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GoFundMe Alternatives: 14 Crowdfunding Websites to Consider

These crowdfunding websites are similar to GoFundMe but are even better for achieving your fundraising goals.

Crowdfunding is more than just a popular fundraising strategy. Crowdfunding campaigns have proven to be a valuable method for individuals, organizations, and teams to increase their fundraising power through their online networks.

You may be familiar with some of the crowdfunding giants, like GoFundMe. However, there are crowdfunding sites that offer similar capabilities, better value, and more specialized features. 

With the number of options out there, choosing the right crowdfunding platform for your cause or project requires extensive research and comparisons between providers. 

To help you get started putting together your list of candidates, we’ll go over some of our favorite alternatives to GoFundMe:

  1. Snowball
  2. Fundly
  3. Bonfire
  4. Edco
  5. StartSomeGood
  6. Plumfund
  7. Kickstarter
  8. FundRazr
  9. GoGetFunding
  10. Snap! Raise
  11. Funraise
  12. Fundraise Up
  13. FreeFunder
  14. Givebutter

Each of these platforms has something unique to offer, whether it’s their scalability, tech support, or usability, and what’s right for one project may not be the best choice for another. But if you’re ready to find your favorite new fundraising platform and start your campaign, then let’s get started!

Snowball is a GoFundMe alternative with a suite of fundraising tools.

1. Snowball

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Snowball prides itself on being fast, effective, and accessible. Their platform provides individuals, groups, and enterprise-level organizations with a suite of robust fundraising tools designed to give your campaigns as wide a reach as possible.

Snowball aims to lower the barrier to entry for crowdfunding campaigns, offering a free package of essentials on top of the large selection of features included in all of their plans. With Snowball, your campaign has access to customized branding, unlimited administrative users, and a complete set of donor management tools.


Snowball offers various price points, starting with their free Essentials package that only charges a payment processing fee of 2.9% and $0.30. Their Premium package costs $549/year for unlimited campaigns plus a payment processing rate of 2.5% and $0.30.

For more features, try their expanded Professional plan for $849/year or their Enterprise level package, starting at $999/annually.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

If you’re looking for an alternative to GoFundMe, Snowball is tough to beat. With their platform, your campaign has access to:

  • Text-to-give donations. Snowball’s secure text-to-give platform provides users with an unlimited number of keywords, meaning you can use your same fundraising number each time you launch a campaign. 
  • Optimized donation tools. Snowball’s donation pages are designed to drive as many donations as possible. Gather recurring gifts and pledges, and add a fundraising thermometer to your campaign page to show supporters how close you are to fulfilling your goal. 
  • Event management tools. An organization can rarely sit back and relax after launching its crowdfunding campaign. Keep excitement high and give supporters a reason to donate by hosting events that provide information and celebrate your project. 

Check out Snowball and start raising funds!

Fundly is a website like GoFundMe that both individuals and nonprofits can use.

2. Fundly

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

Fundly’s crowdfunding platform is a top choice for any fundraising project. Both individuals and organizations can use Fundly’s simple fundraising platform to raise money for charitable causes, individual projects, medical expenses, and more.

This platform utilizes a “Keep it All” fundraising model, which means you don’t have to worry about meeting goals and deadlines to claim the funds you do raise

Similar to GoFundMe, Fundly enables fundraisers to set up personalized fundraising pages. You can upload photos, videos, and a campaign description to your page, then get started posting fundraising updates and sharing your page on social media.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee in addition to a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Fundly is a smart choice with these features:

  • Outstanding customer service. Without a doubt, Fundly’s customer service is some of the best around. If you run into an issue, their team will be there for you instantly.
  • Full customization. Fundly’s interface is incredibly user-friendly and customizable. You can add your logos, colors, and branding to make your page entirely your own.
  • Discounts for high-raising campaigns. Fundly incentives fundraisers to earn as much as they can. If your campaign brings in more than $50,000, your platform rate will drop from 4.9% to 4.4%.

 Raise money for your cause on Bonfire, a t-shirt-based GoFundMe alternative.

3. Bonfire

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

The best crowdfunding campaigns offer the smartest perks, and it doesn’t get any more innovative than a T-shirt! T-shirts are a nice perk for your supporters to thank them for giving to your cause, and when they wear them out in public, they spread the news about your organization and your cause.

