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Amazing Auctions

Quickly create silent auctions that engage your supporters and compel them to bid more—whether they’re virtual or in person.


Your Auction, Your Way

Snowball nonprofit fundraising software gives you the freedom to create multiple charity auctions throughout the year, without limits on items or participants. Snowball Auctions are a memorable and effective way to connect with your supporters while fundraising. And with no hidden fees in our fundraising platform, you’ll make more money for your cause.

Easy to Customize

Easy to Bid

Easy to Collect


Say goodbye to clipboard-and-pen bidding! Our Text-to-Bid functionality empowers supporters to bid more frequently, whether they’re in the same room or thousands of miles apart. Display your item with a Text-to-Bid word, and let people text from the safety and convenience of their own mobile phones. Perfect for virtual auctions, in-person auctions and hybrid auctions.

“Purchase Now” Items

Have impatient supporters? “Purchase Now” gives them the option to buy without bidding—just pick your final price and turn on “Purchase Now” for any item you’d like. You can use it in combination with bidding or on its own.

Get Text-to-Give Now.

Why wait? Snowball makes it super simple to get a unique Text-to-Give number—so you can start fundraising with Text-to-Give right away.