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Best Nonprofit Software to Raise Money Fast | 2020 Edition


There’s no reason your organization shouldn’t thrive online these days.

After all, that’s where your donors are. You have to master this medium if you want to make meaningful connections and sustainably grow your nonprofit.

Maybe you’ve already moved online but need an upgrade. Remember, using outdated or ineffective tools is probably the biggest time-suck and money-waster out there! Quit wasting valuable resources on software that isn’t cutting it.

Here are our picks for the best nonprofit software that can get you up and running online fast:

Click on a specific software solution in the list above to jump between entries, or just follow along with us from the top.

Best Nonprofit Software for All-in-One Fundraising – Snowball

Snowball's free all-in-one tools makes it one of the best nonprofit software suites available.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


At Snowball, everything we do is guided by one main idea: Making it easier and faster to donate online is the key to raising more. That’s all there is to it.

This concept goes into every fundraising tool we offer, including online donation pages and text-to-give tools. This concept also gives you a huge edge with online fundraising, where it can be tricky for small orgs to get a real foothold.

Small nonprofits used to have to pick between quality and affordability for their online tools, and their fundraising performance lagged behind as a result. That’s why we create tools to help more nonprofits do more good work regardless of their size or budget.


Why Snowball’s Nonprofit Software Works


Donors don’t have patience for things that take too long. Just think about how frustrated you probably get when a website doesn’t work right. Chances are you just exit out of that window.

This is why one-size-fits-all payment tools like PayPal don’t cut it for nonprofit organizations. It’s all about connecting with a donor emotionally, convincing them to donate, and then helping them get it done fast without making them think too hard about it.

By focusing on speed and simplicity, you secure more donations and you give your donors a better experience. We compared the performance of Snowball-style donation pages and standard donation tools:

  • Let’s say 1,000 online users want to make an online donation.
  • If you use a Snowball fundraising page, 90% of them will pledge their support. Only 25% will complete the donation on a standard page.
  • On average, 85% of Snowball pledges are then fulfilled. If each donor pledged $125, that translates to over $95,000 for your nonprofit.
  • On a standard page, that 25% of donors you managed to secure translates to just over $31,000.

Forcing a donor to input a ton of information right off the bat is a terrible way to convince them to support your cause. You’re wasting a golden opportunity – their impulse to make a difference by donating. By giving the option to pledge their support and then complete the transaction, you secure way more donations in the long run.


How to Get Started with Snowball


Explore our homepage and check out the pricing options. Snowball Basic, which includes your own online donation page and supports recurring gifts, is free to use. You just pay a processing fee.

Snowball Premium includes unlimited donation pages plus our text-to-give tools. For larger organizations, reach out to discuss Snowball Enterprise.

Click here to learn more about Snowball’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Engagement Analysis – CharityEngine

Check out CharityEngine's nonprofit software for donor engagement analysis.

Overview Of This Nonprofit Software


CharityEngine is a complete CRM solution that helps organizations connect all of their software tools together. For mid-sized and continuously growing nonprofits, this can make all the difference.

When supporters donate to your organization, their information should automatically be saved in your donor database with minimal or no manual transfer. With access to this engagement information for each of your supporters, your nonprofit can make more informed decisions about future fundraising strategies and outreach. 

You can set up your database to track everything from supporters’ engagement with your emails, their visits to your website, donations given through donation platforms, involvement with advocacy campaigns, and more. This helps you redefine the donor journey and build relationships with these vital supporters. 

Not only does CharityEngine help your organization store this important information in individual profiles, but it also helps you create custom reports using that information. Look at your dashboard for live information, then detailed, custom reports to measure the success of various campaigns.


How To Get Started With CharityEngine


Contact CharityEngine about their pricing for their completely integrated and comprehensive solution. 

When you invest in CharityEngine, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager and implementation team. Plus, you’ll have access to their personal training program to help get you started. 

Click here to learn more about CharityEngine’s top CRM platform.


Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Management – Bloomerang

Bloomerang's CRM platform is the best nonprofit software for small organizations that need a database solution.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


A database or CRM software is essential for any organization that wants to grow strategically and sustainably. This kind of nonprofit software, however, can be super expensive. Small organizations usually put off investing in a CRM way too long, which hurts their fundraising efforts in the long run.