Bonfire makes it easy for anyone to design a T-shirt for their crowdfunding campaign. You can upload your original design or use their web builder to create one online.

Bonfire also lets supporters donate from anywhere. Not only is their platform optimized for mobile use, but you can also integrate your social media accounts into your crowdfunding website.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

You take away 100% of the profits from your campaign without paying any production costs. Bonfire charges 3.5% for processing and 4.5% for the use of their platform.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

If you’re looking for a platform for your product fundraiser, Bonfire offers:

  • Fundraising-specific option. Bonfire isn’t just a T-shirt manufacturer. Their services are designed with fundraising in mind, providing unique features for fundraisers.
  • Design features. If you’re got a graphic designer on staff, you can upload a premade design onto a wide variety of products. If not, Bonfire’s web-based design feature makes it easy to create professional images.
  • Campaign scheduling. Bonfire requires campaigns to collect enough orders to cover production costs. Schedule your drive for anywhere between one and three weeks, and if you don’t make your minimum production number, you can relaunch and try again!

GoFundMe-alternative site Bonfire allows users to fundraise through selling custom t-shirts.

Edco is a GoFundMe alternative designed for schools and school organizations.

4. EdCo

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

Edco is a crowdfunding platform designed specifically for schools and school organizations. You can add team members to engage with students, faculty, alumni, and anyone else invested in your campaign.

Build your fundraising page in under 5 minutes, then get started by adding your team members so that everyone can share the page and gather donations. Edco also comes with various software integrations, making it easy to share your fundraiser on social media or through targeted emails.

Use Edco to build a community with your donors. After contributing, supporters can leave messages to attribute their support to the member of your team who encouraged them to donate.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Edco has a platform fee of 4.9% and a card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

If you’re a school looking for a crowdfunding platform that caters to you, Edco can provide:

  • Instant access to funds. Request funds from your campaign whenever you want, even if you haven’t reached your funding goal. 
  • Centralized fundraising. Upload your team’s contacts into Edco and broadcast your campaign across social media. There’s no need to rely on additional third-party software to complete your campaign. 
  • Automatic messaging. Edco sends out automated thank you notes and tax receipts to your donors after each donation, saving your team time while letting donors know you appreciate their support.

Use Edco as an alternative to GoFundMe to start raising money for your school.

StartSomeGood is a website like GoFundMe that focuses in fundraising for social causes.

5. StartSomeGood

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding campaign designed to help individuals, nonprofits, and other organizations fundraise for social impact causes.

This platform has a more selective process for accepting campaigns. In return, campaigns receive the full support of StartSomeGood’s team, which includes promotion through their social media, newsletters, and even eBooks.

StartSomeGood uses an All or Nothing fundraising structure, so those campaigns that don’t meet their goals won’t receive their funding. This can be a strong motivator to raise funds in a short amount of time.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Submitting a project is free, but accepted projects are subject to a 5% platform fee and additional payment processing fees.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Here are a few reasons we love StartSomeGood’s crowdfunding platform: 

  • Personalized feedback. The customer support at StartSomeGood is hard to match. When your project is accepted, you’ll automatically receive input and advice from StartSomeGood’s global support team, ensuring your project is at its best from start to finish.
  • High-quality fundraising pages. Because StartSomeGood individually approves each campaign submission, all campaigns are vetted and held to the highest standard. It takes a little more work, but high-quality content will lead to more successful campaigns.
  • 96% satisfaction rate. When you partner with StartSomeGood, your campaign is almost guaranteed success. Their team will work as hard as yours to design, promote, and execute a pitch-perfect fundraising campaign.

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform designed for social enterprises.

Plumfund is a website like GoFundMe that organizations and individuals can fundraise for virtually any reason.

6. Plumfund

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

Plumfund is a crowdfunding platform that enables fundraisers to collect donations for virtually any kind of personal cause or project. From baby showers to travel, anyone can quickly meet their personal fundraising goals on Plumfund!

