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Fundraising Ideas

Get inspired by ideas from top fundraising experts

Auctions have long been powerful events for nonprofits to raise awareness for their cause, further engage with their supporters, and raise critical funding.

Silent Auctions: A Guide for Smart Nonprofits [FAQ & Tips]

Auctions have long been powerful events for nonprofits to raise awareness for their cause, further engage with their supporters, and raise critical funding. Silent auctions are one type of event
Email tips to improve year-end campaigns for nonprofit organizations. Fundraising strategies for effective results. Better fundraising for nonprofits. Links to blog - 3 links to Snowball Fundraising, 3 links to GC

Nonprofit Fundraising: 5 Email Tips for Year-End Campaigns

The following tips and tricks will help you improve your emails to get the attention you need for your year-end campaign.

Using Your Business to Give Back: 5 Fundraising Tips

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term that’s quickly gained traction among business owners in recent years. This phrase refers to any policies or management practices that business owners implement

21 Ideas for Finding New Donors Online

by Sandy Rees Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer Get Fully Funded   The key to finding new donors online is to reach people who are already interested in the type
Our guide to the Google Ad Grant

The Google Grant | A Guide for Small Nonprofits

More nonprofit organizations are becoming aware of the fantastic benefits of the Google Ad Grant. Unlike many other grants, the Google Ad Grant is easy to acquire, maintain, and utilize.
Online Fundraising Ideas: Effective Virtual Campaigns

Online Fundraising Ideas | 24 Effective Virtual Campaigns

Online fundraising is more popular than ever, and individuals and nonprofits alike continue to explore the available options. With many fundraising organizations moving their fundraisers to the virtual realm, you
Giving Tuesday Fundraising ideas.

Giving Tuesday Ideas: 20 Fundraisers [& Top Tips]

Does your organization have a plan for how you’re going to raise money for #GivingTuesday? Or are you still searching for the perfect Giving Tuesday ideas? Giving Tuesday occurs annually
These virtual fundraising ideas can help your nonprofit raise money and achieve your goals.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: 60+ Campaigns for Online Success

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and seriously curtailed nonprofits’ abilities to host fundraising events in person, some organizations were already using virtual fundraising ideas in their regular programming. Virtual
This is the feature image for this article about school fundraising ideas.

School Fundraising Ideas: 75+ Top Fundraisers (& Pro Tips)

Thinking about starting a campaign to raise money for the school you love? You’ll need some top school fundraising ideas, so you’ve come to the right place! If you want
Leveraging Donor Data to Make the Most of Your Fundraising

Leveraging Donor Data to Make the Most of Your Fundraising

During the age of COVID-19, maintaining relationships with your supporters is likely full of more challenges than ever before. This is because when everything went virtual, your organization probably had
Check out some of our favorite political campaign fundraising ideas.

24+ Tried-and-True Political Campaign Fundraising Ideas

Political campaigns play a huge role in ensuring a successful democratic process. After all, it’s how we’re able to elect representatives who we feel are able to best portray our
Explore our top peer to peer fundraising ideas that work for any cause.

20 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas: A Complete Guide

Modern fundraising calls for innovative, technological ideas and methods. Even though trying something new may be daunting to some organizations, the potential results of peer-to-peer fundraising are undoubtedly worth it.
Use these fundraising event ideas to engage your community and raise crucial support for your mission.

Fundraising Events | 100+ Ideas to Raise More

This past year forced organizations to think outside the box when it came to fundraising events and ideas. Organizations are always looking for creative event ideas, but now in both
Read this article for over 99 church fundraising ideas.

99+ Awesome Church Fundraising Ideas for Your Congregation

Whether you’re raising money for your general fund or your next mission trip, fundraising is an important part of your church. To do great things for your congregation and in
Check out these 5 main types of nonprofit startup grants!

5 Types of Nonprofit Startup Grants to Fund Your Mission

You already know that starting a nonprofit takes dedication and hard work. The entire process of registering and funding a brand new nonprofit organization might feel overwhelming, but there are
Check out our full directory of fundraising ideas for nonprofits.

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits | Directory of 75+ Ideas

Finding the perfect fundraising ideas for your organization is crucial, especially if your nonprofit is new. The right ideas will engage your community, grow your audience, and (most importantly) raise
Check out these top sorority and fraternity recruitment ideas.

