.
  • Determine your goals: Establish your goals for leveraging a charity auction website, including the features you’ll need to streamline planning and the tools that will serve your unique audience. 
  • Set a budget: How much can your nonprofit spend on a charity auction website? Keep in mind that an all-in-one platform can serve your online auction needs and streamline your other fundraisers. Instead of investing in numerous tools with varying capabilities, invest in one platform that can handle everything.
  • Consider features: Make a list of the features you’re looking for in your charity auction software. For example, do you need a solution that offers text-to-bid? What do you consider to be non-negotiable, must-have features?
  • Research providers: Look for charity auction websites that check all of your boxes. This is where our list comes in! We’ve done the research for you by rounding up the 25 best charity auction sites.


Before committing to a provider, get a demo or consultation to test out the software for yourself. Now that you know what to look for, check out our charity auction website recommendations below!

Top 25 charity auction websites for nonprofits

Although the “best” of anything is subjective, the best online auction site will be the one that provides the highest level of functionality for the lowest price. That way, you can raise more for your cause while spending less of your fundraising budget. Let’s analyze the features and pricing packages offered by some of the top auction sites in the industry to help you find the right fit. 

1. Snowball 

Snowball is known for its powerful suite of free and low-cost fundraising software, and its package has recently expanded to include complete charity auction website functionality. With our silent auction toolkit in hand, your team can pull off successful fundraising events without having to worry about whether you’ll earn back the price of your software. 

Snowball’s auction tools include several standout features to help your team raise funds and engage your audience. Here are a few of our favorites and how they compare to other providers:

Snowball’s charity auction website features and how those features compare to other providers, described in more detail below.
  • Online and mobile (text-to-bid) functionality: With Snowball, your nonprofit can maximize its fundraising potential by leveraging additional features like text-to-bid. Not all charity auction website providers offer text-to-bid, much less the streamlined ability for bidders to participate using their phones.


  • Real-time notifications when a guest wins or is outbid: Ready to spice up the competition? Snowball provides real-time notifications when a guest wins or is outbid to make your online charity auctions more exciting and encourage participants to keep bidding!


  • Ability to add photos and descriptions of an unlimited number of items to an online catalog: While some charity auction websites offer item catalogs, no platform is as flexible as Snowball. Our item catalogs can be categorized to better organize your auction items, and you can even bulk import items for your team’s convenience!


  • Compilation and easy-to-read reports of fundraising data: Every nonprofit leader knows that data can guide your fundraising success, which is why Snowball compiles easy-to-read reports of your auction’s data!


  • Streamlined checkout and payment processing tools: Allow bidders to pay for their items easily and securely with Snowball’s streamlined checkout tools. They’ll automatically be notified if they won (and prompted to donate if they didn’t), and will receive instant receipts for their purchases or donations.


In addition to these auction-specific functions, investing in a Snowball plan unlocks other powerful features such as text-to-give, online donation pages, fundraising thermometers, event ticketing, and registration.


Snowball offers its charity auction website functionality as an affordable add-on package to any Snowball account, including both the Essential and the Premium plans. Even better, we won’t charge you additional platform fees, penalties, or hidden charges. 

Connect with the Snowball team today for a detailed quote.

2. Handbid 

Handbid is a dedicated auction and event software platform for mid-sized to large organizations. With various packages, Handbid accommodates various organizations and their needs. 

For example, each year-long subscription plan comes with a certain number of online charity auctions it can support. This means you can choose the plan that most closely resembles your event calendar and pay for additional upgrades if needed.

Handbid’s auction packages include the following features:

  • Live video streaming tools
  • App and web-based bidding
  • A remote auction management system


Handbid offers several auction plans with pricing beginning at $792/year, with additional packages going up to more than $2,496/year.

3. OneCause

OneCause offers a high-quality charity auction website with mobile bidding and auction software to simplify your fundraising event. From item procurement to emailed donor receipts, their online charity auction site can help your organization manage almost every aspect of your online charity auction.

The OneCause platform allows you to:

  • Send notifications to donors
  • View previous receipts
  • Track your donations


OneCause offers four different auction packages,  ranging from a “Do-it-Yourself” package to a “Full Service” plan. Prices vary depending on the level of functionality you’re looking for.