Bloomerang is the best CRM platform for growing nonprofits for two key reasons:

  • It’s affordable and scales with your operations.
  • It prioritizes donor engagement and retention.

Bloomerang offers comprehensive but streamlined database features, making it a perfect CRM platform for growing organizations. You can easily track key data about your donors and volunteers, making it easier to identify trends as they emerge and adapt your strategies as needed.

Intuitive features like Bloomerang’s ‘engagement meter’ and ‘generosity score’ help you learn more from your data at a glance. Plus, they come standard with all software tiers.

If your organization is ready for a real database (or is overdue for one!) explore Bloomerang’s platform. They’ve helped tons of smaller organizations build strong foundations and grow by making smarter use of their own data.


How to Get Started with Bloomerang


Bloomerang offers a fairly wide range of pricing options based on your needs.

For organizations who’ll need fewer than 1,000 donor records, the price is just $99/month. If you’re a part of a brand new nonprofit just getting started, Bloomerang even offers a free version to help you get on your feet.

Like us here at Snowball, Bloomerang believes that professional-level tools should be accessible for all nonprofits. They’ll make a great CRM partner for any organization.

Click here to learn more about Bloomerang’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Virtual Events – Handbid

Handbid offers the best nonprofit software for virtual events.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


When expanding your fundraising to the digital space, your team needs a foolproof platform that handles all backend processes so that you can focus on driving event registrations and planning the event itself. Handbid supplies organizations with vital tools for pulling off successful virtual auctions — whether they’re in-person or in the digital sphere.

This platform currently offers an exclusive ‘Auction-in-a-Box’ package, which provides all the essential tools for pulling off the ultimate live-streamed event from the comfort of your own home. The best part, users can watch your live streamed event and bid on items or donate all on one website page. Work with Handbid to set up your auction, presentation, and other components of your event. They’ll supply you with:

  • A remote video production team to help you prepare a professional visual display of your pre-recorded videos, screen displays, and live presentations
  • An auction platform with unlimited items, a smartphone app for your bidders, and entrance ticketing for your virtual event
  • Unparalleled support starting with a virtual assistant to help administer your live stream and 2 hours of coaching to kickstart your planning
  • An optional auctioneer who is skilled with virtual fundraising and can help you write your script, organize your presentation, and host your virtual event

Best of all, Handbid has a proven track record of success, so you can rest assured that your virtual auction is in good hands. On average, the platform generates an astounding 120% more bids per item and sees a 60% increase in revenue per item compared to paper-based auctions.

With more than $175 million raised for charity, Handbid’s virtual event platform is a dependable investment. Backed by it, you’ll be well-prepared to execute a successful auction that reaches supporters wherever they are.


How to Get Started with Handbid


Handbid offers packages for every price range. Take a look at their pricing page for up-to-date costs.

Even if they don’t have a bundle that suits your organization’s exact needs, you can select from several add-on features like ticketing tools, promotion packages, and even expert consulting. Handbid has all your virtual event needs covered from check-in to check-out!

Click here to learn more about Handbid’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Website Building – Morweb

Morweb offers some of the top nonprofit software for organizations that need a new website.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Your nonprofit’s website should be one of its most important assets these days. Without a website that works well and looks good, you’ll have a hard time attracting and converting new donors.

Morweb makes it easy for nonprofits of all sizes to get up and running with a strong website quickly. Other website building platforms require intense customization and expensive add-ons in order to work, so the ability to choose a Morweb site template and have all the core features you need right out of the box is a major plus.

The platform is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations without a ton of tech knowledge or time to spare.

For very small organizations that don’t even have a dedicated website yet, Morweb is the most comprehensive set of easy-to-use web tools you can invest in. If you do already have a site and want to upgrade to Morweb, their web design agency team will help you migrate all of your content and data over safely.

The main idea behind Morweb is to give nonprofits the freedom set up a functional, attractive site quickly, and then they can devote additional effort into fine-tuning it if they want to. Plus, Morweb makes it easier to customize and edit your site than most other website builders.