Designed to make giving feel good, Plumfund is one of the most user-friendly sites to request and collect cash gifts. Fundraisers can share their stories, post photos, and accept donations all on their personalized fundraising pages. Plumfund’s easy updates feature allows fundraisers to share their successes and show donors exactly where their contributions have gone!

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Plumfund is 100% free for fundraisers accepting offline cash and check gifts. If fundraisers accept credit card donations, donors are subject to third-party processing fees (2.8% plus $0.30 per transaction).

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Here are a few of Plumfund’s standout features:

  • Free gift registry. In addition to their free crowdfunding tools, Plumfund also equips users with the tools to set up free online registries for any occasion. You can add your wishlist to your campaign page, giving your donors options for how they contribute. 
  • Freedom from deadlines. Unlike more traditional crowdfunding platforms, Plumfund focuses less on meeting goals and more on giving gifts. That means you can keep your registry or campaign open as long as you’d like, without fear of not receiving your funds.
  • Social media integration. Donors can add comments using their Facebook accounts directly to fundraising pages, making sharing messages of support as easy as possible.

Plumfund is a unique crowdfunding service that empowers donors to give to personal causes they care about.

Kickstarter is a great GoFundMe alternative for creative projects.

7. Kickstarter

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative endeavors, ranging from music and films to arts and crafts and even food-related projects. With millions of backers across their projects, Kickstarter comes with an audience looking for new creative crowdfunding campaigns to sponsor. 

Explain the details of your project, add pictures to your page, and set stretch goals all on one page hosted on Kickstarter’s website. Kickstarter encourages full transparency, so don’t be afraid to share with your backers precisely what their donations will go towards.


Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing model, meaning you’ll only receive funds if you meet your goal. They also take 5% of the funds raised.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

As the top creative crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter offers:

  • Increased visibility. With massively successful projects making the news, Kickstarter attracts a broad audience of backers to all of its crowdfunding pages, even the small ones.
  • Deadline incentives. All Kickstarter projects operate on a deadline, meaning backers interested in your project will be encouraged to get their donations in before time’s up. 
  • Artistic focus. It can be easy for your creative project to get lost among the many other crowdfunding campaigns. Kickstarter’s focus on artistic and creative works only provides a focus not found on other platforms. 

As an alternative to GoFundMe, Kickstarter is a giant in the creative crowdfunding space.

Use FundRazr's flexible fundraising tools as an alternative to GoFundMe.

8. FundRazr

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

FundRazr’s flexible crowdfunding platform allows individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to raise funds for their projects. Their scalable tools and pricing options let organizations build their crowdfunding pages and start fundraising in minutes before sharing on social media with one click. 

FundRazr’s team are social media experts, and their platform is designed to let users spread their crowdfunding campaigns as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or your blog, connect your supporters to your FundRazr campaign with seamless integration.


FundRazr offers three pricing options: Free with a 0% platform fee, Standard with a 5% platform fee, and Pro with custom fees. 

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Whether you’re an individual or an enterprise organization, FundRazr offers you:

  • Wish list options. Itemize your crowdfunding campaign into specific items rather than one goal with FundRazr’s wish list capabilities. 
  • Flexible funding options. Are you deciding between a keep-it-all or an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform? Choose either with FundRazr, letting you receive funds immediately or charge donors when your campaign’s finished
  • Unlimited users and pages. No matter how big your team is, everyone can help raise funds with FundRazr’s unlimited user pages

Use FundRazr as a GoFundMe alternative to create a fully integrated crowdfunding campaign.

If you're a global organization, consider GoGetFunding as an alternative to GoFundMe.

9. GoGetFunding

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Are you looking for a global crowdfunding platform? GoGetFunding is available for international fundraisers, accepting a variety of currencies and offering page displays in multiple languages. 

GoGetFunding places no limitations on what kind of projects you can run, allowing you to start crowdfunding for personal projects, your favorite causes, and more. With GoGetFunding’s press support, there’s even a chance that your crowdfunding campaign will wind up in the news!


GoGetFunding charges a 4% site fee. 