4. Qgiv

Qgiv provides a robust toolkit for online charity auctions, including a silent auction website, mobile bidding app, and event management software.

Qgiv’s online auction platform provides the following features:

  • Real-time bidding
  • Guest registration
  • Simplified checkout


Qgiv’s auction package begins at $259/month, or you can bundle it with their other packages. Other packages can include data reporting, mobile giving, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

5. CharityBids

CharityBids’ charity auction site will help your team optimize its strategy by understanding your target audience and acquiring the right software package to drive bids. Their concierge team works with your auction winners after your event to schedule their auction trip packages at their convenience!

CharityBids’ charity auction website allows you to:

  • Consult with fundraising experts during the planning process
  • Select from their extensive auction packages
  • Utilize their full-service travel concierges


CharityBids provides nonprofits with risk-free auction consignment packages, meaning that they don’t take a cut until after you’ve collected your revenue. At that point, they take a percentage of the item price as payment.

The logo for ClickBid, a top charity auction site

6. ClickBid

ClickBid’s easy-to-use charity auction website specializes in mobile bidding at silent auctions. This tool allows donors to compete in online charity auctions entirely using their mobile devices, offering capabilities such as:

  • Mass messaging
  • Event QR codes
  • Custom event landing pages


Plus, a subscription allows nonprofits to collect year-long donations, meaning the fundraising doesn’t stop after your auction concludes!

ClickBid’s annual event license, which offers access to their mobile bidding software, starts at $795.

7. Givergy

Givergy’s mobile-friendly auction platform allows donors to browse your catalog, place bids easily, and promote your auction on social media. Their auction software is all about making bidding easier for your donors with remote and mobile bidding.

Givergy’s online auction site offers the following features:

  • Auction item procurement
  • Ticketing and event check-in
  • Sealed bidding functionality


This charity auction site’s design is fully customizable, allowing your nonprofit to add all of its key branding elements. You can also keep the page as a standalone event or tack it onto a more extensive campaign!

Givergy offers multiple packages and collects 15% of the total revenue collected through your charity auctions, which includes transaction fees.

8. Benefit Events

Benefit Events originated as an art auction service for nonprofits. They’ve since kept their creative vision while broadening their solutions to include online auctions for a spectrum of nonprofits. Their team helps your organization promote and market your event to improve your fundraising efforts.


Benefit Events provides the following key features:

  • Custom winning bidder notifications
  • Direct donor data entry
  • Secure payment processing through Stripe


Benefit Events’ pricing depends on the amount of revenue brought in through your online charity auction.

9. WeDo Charity Auctions

WeDo Charity Auctions takes your online charity auction to the next level with the ability to host pre-bidding before your event and create and manage guest lists. Plus, they offer real-time reporting so you can stay up-to-date with bidding throughout your event.

WeDo Charity Auctions provides the following features:

  • Convenient in-event messaging
  • In-person or live-streamed mobile bidding
  • Streamlined check-in and checkout


WeDo Charity Auctions’ pricing depends on the functions you’ll need for your event, beginning at $1,800.

10. SchoolAuction

SchoolAuction’s cloud-based silent auction site simplifies the planning and hosting of your online charity auction. Their software allows you to set table arrangements, log items into your catalog, and check up on bids from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Additionally, SchoolAuction lets you mix paper auctions with mobile bidding so your event can cater to each bidder! SchoolAuction provides the following features:

  • Customizable auction website creation
  • Online and mobile bidding
  • Speedy self-checkout process


SchoolAuction offers multiple subscription packages. Their Plus option costs $1,500/year and the Professional is $3,000/year.

11. MaestroAuction

Text2Bid by MaestroAuction, a dedicated charity auction site, gives your organization the tools needed to plan and execute your online charity auction. With this tool, your organization can track and document every procured item by adding descriptions, restrictions, and monetary values.

MaestroAuction’s charity auction site includes the following features:

  • Virtual auction management functionality
  • Live and virtual auctioneers
  • Auction item procurement resources


MaestroAuction pricing depends on the length of the subscription you’re seeking. Contact their team for a more detailed price estimate. 

12. Qtego

Qtego markets itself as “America’s #1 mobile bidding platform,” offering easy-to-manage events, resulting in satisfied guests and increased donations. Their intuitive interface simplifies your event’s key aspects such as registration, event management, and the checkout process.