How to Get Started with Morweb


Explore Morweb’s site to see all of their features and examples of other nonprofit pages built using their tools.

Their basic plan starts at only $99/month, and you can scale up your plan for additional storage and capabilities as you grow and need them.

Click here to learn more about Morweb’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Walkathon Fundraising – 99Pledges

Nonprofit software from 99Pledges makes it easy to create a walkathon style campaign and event.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


99Pledges is a great choice for smaller organizations that want to host a walkathon or other pledge-style fundraising event without needing to invest in heavy-duty peer-to-peer software.

Walkathons are extremely effective events and campaigns for smaller organizations, like community or school groups. 99Pledges makes it easy for any nonprofit to host one of these engaging events. They essentially handle all the technical heavy lifting for you.

You plan your campaign and recruit volunteers who’ll collect pledges for the event. Then, 99Pledges sets up all the fundraising pages you’ll need, one for each volunteer.

It’s a really simple solution for a popular fundraising style, especially for smaller nonprofits looking for exciting ways to engage their communities.


How to Get Started with 99Pledges


You’ll need to reach out to 99Pledges to get started setting up your next walkathon or pledge event.

Their pricing structure is another major plus for smaller organizations. 99Pledges charges no upfront fees, instead they keep 10% of the total online donations your campaign raises. Your organization gets to keep 100% of cash and check donations.

Click here to learn more about nonprofit software from 99Pledges.


Best Nonprofit Software for Planned Giving – MarketSmart

MarketSmart offers the best nonprofit software for planned giving.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Major and legacy gifts make up most donation revenue. With that in mind, planned giving is an important consideration for any smart nonprofit fundraising strategy—big or small. Luckily, MarketSmart is here to help guide your efforts.

MarketSmart’s intuitive system qualifies, cultivates, and prioritizes major and legacy donor prospects. With your work organized and prioritized, you can get back to what matters: forming powerful, lasting relationships with major donor prospects.

MarketSmart’s comprehensive technology enables nonprofits of all sizes to engage with prospects on a deeper level, securing vital support via planned giving. Here’s just a preview of how they can help you accomplish this:

  • Personalized donor surveys. Invite prospects to tell you why they care about your cause, what programs they’re interested in, how they prefer to give, and more.
  • Digital engagement tracking. Completely tailor your messaging to prospects based on interactions with your site such as which pages each lead visits, which resources they download, and more.
  • Detailed donor profiles. All collected data is funneled into individual donor profiles. Then, each profile is assigned a unique engagement score so you can pinpoint your most qualified leads.
  • Mapping for meeting with prospects. This tech will map out potential meet-up opportunities. Meet with donors face-to-face while the system keeps other leads warm with personalized, automated communications.

With MarketSmart on your side, effortlessly cultivate authentic, long-lasting relationships with major donor prospects. By letting their team do the legwork for you, you’re sure to secure prospects’ trust and enhance your planned giving efforts with ease.


How to Get Started with MarketSmart


Explore MarketSmart’s website to learn about the array of tools they offer. From personalized surveys to improved outreach, they’ve got you covered in all your planned giving endeavors.

For accurate pricing, reach out to the MarketSmart team. They’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your organization, so you can make the most of your major and planned giving opportunities.

Click here to learn more about MarketSmart’s intuitive nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Prospect Research – DonorSearch

DonorSearch provides the best nonprofit software for prospect research.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


DonorSearch is the leading resource for nonprofits conducting prospect research. This is a process that involves using publicly accessible data to learn more about the donors who might want to or be able to give your organization a major donation. The DonorSearch database has compiled this public information into a single, easy-to-access location to help nonprofits save time and focus their efforts.

For organizations that are ready to begin looking for major gifts, DonorSearch should be your first stop. You’ll get access to their database of prospecting information, and their tools even integrate with major CRM platforms.

DonorSearch differs from most other prospect research data services and software for a few reasons. Most importantly, it’s because DonorSearch places equal weight on both wealth and philanthropic markers. This means their data will help you to identify donors who are both able and likely to give to your cause.

