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Snowball is a complete fundraising platform that features the best online donation pages, secure text-to-give, event fundraising tools, simplified peer-to-peer capabilities and more!

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The Best Digital Fundraising Platform Available

Text-to-Give Solution

Accept Donations With Your Own Dedicated Text-to-Give Number

  • Get paid faster
  • A new way to connect with customers
  • Perfect for events like fundraisers & concerts
  • Every transaction confirmed by email

Snowball makes it easy for people to text donations from their phones. This is great for events. Super easy and super secure.

Try it yourself! Just text ‘gala’ to (505) 412-4891 and follow the prompts. When asked, select “New Donor” and demo credit card info will be automatically filled in.

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Special Events

Fundraiser Thermometers and More!

Snowball’s fundraising thermometers are tools that help your organization keep track of fundraising success and motivate donors to give. As donations increase, the “temperature” of the thermometer increases accordingly.

  • Keeps track of fundraising goals
  • Shows progress to donors
  • Encourages supporters to give
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Giving Pages

Two Tap Donations From Customized Mobile Pages

Create a donation page that is customized to your organization. Accept donations in just two taps. Mobile visitors can select the amount they want to donate and simply confirm with an email.

With your Snowball donation page you can customize the color and the dollar amount choices.

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Tap into crowdfunding with Snowball

Want to tap into crowdfunding? Use our Peer to Peer fundraising tools to empower your supporters with the ability to engage with their network & raise funds for your cause!

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Reporting and Donor Management

Clear and Easy to Use

From your Snowball dashboard, you can:

• Design a professional giving page to match your website
• Add your banking information to receive your funds
• Manage your donors and donations
• Assess progress towards your goals

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Fraud Prevention

Snowball performs fraud analysis on every transaction that moves through our system, using industry standard and proprietary algorithms to verify the customer identity, the origin of the request, and the validity of the transaction.

Snowball monitors incoming email characteristics for “red flags” and requests additional confirmaton where we are unable to verify a transaction’s source.

Credit Cards Are Stored In A PCI-Compliant Vault

All credit card information is handled under strict PCI compliance. Customers’ full payment information is stored in an independent secure 3rd party vault, not on Snowball’s servers.

State of the art Tokenization

Snowball creates a token representing each transaction. The consumer’s email address is the bridge between the Snowball token and the payment token issued by the payment vault. No credit card data is contained within an Snowball email, so the customer is always protected.

Network Security

Snowball servers are protected by firewalls and security rules to limit access. All server transactions are logged and audited by automatic processes. Snowball utilizes Host-based Intrusion Detection systems to alert us of unusual activity.

Physical Security

Snowball’s servers are located in world-class, highly secure data centers with electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24/7 by trained security guards, and access is strictly controlled.

Text Message Dual Factor Authentication

Snowball provides a unique Dual Factor Authentication in our text payment solution that utilizes both SMS and email. SMS spoofing can create issues not only for the consumer but also for an organization’s merchant account. Without a secondary form of identification it is very difficult to verify the authenticity of transactions done over SMS.

When an Snowball consumer texts to donate or pay a bill from an Snowball-registered phone number, Snowball will send back a text message with a MAILTO link, which automatically generates the payment email. When the consumer sends the email, Snowball processes the payment. In other words, the payment is initiated through SMS and then seamlessly confirmed through SMTP.

Superior Security

Fundraising Platform Pricing

  • Snowball Basic
  • $0 / Year
    • 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
    • Online Donation Page
    • Recurring Gifts
    • Transaction + Donor Data
    • Unlimited Admin Access + Accounts
    • Bilingual Support

  • Setup Now
  • Snowball Enterprise
  • Custom
    • High Volume Discounts
    • Custom Integrations
    • Dedicated Support

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All Snowball Customers also get a Giving Widget, Recurring Gifts, Transaction + Donor Data, Two Tap Enabled Donor List, Multi-user Dashboard Access, Full Customer Support and Bilingual Support.

Basic Bucket Fees – No annual subscription fee.  $199 for every $10,000 you raise with Snowball.

Premium Bucket Fees$499 annual subscription fee. $99 for every $25,000 you raise with Snowball.

John Killoran and Matt Custer had a big idea. They went out and raised $10 million and created a technology designed to make the internet better by eliminating passwords. Those efforts evolved into a fantastic company called Swoop.

While developing Swoop, a few guinea pigs were needed to give our technology a reality test. We had to basically volunteer to run email marketing efforts for a number of local nonprofits to see if our two-touch technology would work in the real world. The buttons were a success and it was then that we knew we were onto something big.

Even though these buttons worked, we realized email was not enough and that our technology needed to work on websites and text messages for it to be truly useful across the internet. Before we knew it, we had built a fundraising platform around our two-touch technology and the results were amazing!

Our technology solved a huge issue for many organizations—donor abandonment. It’s a serious problem where only 4 out of 10 donors follow through and fill out the online credit card form. Even though all 10 of those donors intended to donate when they pushed the donate button, still only four of them completed the process. That’s a lot of generosity lost because the process for donating just wasn’t convenient, secure, or fast enough.

We started marketing our technology to nonprofits as a side business and things suddenly took off. Over the last two years, more than 4,000 nonprofits have signed up to use our technology with hundreds still signing up every month. Because of this incredible growth, we decided to form a special company dedicated to serving nonprofits and helping them pursue the billions of dollars of untapped generosity that is out there today. That company is Snowball.

Snowball is the philanthropic arm of Swoop and our mission is to provide the best technology at a free or nominal cost to the people trying to make the world a better place. We believe donations should go to the cause, not the technology. We are still dedicated to removing passwords from the internet and are working hard at Swoop to make this a reality. In the meantime, please enjoy our fundraising platform and let your drive to do good continue to snowball until you reach your goal and hopefully even go far beyond it.

Our Story

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