Two Quick To-Do Items to Raise More This Giving Season

No matter the time of year, Giving Season feels like it’s always right around the corner for nonprofits. You know that the last few months of the year are critical for nonprofit fundraising. But did you know that a third of all nonprofits raise between 26%-50% of their total funds just from end-of-year giving? That’s a whole lot of money (and pressure) on the line for your organization.

If 2020 has you feeling stretched thin, there’s no need to panic. We’ve put together an easy and effective #GivingSeason Game Plan for your team to follow. So let’s get started! Fire up your Snowball platform, and check off these first easy wins from your to-do list. You can set these up in about one minute!

Do This Now: Pay Attention to Donation Notifications

Nonprofits spend a huge amount of time fundraising, yet many donors only give once. So during Giving Season (or any season, really), your biggest non-program focus should be on stewarding your donors—making each supporter feel like a vital part of your organization and not like an ATM. That starts by thinking of donations as more than just money. Pay attention to each gift that comes in and what it represents: a valuable opportunity to strengthen your relationship with that supporter.

Here’s how:

1) Make sure you’re notified every time someone donates. Don’t wait to review a year’s worth of donor data when it’s tax-deduction-letter time—you’ll miss your chance to connect with supporters at the moment they’re feeling the most inspired by your organization. Instead, be sure to set up real-time notifications every time a donation comes in. Then, earmark your non-program time for thanking these supporters and updating them on the good work you’re doing.

Snowball Tip: Turn On Transaction Notifications ✔

In the Settings area of your Snowball dashboard (the dropdown that appears under your organization’s name in the top right corner), check the box that says “Send transaction notification to organization.” You’ll be emailed a receipt every time a supporter donates using Snowball.[boc_spacing height=”10px”]

2) Personally respond with recognition. Respond ASAP to each supporter with a personalized thank-you email, phone call, text, or card. (A phone call followed by a card in the mail is the absolute best!) If someone at your organization knows the supporter, they should be the one to reach out—an existing relationship makes all the difference when it comes to repeat donations!

Snowball Tip: Use Notes Feature to Track Donor Details ✔

Key information like supporters’ names and email addresses are captured automatically by Snowball and stored in their Supporter Management file. Be sure to use the “+ Add Note” button (as shown here) to capture details like the date you last engaged with them and a few specifics about what you talked about. It’ll jog your memory and make for better conversation for when you reach out to them again.

Effective fundraising can be difficult, but it’s a crucial task for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Luckily, having the right tools in your fundraising toolkit (like your complete suite of Snowball fundraising software) can help you reach your goals in no time.

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Get in touch with us to take a tour of the Snowball platform and find the right fundraising solutions for your nonprofit.

Get in touch with us to take a tour of the Snowball platform and find the right fundraising solutions for your nonprofit.