Auction Software: The Best Features And Providers To Explore

Auction software powers successful fundraising events that drive your mission forward. Check out our list of the top nonprofit auction software providers!
Auction software powers successful fundraising events that drive your mission forward. Check out our list of the top nonprofit auction software providers!
Quickly create silent auctions that engage your supporters and compel them to bid more with our mobile bidding app—whether they’re virtual or in person.

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Charity auctions are a brilliant way to engage supporters and rake in donations. In fact, nonprofits see a 50 to 65% average rate of return on charity auction items. But your nonprofit needs the right auction software to reap these benefits, especially while balancing everything from item procurement to bidder participation.

With so many options to choose from, how can you make sure you select the right auction tools for your nonprofit? We’ve put together a list of the most effective software providers for your reference, as well as some background information to help you know what to look for. In this guide, we’ll cover:


The right platform can transform a typical event into a successful fundraiser that drives your mission forward. Let’s learn how by exploring the basics of auction software.

What is Auction Software?

Auction software is a digital tool that streamlines auction planning and management for both in-person and online events. These platforms often provide tools for participants, like event check-in and mobile bidding capabilities. 

From event planning to participation to reporting on event success, the right nonprofit auction software can streamline every aspect of your fundraising event. But first, you’ll have to determine what you’re looking for so that you can select the perfect fit for your organization. 

Auction Software Features To Look For

If you’ve never shopped around for this type of software, it can feel overwhelming to find what you’re looking for. Here are the top features you’ll want to keep in mind as you explore your various options:

A list of auction software features to look for when shopping for the right platform (as explained below)

Ticketing and Registration

Whether you choose to host an in-person or a virtual auction, ensuring effective ticketing and registration practices is crucial. After all, it’s how people attend your auction event! Consider the following questions when planning your registration process:

  • Will you charge for tickets? If so, how much will they cost? While some charity auctions charge a flat cover fee for participants, others rely instead on sliding donations or overall bid revenue to raise money. If you decide to charge, keep the price low to keep your guests in the mood to give.
  • Will you enforce a registration cap? A registration cap is primarily important for in-person events where you may run out of physical space for your attendees. However, even for virtual events, guest limits can lead to a feeling of exclusivity and urgency when you begin to promote your upcoming auction. Be sure to let your supporters know when you’re approaching your limit so they have the chance to register before it’s too late.


For any auction format, having an accurate estimate of attendees allows you to get a better sense of planned revenue and fundraising goals. Simplify the registration process to get as many guests registered beforehand as possible.

Online and Mobile Bidding

The way participants bid for auction items is arguably the most essential function of your auction software. It is directly through your bidding tools that attendees can take part in the auction and support your cause.

Remember, the more straightforward the bidding experience is, the higher the engagement potential and the more money you’ll raise for your cause. 

With the number of mobile transactions drastically increasing, mobile accessibility is a nonnegotiable feature for your fundraising efforts. Your solution should allow users to bid from whichever device they choose—whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. 


Check Out and Donations

The check-out process is one of the most important elements of your charity auction because it’s what will likely leave a lasting impression on your guests. A streamlined and user-friendly process can leave attendees in a great mood and looking forward to your next event.

Here are a few things to consider when planning the auction’s check-out process:

  • Ensure payments are processed securely. Whichever auction software you decide on, make sure it uses a secure payment processing tool. This way, you’ll protect guest information, boosting their trust in your organization, their willingness to give, and your nonprofit’s reputation.
  • Speed up the check-out process whenever possible. Be sure to only require essential information for payments, which your team can even collect beforehand to streamline check-out continuously.
  • Offer multiple opportunities for additional donations. The revenue coming from auction items is a great way to raise money for your cause, but it shouldn’t be the only way. Make sure guests have the option to quickly and easily make additional donations at your auction, including before, during, and after the event.


With these best practices, you’ll be able to provide a positive user experience by saving time and keeping sensitive personal and financial information secure.


Donor and Attendee Management

Your CRM is the hub for donor profiles, contact information, engagement data, and more. This means it’s your top resource for crucial data that makes supporter outreach possible and provides analytics for your future auctions.

Some auction tools come with their own reporting and dashboard features. However, if you want a more comprehensive look at your data, choose auction software that integrates with your existing fundraising toolkit. This way, the data you collect on auction attendees can be quickly transferred to your donor database. 

10+ Top Nonprofit Auction Software Providers

To kickstart your research, we’ll walk through our favorite software providers for charity auctions—whether you’re hosting an in-person event, a virtual rendering, or a hybrid event. Let’s explore your array of options.