Qtego’s charity auction site includes these key features:

  • Text-to-bid solutions
  • In-person, virtual, and hybrid event management
  • Live-streamed video tools


Upgrade your auction from paper bid sheets to a streamlined online experience with Qtego’s software solutions.

Qtego offers a variety of features at different price ranges. Contact their team to learn more about their pricing packages and get a quote.

13. GoCharity

GoCharity, while not strictly a charity auction website, provides effortless, hassle-free options for auction items. With over 40 years in the auction industry, GoCharity’s team will provide support throughout your entire event to ensure your online charity auction runs smoothly.

GoCharity provides the following auction website features:

  • Front-door delivery services
  • A comprehensive catalog of auction items
  • On- and off-site auction management


GoCharity has three different auction plans, each with its own fees—off-site involvement, on-site auction management, and on-site mobile bidding management.

14. 32auctions

32auctions’ user-friendly interface lets nonprofits set up their auction websites, then sit back and relax. But it’s their customizable packages that make it stand out. From a free base kit to a complete works set and everything in between, your nonprofit can choose the exact features it wants. 

32auctions offers features such as:

  • Consolidated sales summary review 
  • Custom auction link creation 
  • Support for exact bids, proxy bids, and Buy Now purchases 


32auctions’ base price is free, and all feature upgrades are priced individually. Use 32auction’s price calculator to create a package that fits your budget.

15. GalaBid

GalaBid’s free fundraising software can flexibly manage both online-only and live events, giving your nonprofit more ways to fundraise. With their pre-event bidding tools, instant payment systems, and mobile bidding features, your guests will also have increased control over how and when they bid.

Galabid’s silent auction software comes equipped with:

  • Leaderboard displays
  • Custom design tools
  • Mobile alerts and invoices


If GalaBid’s silent auction platform works for you, they also offer support for raffles and donation drives!

GalaBid is free. In exchange for their services, they ask all fundraisers to make a one-time donation to keep their platform available to support great causes. 

16. Bidding Owl

Bidding Owl’s auction management software allows nonprofits to build their charity auction websites within minutes to hit the ground running promoting their event. Bidding Owl’s fully customizable websites empower nonprofits to brand and edit their event pages however they want. 

Bidding Owl comes with a variety of features, including:

  • Online bidder check-out
  • Volunteer management tools
  • Rotary, radio, and TV auction interface


When you host an auction or use the mobile bidding tool, Bidding Owl charges a 5% performance fee, taking 5% of the winning bid on each item sold.

17. BiddingforGood

BiddingForGood by FontStream lets nonprofits present their auction items to a vast community of bidders on BiddingForGood’s website. There, your items will be organized into categories such as dining, travel, designer, and more, allowing visitors to search for items they actually want and then make a bid. 

This doesn’t mean your nonprofit won’t have control over your online charity auction. While items are displayed on BiddingForGood, you’ll still be able to manage and track your event from beginning to end.


BiddingForGood’s unique platform allows nonprofits to: 

  • Have their auction items viewed by a wide audience
  • Set up their event in under half an hour
  • Keep information centralized 


BiddingForGood is accessible through three FrontStream plans: a free yearly subscription, a $600/year plan, and a custom option for enterprise organizations. 

18. Silent Auction Pro

Silent Auction Pro aims to save your nonprofit time by simplifying your auction management process. Along with automatically generating supporting materials such as program guides, bidding sheets, and invoices, Silent Auction Pro allows your entire team to sign in to your auction software from any computer. 

Silent Auction Pro includes key features such as:

  • Real-time data tracking 
  • Streamlined check-in features
  • Customizable print and email correspondence capabilities


With Silent Auction Pro’s tracking tools and thank-you email templates, nonprofits using this platform will be supported from start to follow-up.

Silent Auction Pro has two packages for virtual fundraising solutions, starting at $749/year. Two in-person event solutions are also available, starting at $449/year and 2% of auction sales.

19. Charity Auctions Today

Charity Auctions Today allows nonprofits to build their own charity auction website by answering a few simple questions about their event. Their software’s assistive tutorial then guides nonprofits through adding items in bulk, populating your website within minutes. 

