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Supporter Management

Practical tips for building supporter relationships

Direct Mail for Churches: 4 Best Practices for Engagement

Direct Mail for Churches: 4 Best Practices for Engagement

Community engagement is something that should be of utmost importance in your organization—especially if you are a church. When you have a large following, their engagement should be a high
Optimize your donation letters with Snowball.

Optimizing Your Donation Letters in 4 Steps with Snowball

The annual appeal donation letter is a tried-and-true tool for nonprofits of every size. In fact, it should be a major tent-pole of any year-end fundraising campaign. Why? It’s a
Explore these best tips for church newsletters.

Church Newsletters | Complete Guide for Modern Communication

Church newsletters are a staple of congregations everywhere. No matter the size or denomination, churchgoers want to stay in the loop. Whether you’re sharing scripture, messages from church leaders, or
Check out our suggestions for the top low-cost and free nonprofit CRM software platforms.

Low-Cost and Free Nonprofit CRM Software: Picking a Platform

Whether your nonprofit is well-established or just now finding its footing, the right CRM will help you develop valuable relationships with supporters. Think of it this way: this database is
Create church fundraising letters for every occasion and purpose using our free templates.

Church Fundraising Letters: An Essential Guide for 2020 and Beyond

Ask and you shall receive. — Luke 11:9 Even with the most dedicated congregation and the most supportive community, there’s no way around the fact that running a church requires
Church Communication Letters_Feature

Church Communication Letters & Samples [With Useful Tips]

Communication is key. How you communicate with your congregation is vital for building and maintaining relationships. Trust between congregants and church leadership relies on open lines of communication so church members

Managing Your Members: 7 Tips for a Seamless Strategy

Your members are one of the most important parts of your organization. They help keep your doors open and your lights on. But how can you make sure that they’re