10 Awesome & Easy Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment Ideas

Rush is a stressful time for everyone. A lot of people tend to believe that PNMs (potential new members) take on the majority of this stress. But the truth is,

5 Great Tips for Holding the Perfect School Fundraiser

Whether your school is raising money for a favorite charitable cause or helping one of your own organizations or teams reach their goals, a fundraiser is an effective way to

The 5 Best Strategies for Reeling in More Major Gifts

Your nonprofit depends on the support of those in your community. They show their appreciation for the work that you do through their contributions of both time and money, and

Nonprofit Event Management Software: Choose the Right Tools

Events connect the great work your nonprofit does to the needs and interests of your community. At your organization’s event, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your attendees more about

11 Ways to Improve Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Today

Using peer-to-peer campaigns and events is a great way to extend your fundraising reach. But, what do you do if your peer-to-peer (p2p) results aren’t what they used to be,
the essential guide to auction fundraising

Auction Fundraising and Beyond: The Essential Guide

Auction fundraisers have become a popular fundraising tool for raising money and awareness for a cause. Additionally, auction fundraisers are a perfect launching pad to easily transition bidders and donors
mobile marketing for fundraising

5 Reasons Charities Need to Embrace Mobile Marketing

There has never been greater pressure on consumers’ wallets, or in the variety of causes and ways for them to donate to charities. This is why mobile marketing is a
Check out these top 8 peer-to-peer fundraising platforms for nonprofits from Snowball fundraising!

Smart Fundraising: Top 8 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms

Peer-to-peer fundraising provides nonprofits with an engaging way to connect with supporters and raise funds to further their cause! This type of fundraiser often boasts incredible success for both fundraising
Check out these top 10 silent auction software your nonprofit should know.

Top 10 Silent Auction Software Your Nonprofit Should Know

Silent auctions are easy ways to excite your donors and rake in donations, but they’re far from easy to plan. Between item procurement and seating arrangements, there’s more to do
Check out these top 14 online charity auction sites for your next auction!

Top 14 Online Charity Auction Sites to Keep in Mind

Auction events have incredible potential to dramatically increase your organization’s profit. Between unique auction items and eager bidders, your event is sure to provoke some competitive (and exciting!) spirit so
Use text-to-give and these other ideas to help fundraise for Houston following Hurricane Harvey.

Best Ways to Help After Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, & Nate: Text-to-Give & More

Last updated on 10.8.17 @ 11:12 AM EST Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston region of Texas. Homes were destroyed, towns were flooded, and multiple people lost their lives because of
Check out our 5 profitable fundraising event tips to use alongside your donation kiosk.

Donation Kiosks: 5 Profitable Fundraising Event Tips

There’s a ton of planning and organization that goes into any fundraising event because of the opportunity to connect with donors in person and rally support (and funds!) for your cause.
Check out our top school fundraising ideas!

8 Innovative Fundraising Ideas Your School Should Try

Hosting a profitable fundraiser can be a big challenge for elementary, middle, and high schools. With so many tired school fundraising ideas floating around, your school may need a bit
Learn what questions to ask when picking a crowdfunding platform your nonprofit.

Picking a Crowdfunding Platform for Nonprofits: 5 Questions to Ask

Picking the right crowdfunding platform sets the groundwork for your campaign. When you create a fundraising page on a platform, that’s where you’ll direct donors to learn more about your

What Are the Different Uses of Mobile Fundraising?

Although mobile fundraising is just one form of fundraising, it can be so much more than that for your nonprofit. Your nonprofit can take advantage of all of the different

How to Get Started with Mobile Fundraising

You’ve already picked your mobile fundraising platform provider. You’re well on your way to launching a successful campaign. There are just a few actionable steps standing in between you and

Mobile Fundraising Statistics

Text-to-Give Statistics 99% of text messages are opened and read within the first five minutes after they’re sent. The average donation size for text-to-donate fundraisers is $107. 91% of American

Trinity Episcopal Church Case Study

In February of this year, Trinity Episcopal Church decided to make a big change. Like many churches, Trinity collected tithes in the traditional manner—through collection plates at church services, through collection

Four Ways to Increase Revenue from Email Campaigns

Attention CMOs — and especially email marketers!  What goals do you want to achieve with your email marketing program in the next twelve months?  If your organization is similar to

MarketingSherpa Case Study: @Pay Helps Nonprofit to Achieve 12.5 times Higher Revenue Than Industry Average

Read the original article by Erin Hogg on   Roadrunner Food Bank faces real-world challenges like many nonprofits. Its ultimate goal is not only to increase donations and expand

ABQ5k4Boston Exceeds Donation Goal

After the tragic Boston Marathon bombings of April 15th, @Pay sought to partner with groups and businesses in Albuquerque that wanted to help. Brian ColĂłn felt the call to do