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Infographic: The Fundraiser’s Weakest Link is @Pay’s Greatest Strength

Donor attrition is the non-profit fundraiser’s greatest challenge, according to the 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, a joint study published by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and The Urban Institute. For every $100 gained, nonprofits lose $96 in gift attrition! What is a nonprofit to do? Offer an express checkout for email and online donations. The more complicated it is and the more steps involved to donate, the more ‘cart abandonment’ nonprofits will see. Like eCommerce, nonprofits have to offer technology that makes donating as simple as possible via email and web. @Pay is the most express option of express checkouts, allowing repeat donors to donate in as little as two clicks…and without requiring donors to remember passwords or download an app.

Read’s article about how @Pay is Solving the Donor Attrition Problem, and read MarketingSherpa’s case study which shows how @Pay increased a nonprofit’s donation revenue 12.5x higher than the industry average. We are proud to be able to help nonprofits raise more funds for the charities and causes they represent.

5 Things You Must Include in Your Donor Thank You Letter

5 Things You Must Include in Your Donor Thank You Letter

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4 Ways Your Nonprofit Website Can Drive Donations

4 Ways Your Nonprofit Website Can Drive Donations

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Use these four top mobile giving strategies to offer convenience, connect with your donors on their mobile devices, and increase donations for any campaign.

4 Top Strategies to Boost Your Mobile Giving Potential

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