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

In addition to its reduced site fees, GoGetFunding improves upon GoFundMe by offering:

  • Global Paypal support. Some donors prefer Paypal, and GoGetFunding lets them donate how they want, no matter where they are in the world. 
  • Personal fundraising coaches. Creating your crowdfunding page is just the first step for a successful campaign. GoGetFunding offers 24/7 fundraising support, so your team can get expert advice right when you need it.  
  • Optional deadlines. Deadlines can be a valuable incentive to earn funds in a short amount of time. However, if you want to keep your fundraising campaign open indefinitely, you can do that, too!

GoGetFunding is a globally recognized alternative to GoFundMe.

Snap! Raise is a GoFundMe alternative with tools specifically designed for schools.

10. Snap! Raise

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Snap! Raise is a crowdfunding platform designed to support children. Whether you’re fundraising for a group or a single child, Snap! Raise empowers individuals to become champions of the next generation by leading safe, secure, and robust fundraising campaigns. 

Snap! Raise’s ecosystem of fundraising tools works to save time spent on administrative tasks and enable fundraisers to devote themselves to earning donations. Their smart campaign setup streamlines most of the time-consuming tasks associated with crowdfunding, letting your team get straight to fundraising.


Snap! Raise has no platform fees, but can charge up to 20% of total funds raised.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Snap! Raise’s children focused crowdfunding platform provides organizations with:

  • A comprehensive program dashboard. Get a visual overview of your entire campaign in minutes before diving into detailed fundraising rosters, reports, and supporter profiles. 
  • Team gear. Build team spirit for your fundraisers and your donors by offering custom uniforms branded with your cause. These also happen to be especially great for children’s sports teams. 
  • Secure campaign tracking. Track your campaign’s progress with Snap! Raise’s sophisticated measuring tools. With a dedication to full transparency, you can always be sure exactly where your donations are going. 

Snap! Raise is a GoFundMe alternative designed to support and champion children.

Funraise's website building tools make it a strong alternative to GoFundMe.

11. Funraise

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Many crowdfunding pages are temporary, especially when they’re hosted through third-party providers. Fundraise’s platform lets organizations build entire fundraising websites for their crowdfunding campaigns. Nonprofits using Fundraise can return to their website repeatedly to launch new crowdfunding campaigns, all hosted in one place. 

Funraise’s all-on-one approach and variety of integrations help keep all of your campaign data organized. Reach out to supporters using social funding or design your donation page to maximize recurring donations—both options and everything in between is viable with Funraise, and you can track your success the entire time.


Funraise offers four pricing options, starting at a free option with a 3.5% platform fee and scaling up their enterprise solution with custom prices.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Funraise suite of tools gives nonprofits a variety of features for their next crowdfunding campaign, including:

  • Social fundraising. Social media is one of the most valuable tools for crowdfunding campaigns, and Funraise provides seamless integration with key platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.  
  • Customizable website templates. Build your fundraising website with Funraise’s easy-to-use templates or break out your HTML skills and add custom features yourself. 
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising. Quickly set up peer-to-peer pages that are both branded and personalized to your supporters. 

Funraise's all in one approach makes it a convenient GoFundMe alternative.

Use Fundraise Up as a complete GoFundMe alternative.

12. Fundraise Up

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Donor experience can get overlooked in crowdfunding, but that’s precisely what Fundraise Up specializes in. With the promise of doubling your revenue, Fundraise Up serves enterprise nonprofits looking to create a truly unique experience for their donors. 

With a full suite of fundraising tools and over a dozen integrations, Fundraise Up offers nonprofits a complete crowdfunding experience. As you build your customizable crowdfunding page, leverage the data collected from Fundraise Up’s analytics tools to gain enterprise-level insights into your users.


Fundraise Up offers different prices for organizations earning under and over one million dollars in fundraising revenue. Nonprofits with under a million dollars in annual revenue pay a platform fee of 2.75% and additional expenses for integrations. Those over are charged a 2% platform fee and have free integrations.  

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Fundraise Up is a comprehensive fundraising platform that includes:

  • Customizable elements. Fundraise Up takes customizability to new heights, allowing nonprofits to choose what features they want and drag and drop them wherever they like on their fundraising pages
  • A/B testing. Make data-driven fundraising decisions by comparing which versions of your pages are most effective with A/B testing tools. 
  • Machine learning. Fundraise Up’s AI learns from your users’ behavior, identifying key traits and giving patterns. This tool helps nonprofits identify the most effective suggested giving amounts, letting them maximize fundraising without changing marketing, outreach, or communication tactics. 