Best overall


Virtual Events

App-based auctions


Mobile bidding

Auction websites

Auction planning

Multiple Events


Large teams

Virtual auctions

Event management


The logo for Snowball, which is the best auction software for nonprofits

Snowball: The best nonprofit auction software

Snowball’s powerful suite of fundraising tools effectively tackles your organization’s need for affordable yet robust nonprofit auction software. In addition to our easy-to-use online donation pages and text-to-give functionality, we now offer the greatest valued auction tools in the market. Here’s how we’ve already impacted over 15,000 customers:

  • 4 out of 5 Snowball donations result in a card on file for future giving—effectively allowing for single-click gifts going forward.
  • We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate, empowering nonprofits to achieve their missions with unique fundraising tools and resourced networks.


This top-of-the-line auction tool provides fundraisers with the accessible resources they need to pull off a successful event. Supporters from anywhere in the Snowball network can seamlessly donate across organizations (including nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and schools) without having to re-enter their payment information constantly. Plus, participants can receive real-time notifications to keep the competition competitive.


Key Features

Snowball offers the following features:

A list of features included in Snowball’s nonprofit auction software.
  • Ability to accept additional donations via your Snowball account
  • Online event registration and ticketing tools
  • Unlimited app-based auctions with unlimited auction items
  • Mobile and online bidding options offering contactless participation, supported by all major browsers and devices for increased accessibility
  • Text-to-bid functionality optimized for live (virtual and in-person) events
  • Streamlined checkout process and automated email receipts
  • Email and text notifications when a guest has won or been outbid
  • Compilation of all auction data in one location 
  • Real-time stats and fundraising updates
  • “Purchase Now” option for raffle tickets or instant item purchases
  • Flexible and secure payment gateways, with the choice of bringing your own or using the dedicated Snowball payment processing tool
  • High-quality customer support available in both English and Spanish


Your fundraising team will be well-equipped to run a successful auction with these tools and functions and raise more for your mission.


Snowball is at the top of our list because it offers the best value of any auction platform out there. Choose from several free fundraising tools with our Essential Plan, or feel free to explore our more comprehensive Premium Plan for $549/year.

Our auction software package can be added for an additional fee but is also included in the Professional and Enterprise plans. If you’re looking for the most robust tools for the lowest price, Snowball is the most suitable tool for your organization.

The logo for OneCause, which is a fundraising solution that helps nonprofits maximize their impact

OneCause: The best configurable auction software

OneCause is a comprehensive fundraising platform specializing in helping nonprofits maximize the impact of their charity auctions.

This software simplifies the planning, execution, and wrap-up of your charity auction event. With such tools, you’ll be able to raise funds for your organization and build donor relationships. Key features include:


  • Auction item management and procurement
  • Online ticket sales
  • Seamless registration process
  • Donation appeals, raffle ticket purchases, and max bids
  • Instant checkout and automatic email receipts
  • Post-event analytics and reporting


OneCause offers four auction software packages, ranging from a Do-It-Yourself plan up to a Full-Service plan. Contact their team to get a pricing consultation for more information.

The logo for Handbid, a platform that manages virtual events for nonprofits

Handbid: The best platform for virtual events

Handbid is an online silent auction software platform that works with nonprofits to pull off successful events. Together, your teams can bring in more revenue and better engage your guests and supporters.

With Handbid, your fundraising team can even run the entire show from your own home offices with ease, making this software great for hosting virtual events.

Key features include:

  • Web-based and live event bidding
  • Auction management tools
  • Display of real-time stats
  • Add-on ticketing functionality
  • Custom training and on-site staff availability

Handbid’s auction software is available in five pricing packages, beginning at $696/year. Depending on the number of events you’d like to host each year, you may want to look at one of their more expansive plans. Plus, Handbid offers substantial discounts to organizations that sign on for multiple years at a time.

The logo for Qgiv, a fundraising toolkit that facilitates app-based auctions

Qgiv: The best software for app-based auctions

Qgiv is a comprehensive nonprofit fundraising toolkit with extensive fundraising auction functionality. With an app-based auction platform, the Qgiv team can help your team pull off a successful charity auction whenever you’re ready.

Along with peer-to-peer fundraising tools, online donation forms, and extensive data reporting, Qgiv’s software can bring in increased fundraising revenue for any nonprofit organization.

Qgiv offers the following features:

  • Unlimited app-based auctions
  • Mobile and offline bidding
  • Online sales of raffle tickets, refreshments, etc.
  • App-based or QR code check-in and checkout
  • Tracking and display of fundraising goals

With these auction tools and more, you can begin raising money through dynamic fundraising events in no time.

Qgiv’s software begins at $229/month. Or, you can invest in their all-in-one plan (including mobile fundraising, peer-to-peer, and auction software) for $399/month.

The logo for BiddingOwl, an affordable solution when shopping for nonprofit auction software.

BiddingOwl: The best solution for affordability

BiddingOwl is a dedicated auction platform that can help your nonprofit team get up and running with auction fundraising without huge investments of time, money, or effort.