However, DonorSearch also believes that nonprofits of any size should be able to find and secure major gifts. That’s why they offer a free online search tool, DSGiving, for nonprofits to research the past giving habits of their top donors. Click here to check out this free tool.


How to Get Started with DonorSearch


If you just need to conduct some quick research manually, check out the DSGiving tool linked above.

To learn more about the full-service prospect research software and database from DonorSearch, explore their site. Then, reach out to discuss your exact needs when you’re ready.

Click here to learn more about nonprofit software from DonorSearch.


Best Nonprofit Software for Corporate Philanthropy – Double the Donation

Double the Donation's nonprofit software is a strong choice for maximizing corporate philanthropy revenue.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Double the Donation’s software and resources help nonprofit organizations of all sizes and types to maximize their revenue from corporate sources. Depending on your donor base, this could be a game changer.

Matching gifts are corporate programs in which employers financially match the donations made by their employees. It’s an easy way for the company to give back, and it encourages the donor to give even more. The only problem is that tons of donors aren’t even aware that they’re eligible for these benefits. Learn more about corporate philanthropy programs here.

Double the Donation solves this problem head-on. With their nonprofit software, you can embed a matching gift search tool right where your donors need to see it – during or immediately after the donation process. A dedicated matching gifts page on your site can be extremely effective.

Raising awareness is the key to boosting matching gift revenue. Making it easier for donors to act on these opportunities is the best way to encourage them to actually do it.


How to Get Started with Double the Donation


Explore Double the Donation’s website to learn more about their services and nonprofit software. Then, reach out to request a demo or free trial.

Depending on your needs, Double the Donation will offer custom onboarding support to make sure the new search tool gets up and running seamlessly.

Or, you might opt for their heavier-duty nonprofit software, 360MatchPro. This platform fully automates the matching gift process to really ensure you’re maximizing corporate donation revenue.

Click here to learn more about nonprofit software from Double the Donation.


Best Nonprofit Software for Accounting – MIP Fund Accounting

Explore MIP Fund Accounting's top nonprofit software and its features.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Nonprofits have unique accounting needs. If you’ve been handling your books properly so far, you already know that. Using nonprofit-specific tools is nearly always a better idea than using super generic ones, even if they’re free or cheap.

This is particularly true when it comes to something as important as your accounting. MIP Fund Accounting is a leading nonprofit software designed to support this area of your record-keeping.

The MIP Fund Accounting platform is also custom tailored to your nonprofit. Their team will cut out all the clutter you don’t need to help keep things as simple as possible. The software’s top features include:

  • Core accounting database capabilities
  • The option to choose between cloud-based or local hosting
  • Configurable reporting and dashboard options
  • Unlimited budget and ‘what-if’ scenario creations
  • Payroll and HR management options

As a customized solution, it’s also scalable as you grow. MIP Fund Accounting might be a smart investment for your mid-sized nonprofit that’s ready for dedicated accounting tools.


How to Get Started with MIP Fund Accounting


As a customized product, you’ll need to work directly with the MIP Fund Accounting team to discuss your organization’s exact needs.

As you weigh your options, explore their website to learn more about the software’s core features and request a demo.

Click here to learn more about MIP Fund Accounting’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Merchandise Fundraising – Bonfire

Bonfire is the best nonprofit software for merchandise fundraising.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Of all the different fundraising ideas out there, custom merchandise has got to be one of the most versatile and effective choices. Everyone loves a t-shirt as a keepsake from an event, plus they’re usually inexpensive and easy to produce.

Bonfire handles custom t-shirt creation in a way that maximizes profits and offers more flexible ways to sell than other t-shirt services. They let you offer custom merchandise in three different ways:

  • Crowdfunding-style campaigns, where supporters order your shirt online and are charged only if it meets its fundraising goal.
  • Online campaigns where you can simply sell your shirts online, a great choice for raising funds year-round.
  • Direct orders of your shirt with no minimums, which is a good way to stock up for events.

Plus, for the first two types of campaigns, Bonfire ships the shirts directly to your supporters. They’ve taken all the hassle out of selling custom t-shirts, making it easier for organizations of all sizes to make a great impression.