Fundraise Up is a GoFundMe alternative that serves enterprise level nonprofits.

FreeFunder is a free GoFundMe alternative.

13. FreeFunder

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Crowdfunding for a personal cause? Consider FreeFunder, a crowdfunding platform built for small causes and projects, from artistic projects to individuals raising money for their favorite causes. 

FreeFunder supports current crowdfunding projects right on their website, allowing visitors to browse current crowdfunding campaigns based on their category. But that isn’t the only place donors can find your campaign. FreeFunder’s fundraising widgets can easily be added to your website, letting your supporters donate without navigating away from your website.


As its name suggests, FreeFunder is completely free! FreeFunder will even donate to campaigns once they reach a certain amount of funding and shares on Facebook.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

FreeFunder takes pride in the causes it supports, giving users access to:

  • Fast support. Reach out to FreeFunder to receive support to get your crowdfunding campaign up and running as fast as possible
  • Mobile-friendly pages. With increasing numbers of people using their phones to browse the internet, mobile-friendly pages are a must. FreeFunder’s fundraising pages are designed for both desktop and mobile, letting users give straight from their phones. 
  • Text-to-donate tools. Text-to-give is the fastest way to give. FreeFunder provides text-to-give numbers then lets organizations choose their keyword to spread during events to promote their crowdfunding campaign. 

Use FreedFunder to crowdfund your next campaign for free.

Givebutter is fun, user-friendly alternative to GoFundMe.

14. Givebutter

Overview of this GoFundMe Alternative

Givebutter’s unique social fundraising campaign pages are designed for a wide range of audiences, including nonprofits, schools, sports teams, and companies. With a focus on fun, Givebutter’s focus on community ensures that users crowdfunding through its platform can always keep their donors engaged.  

Integrate your Givebutter campaign with social media to boost your outreach or send emails and text messages to engage supporters one-on-one. With trackable links and automated messaging tools, Givebutter lets your nonprofit understand the data behind its crowdfunding campaign while building a positive frontend experience for donors.


GiveButter is free, only charging a credit card processing fee of 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction. 

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Givebutter offers users a variety of benefits, including:

  • Team fundraising. Team fundraising lets multiple fundraisers engage in peer-to-peer fundraising for your campaign together. Givebutter’s multi-team fundraising takes this to the next level by allowing multiple teams drive funds. 
  • Supporter feeds. Givebutter prides itself on its fun and attractive layouts, and its supporter feeds are no exception. With Givebutter’s supporter feeds, donors can comment and interact with your campaign in a social media-style layout
  • Live-streaming support. Givebutter lets users stream their campaigns via Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. Embed your live stream on your campaign page to get in touch with supporters as they donate. 

Check out Givebutter as a GoFundMe alternative.

Wrapping Up

With dozens of GoFundMe alternatives, take the time to research your options before launching your next crowdfunding campaign. Take inventory of your campaign’s focus, goals, and needs, then start building a list of potential candidates. Use our list as a jumping-off point to consider what features are must-haves and what’s an appropriate budget for your campaign. 

Continue your research by reaching out to providers to request demos, asking organizations similar to yours for referrals, and learning more about how you can promote your crowdfunding campaign once it launches. Here are a few resources to help you get started:

  1. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: 60+ Campaigns for Online Success. Help fuel your crowdfunding efforts by launching virtual fundraisers and events to promote it. Keeping excitement high during your campaign’s entire run can be difficult, so research your options and choose one that’s the perfect match for your campaign. 
  2. Text-to-Give | Complete Guide for Nonprofits and Fundraisers. Text-to-give is the fastest way for your supporters to start contributing to your campaign, and many platforms already offer text-to-give support. Get familiar with text-to-give basics and start spreading your campaign’s fundraising number.
  3. Giving Tuesday Ideas: 20 Fundraisers for 2021 [& Top Tips]. Giving Tuesday is one of your crowdfunding campaign’s best opportunities for earning funding fast. Learn how to make the most of this year’s Giving Tuesday ahead of time. 
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