Not only does this solution provide the tools you’ll need for a successful auction, but it even gets you set up with your own, fully customizable auction website.

BiddingOwl offers the following features::

  • Auction site-building tools
  • Ability to accept donations online
  • Online ticket and raffle sales
  • Previewing and pre-bidding functionality
  • Text notifications
  • Automatic invoice processing


BiddingOwl’s auction software pricing is based on a percentage (5%) of total revenue collected by your event. For example, if an item sells for $100, BiddingOwl collects a $5 performance fee.

The logo for ClickBid, an auction software provider that specializes in mobile bidding

ClickBid: The best auction software for mobile bidding

ClickBid has been a pioneer in auction software since the rollout of mobile bidding tools in 2002. This dedicated fundraising auction platform provides the tools and resources any organization needs to ensure a successful event.

Despite its extensive functions and comprehensive offerings, the ClickBid software is intuitive and easy to use, even for auction beginners.

ClickBid offers the following features:

  • Early bidding functionality
  • Mobile bidding
  • Registration and check-in tools
  • Private auction platform
  • Silent or live virtual auction
  • “Second chance” auction to clear out inventory


Plus, if you’re hosting a virtual or hybrid event, the ClickBid team has the tools to engage participants in real-time through effective live-streaming practices.

ClickBid’s auction software starts at $795 for an annual license good for up to 4 events in a year. They also offer additional add-on services such as event live-streaming, mass messaging, and ticketing or landing pages.

The logo for RainWorx, a top provider of nonprofit auction software

RainWorx: The best platform for auction websites

RainWorx’s dedicated auction software, AuctionWorx, is a dedicated fundraising platform that empowers nonprofits to create their own charity auction websites with ease. With the available auction tools, you can quickly get your auction site up and running to start selling as soon as possible!

Then, you can decide whether to allow other businesses and community members to sell within your site, or you may decide to be the sole seller for your auction.

RainWorx offers the following features:

  • Ability to list own auctions or enable multiple vendors
  • Fixed price and make-an-offer functionality
  • The choice between single-seller or multiple-seller modes
  • Sales invoicing, sales tax, and shipping options


AuctionWorx by RainWorx can be purchased for a one-time licensing fee of $2,995. This includes access to the auction software package along with 12 months of standard support services.

The logo for GiveSmart, which is a fundraising platform offering auction solutions

GiveSmart: The best software for auction planning

GiveSmart hosts various auction tools, including event management, mobile bidding, and silent auction tools. Their comprehensive fundraising platform goes as far as to include intuitive online giving pages, text-to-give fundraising, and integrated live streaming.

With GiveSmart’s auction software, you’ll have everything you need to plan and host a successful charity auction for your cause. GiveSmart offers the following features:

  • Unlimited DIY events
  • Tech support with extended hours
  • Online training academy and onboarding services
  • Ticketing and seating charts
  • Event equipment


Plus, the GiveSmart team is ready and able to provide unique insights and dedicated customer support at varying levels, depending on the auction package you choose.

GiveSmart has three service plans, including Do-It-Yourself, Standard, and Premium packages. Request a demo from the GiveSmart team to learn more about their offerings and pricing levels.

The Auctria logo, which is a top auction solution for hosting multiple events

Auctria: The best solution for multiple events

Auctria is a complete auction software provider that you can use to pull off fundraising events of all shapes and sizes. Its platform is easy to use for fundraisers and auction participants alike, providing a seamless experience to all.

Plus, their reporting tools are top-notch, allowing you to collect and analyze fundraising data that you can use to provide valuable insights into your performance strategy.

Auctria offers the following features:

  • Item procurement tracker
  • Bidder automation from registration
  • Printed materials generation
  • Streamlined checkout
  • Mobile and online bidding


From the beginning of the planning process to beyond your event, Auctria has the tools and features to help.

Auctria offers a free auction software plan known as the Explorer, which includes basic online bidding tools and other auction resources. However, they also have more comprehensive plans, such as the Emerald for $300/year or the Diamond for $600/year.

The logo for BidJS, which is an accessible fundraising solution for nonprofits

BidJS: The best auction software for accessibility

BidJS provides a dedicated platform that allows nonprofits and fundraisers to bring in more for any cause. The BidJS team prides itself on being one of the most accessible auction platforms, as it’s supported by all major browsers and devices, along with being multilingual-friendly.

BidJS offers the following features:


  • Timed auctions (including options to bid, buy now, or make an offer)
  • Live auctions through real-time webcast tools
  • Custom styling and branding
  • Multi-device and mobile-friendly
  • Data collection and management


The BidJS software is easy to install on any website, but if you have trouble, they have a team of partners worldwide that can help you out!

BidJS refers to itself as a “pay as you go” auction software package. With no set-up fees or commission, they offer monthly fixed-price contracts instead. Be sure to contact their team to get a quote.