How to Get Started with Bonfire


Explore their site to check out examples of other t-shirts that organizations are selling, and decide which type of campaign is best to meet your goals right now.

You’ll set your own prices for fundraising and sell-online campaigns. Customers will pay a small processing fee (reduced more for verified nonprofits), but your organization will keep 100% of the profits.

Click here to explore Bonfire’s nonprofit software and services.


Best Nonprofit Software for Event Management – ePly

ePly is our pick for top nonprofit software for event planning.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Hosting events is an important way that nonprofits reach out to their communities and maintain actual contact with supporters. Whether you tend to host small or large events, you’ve probably run into challenges before. Fundraising events are complicated.

Using dedicated event planning and management tools is the best way to head off any mix-ups. ePly is a top pick because it gives you everything you’ll need in one customized package.

Use ePly to create an online registration page, a full event website, or even a mobile app for major events. They prioritize customization and service, so they’ll work closely with you to build out the right package of solutions.

Most importantly, ePly makes it easy to manage registered attendees and keep all the valuable data your event generates.


How to Get Started with ePly


Request a free demo from their site to get a feel for how it works. If you like what you see, reach out to start discussing your event plans.

Their more comprehensive web or mobile app design cost fixed annual fees, and the core set of event registration and data management tools cost just $4 per registrant.

Click here to explore ePly’s nonprofit software for events.


Best Nonprofit Software for Email Marketing – Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a leading nonprofit software for digital marketing.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Mailchimp is a leader in digital marketing tools because they make it easier to get started than anyone else. For nonprofits, especially smaller ones, this can make all the difference.

Your organization should definitely be marketing online, even if it’s just to stay in touch with past donors. Mailchimp makes it easy to build out professional online campaigns without needing to sink a ton of time or money into it. So while it’s not necessarily software for nonprofits, it’s still the best choice a small organization can make for digital marketing.

Mailchimp lets you create and then automate custom email campaigns designed to keep your supporters engaged with your message. For instance, you can create a series of messages specifically for brand new donors, lapsed donors, volunteers, etc.

They also offer add-ons like social media ads and Google remarketing services. These options make it even easier for smaller organizations to run enterprise-level marketing campaigns targeted specifically to your audience.


How to Get Started with Mailchimp


The best part about Mailchimp is that it’s completely free to get started. They offer a free plan that will support your nonprofit up to 2,000 email subscribers.

When you’re ready to scale up or want access to some of their more advanced data options, the next level up is just $10/month.

Click here to learn more about Mailchimp’s software and services.


Best Nonprofit Software for Collaboration – Google Drive

Google Drive is a top nonprofit software because it's easy and free to use.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


If you’re not already using Google Drive, you’re running behind. It’s the easiest way to share important files between your whole team, collaborate on projects, and increase efficiency all around.

Especially for really small orgs that aren’t ready for a more advanced solution yet, keeping everything organized and accessible with Drive is a smart move. Google Drive’s advanced and enterprise options make it a great choice for even larger organizations, too.

It’s a cloud-based way to store and share your documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, images – basically any file. Plus, you can still access them offline.


How to Get Started with Google Drive


Your first 15 GB of data are free on Google Drive.

If you need more storage, you can pay a small monthly fee to increase to 100 GB of storage. To really boost productivity, though, you might want to invest in Drive Enterprise, which is specifically designed for larger teams to share and collaborate.

Click here to learn more about Google Drive.


Best Nonprofit Software for Social Media Marketing – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best nonprofit software options for its free social media tools.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Social media is a crucial tool for nonprofit organizations. It’s the most direct way to stay engaged with your supporters aside from hosting tons of events, which can become a major drain on resources. Posting social media content and interacting with followers is a great (and free) way to keep them engaged.

But getting real results out of your social media efforts requires strategy, which requires dedicated tools. Hootsuite is the easiest way for organizations of all sizes to manage their social media accounts and track performance.

Hootsuite lets you easily schedule, curate, promote, and track your posts on all the top social media platforms. For nonprofit organizations, the most important platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hoostsuite also supports LinkedIn and YouTube.


How to Get Started with Hootsuite


Hootsuite offers a free plan to small organizations and individuals. With this plan, one user can manage three social media accounts. This is an ideal choice for organizations just getting started.