In addition to its mobile-friendly features, Charity Auctions Today offers:

  • Donor management tools
  • Event ticket sales 
  • Expedited check-out process


Charity Auctions Today also has extensive support features, so your nonprofit can reach out for help if you ever find yourself stuck setting up your charity auction website.

Charity Auctions Today charges a 5% fee for completed auctions and offers a prepaid plan for $297 with a reduced 3% fee. You can also get in touch with them to get a quote for a custom plan.

20. Accelevents

Accelevent’s simple, easy-to-use interface allows nonprofits to set up their auction websites quickly, so they can focus on fundraising. This is where Accelevent’s custom messaging features come in, allowing your team to promote your online charity auction through customizable emails. 

Accelevent comes with important auction features, including: 

  • Instant analytic reports
  • Seamless checkout with multiple payment options
  • Mobile and online bidding


Accelevent also features extensive ticketing, registration, and other virtual event tools that your team can add to your package.

Accelevent has separate prices for its fundraising, ticketing, and virtual event packages. Auctions are priced at $1 per ticket with a $249 activation fee.

21. ReadySetAuction

ReadySetAuction is a flexible provider that works for all nonprofits, from schools to humanitarian organizations to workplace giving campaigns. This cloud-based software also supports any kind of auction you could want, including silent, live, mobile, and online.

ReadySetAuction comes equipped with:

  • Guest and event management tools
  • Website customization capabilities 
  • Item showcase and sponsor leaderboard slideshow creation 


When your event is done, ReadySetAuction also gives your winning bidders multiple payment options—all of which can be accessed from their phones!

ReadySetAuction’s Essentials plan starts at $1,099/year and allows you to manage auction prep, cashiering, and data collection all in one place.

22. Auctria

Auctria allows you to track every part of your online charity auction in extensive detail. Additionally, Auctria helps nonprofits build their professional charity auction websites for their events, creating a dedicated space for bidders and donors to connect with your event while also lending your auction credibility.

Auctria’s features include must-haves such as:

  • Item procurement tracking 
  • Detailed dashboard overview
  • Mobile-friendly bidding catalog


Auctria comes in three tiers: its free Explorer plan, its $300/year Emerald plan, and its $600/year Diamond plan.

23. CausePilot

CausePilot supports auctions of all sizes with its virtual fundraising suite. CausePilot lets your nonprofit create your auction your way by choosing which items are available for online bidding and which are saved for your in-person event while seamlessly managing both!

CausePilot comes with crucial features such as: 

  • Item procurement tracking
  • Volunteer sign-up and management tools
  • Customizable text and email communication


Prices for CausePilot’s virtual fundraising tools vary based on your nonprofit. Some organizations can even use CausePilot for free! Check out their plans and price calculator to find a price point that matches your nonprofit.

24. DoJiggy

DoJiggy’s auction software gives your nonprofit options. Connect with your supporters during your event with text and live-streaming tools while automatically sending notifications and receipts. Plus, DoJiggy offers two ways to bid: proxy bidding and increment bidding.

DoJiggy comes equipped with: 

  • Unlimited auction item listings
  • Text-to-bid functionality
  • Live-streaming options


DoJiggy can also help your item procurement team get started with an assortment of charity vacation packages. Your organization can purchase DoJiggy’s auction software in exchange for 4.9% of each credit card transaction.

25. GiveSmart

GiveSmart’s silent auction program is an industry leader for a few key reasons. Their comprehensive toolkit allows your nonprofit to handle every aspect of your virtual events, all in one place. GiveSmart also integrates with many other software providers, meaning it’s ready to grow with your nonprofit.

GiveSmart’s auction service includes: 

  • Mobile bidding 
  • Real-time insights 
  • Item catalog


In addition, GiveSmart offers hybrid and virtual fundraising tools, peer-to-peer support, and event management software to help your charity auction run smoothly.

Additional Resources for Charity Auction Sites

Now that you have the inside scoop on some of the most popular charity auction websites, you can choose a solution that will lead your nonprofit to success. Remember that, while you focus your event on raising money, you should also focus on the donor experience. Choose a software solution that doesn’t just make things easy on the backend but creates a fun and memorable auction experience for your participants. 

If you’re interested in learning ways to improve your fundraising results, check out these additional resources:


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