The logo for Silent Auction Pro, which is auction software that offers tools for numerous users.

Silent Auction Pro: The best platform for large teams

Silent Auction Pro offers multi-user silent auction tools that can help your team manage your event in the virtual space from anywhere. This tool automatically produces materials for both your team and attendees, such as program guides, bidding sheets, and invoices. 

Silent Auction Pro offers the following features:

  • Real-time information tracking 
  • Customized print and email templates
  • Streamlined check-in

With Silent Auction Pro’s data-tracking capabilities and follow-up materials, you’ll host an event that will engage your audience and keep them coming back to your future events.

Silent Auction Pro has a few options for your auction software, starting at $19.95/month with a $99 initial setup fee. Two in-person event platforms are available, starting at $348/year and 2% of auction sales and 1% of ticket sales. 

The logo for Gavel Buddy, a software solution that facilitates virtual auctions

Gavel Buddy: The best software for virtual auctions

Gavel Buddy is an excellent solution for a virtual auction, as auctions continue to gain popularity all the time. Gavel Buddy can help your team create your own auction website using their custom tools. Your supporters can view and cast bids from their personal devices from anywhere in the world.

Gavel Buddy’s tool is an excellent option for:

  • Short bidding turnaround
  • Customer support
  • Tracking outstanding balances for bidders to ensure payment
  • Effectively communicating news and updates to bidders and sellers


Gavel Buddy’s software packages are both set at $59/month. Check out their pricing page to choose the best package for your needs.

The logo for Accelevents, which is a top provider of auction software

Accelevents: The best solution for event management

Accelevents provides an auction software that lets your event team set up a website quickly, so they can focus on the multitude of tasks an auction requires. Stay in touch with your registrants with Accelevents’s custom messaging features, which help you send out custom emails. 

Accelevents provides key features for your auction such as: 

  • Instant fundraising event analytic reports 
  • Seamless bidding checkout with multiple payment options
  • Mobile and online bidding for any device


Accelevents also allows for streamlined registration and a multitude of virtual auction tools to help you raise as much as possible at your next event.

Accelevents offers multiple prices for its array of fundraising, ticketing, and event packages. Specifically, auctions are priced at $1 per ticket with a $249 activation fee for your organization.

The logo for Xcira, which offers easy-to-use auction software.

Xcira: The best auction software for ease of use

Xcira is known for providing an easy virtual and in-person auction experience. Your team can engage all of your supporters near and far with optimized audio and visual auction broadcasting. Additionally, this platform takes the pain out of planning with floor plan options and other auction management tools.

Xcira offers the following features:

  • Floor Plan Management System for organizing your auction’s floor plan.
  • AuctionEar Mobile App for supporters to watch your auction virtually
  • Online marketplace for virtual auctions
  • Intelligent Conditioner Evaluator to create data reports for future fundraising and event strategies
  • Mobile bidding capabilities


With these features, your team can easily facilitate an auction in the virtual space that will raise ample funds. Contact Xcira to get a quote on their online silent auction software.

How to Choose Nonprofit Auction Software

After evaluating the top features and providers of auction software, it’s time for your nonprofit to officially make a choice! Follow these steps to narrow down your options and commit to a software provider.

A graphic listing the steps to choosing nonprofit auction software (as explained below

Determine your nonprofit’s needs.

Start by evaluating your nonprofit’s target audience and event details. For example, would your supporter base rather attend a live auction or a silent one? Do you need additional fundraising tools, like mobile giving, or are you searching for auction-specific features only?

These details are specific to your organization and will help you narrow down your needs. This way, instead of looking at generally popular tools, you can identify a solution that streamlines your auction planning and management.

Set a budget.

Since your nonprofit is already paying to host the auction, you’ll want to ensure any tools you use fit into your event-planning budget. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a platform and look for a provider that meets that price point.

If your budget is a significant factor in choosing auction software, narrow your research to providers that are upfront about their costs and offer flexible plans. This way, you’ll fast-track your search and find the solution that best meets your needs instead of spending too much time tracking down the cost of different solutions. Plus, providers that offer various add-ons can help you build the plan that you need rather than purchase a large plan with unnecessary features.

Compare products.

Once you’ve collected all the necessary information about what you’re looking for, you’re ready to make a decision! Compare the providers that meet your criteria and determine which one best fits your needs. 

As you dive deeper into these providers’ offerings, be sure to consider online reviews and find out what other nonprofits have to say about the solution. For an in-depth look at the platform, schedule a demo with the provider and decide for yourself if the software would work for your nonprofit.

Additional Resources to Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

Your upcoming auction has incredible potential for both strengthening donor relationships and increasing fundraising revenue. Investing in the right auction software solution can help your organization better manage your event from start to finish.

For more information, take a look at our other informational guides to powerful fundraising tools and strategies:

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