The next plan up, just $29/month, supports ten social media accounts and unlimited scheduling for one user. This is a great choice for most small to mid-sized organizations without huge marketing teams.

Explore their site to learn more about the platform’s features and pricing plans.

Click here to learn more about Hootsuite’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Website Analytics – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a top nonprofit software because it can completely boost your online marketing and fundraising efforts.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Here we have another product from Google – there’s a reason they lead in web search, apps, and services!

If your nonprofit is making a conscious effort to improve its online fundraising and marketing, you’ll need a way to actually track and measure performance. Google Analytics is how you do that.

With Google Analytics implemented into your site, you can track virtually any engagement metric. That is, you can easily see how readers are finding your site and what they do once they arrive. This will basically show how effective your marketing efforts are at translating into online donations.

Businesses of all sizes now depend on Google Analytics for some of their most important marketing insights. Nonprofits can learn a lot from them.


How to Get Started with Google Analytics


To use Analytics, you’ll need to first configure your site to report data back to the Analytics platform. This typically involves setting up your account and then pasting a bit of code into the backend of your site.

Google Analytics is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. If you don’t have a ton of experience with digital marketing terms already, though, there’ll be a bit of a learning curve at first.

But stick with it! There are tons of resources online that walk you through how to do pretty much anything in Analytics, including setup and searching for specific metrics.

The core set of Analytics features is available for free, and Analytics 360 is a more heavy-duty, paid option for enterprise-level organizations.

Click here to get started learning about Google Analytics.


Best Nonprofit Software for Filing Taxes – File 990

File 990 is the best nonprofit software for filing your annual forms.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


In order to maintain tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3), nonprofits have to file a 990 form every year. Hopefully you already know all about these forms, but this guide from Re:Charity can walk you through the basics.

File 990 is a top nonprofit software for tax filing software because it’s designed to do just one thing very well – help you get your 990 form completed and over with before the annual deadline.

It’s a particularly good choice for organizations with multiple chapters, helping you track progress across all of them and send reminders as necessary. It’s also an IRS-authorized e-filer, which means it can send your completed form(s) directly to the IRS.

For smaller nonprofits just getting started, having some guidance and structure around the 990 filing process is a good idea, since so much rides on making sure you get it filed and approved on time.


How to Get Started with File 990


If your organization decides that it needs support for this process, File 990 is among the most straightforward options available. No gimmicks or surprise fees.

First, check whether your organization needs to file the 990-N or 990 EZ form. For the 990-N, you’ll pay $40 per filing. For the 990 EZ, you’ll pay $50. Then, all your previous information will be saved to streamline the process next year.

Click here to learn more about File 990’s nonprofit software.


Best Nonprofit Software for Time Tracking – ClickTime

ClickTime offers some of the best nonprofit software for time tracking and management.


Overview of this Nonprofit Software


Time tracking has always been one of the trickiest parts of HR and management. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations, where there are all kinds of constraints and misconceptions about what it means to work there.

ClickTime is the easiest and most effective way to help your team members track their time.

Plus, it’ll help your organization better pursue its mission by showing everyone exactly where your time is going. This allows you to refocus priorities and stay on track on mission-related activities when needed.

ClickTime provides the most comprehensive set of features of any web-based time tracking software. This includes time tracking, time off management, overtime tracking, and even a mobile app for easy access everywhere. Plus plenty of project management and reporting options makes it a full suite of tools in a single package.


How to Get Started with ClickTime


Explore their website for more information on all the features and options they offer.

For basic time tracking needs at a small organization, their Starter Pack is a good choice. It includes time tracking tools and plenty of reporting options for just $9 per user per month.

Click here to learn more about ClickTime’s nonprofit software.


There you have it – some of the best nonprofit software available.

We’ve tried to target this list mainly to tools that smaller and growing nonprofits will find the most useful. After all, here at Snowball Fundraising we try to level the playing field.

Remember, there’s no excuse for any nonprofit to be behind the times with its digital toolkit. You can get up and running online in less than a day with these tools we’ve listed. Just get to it! Your bottom line and your mission will thank you.


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