How the Top Crowdfunding Websites Compare to GoFundMe

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Crowdfunding is more than just the hottest trend in fundraising — in fact, this strategy has proven itself to be a valuable way for individuals, organizations, and teams to increase their fundraising power through their online networks.

You may be familiar with some of the crowdfunding giants, like GoFundMe, but did you know there are actually a number of other crowdfunding sites that are similar — but better? 

Here’s a preview of our favorite GoFundMe alternative platforms:

  1. Fundly
  2. Bonfire
  3. Double the Donation
  4. Edco
  5. StartSomeGood
  6. Plumfund

Ready to find your favorite new fundraising platform and start your campaign? Let’s get going, then!

Fundly is a website like GoFundMe that both individuals and nonprofits can use.

1. Fundly

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

Fundly’s crowdfunding platform is a top choice for any fundraising project. Both individuals and organizations can use Fundly’s simple fundraising platform to raise money for charitable causes, individual projects, medical expenses, and more.

This platform utilizes a “Keep it All” fundraising model, which means you don’t have to worry about meeting goals and deadlines in order to claim your fundraising dollars. 

Similar to GoFundMe, Fundly enables fundraisers to set up personalized fundraising pages. You can upload photos, videos, and a campaign description easily on your page. Plus, you can post fundraising updates and share your page on social media.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee in addition to a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Here are just a few reasons we think Fundly is an obvious choice:

  • Outstanding customer service. Without a doubt, Fundly’s customer service is some of the best around. If you run into an issue, their team will be there for you instantly.
  • Full customization. Fundly’s interface is incredibly user-friendly and totally customizable. You can add your own logos, colors, and branding to make your page entirely your own.
  • Discounts for high-raising campaigns. Planning to raise some serious funds? You’re in luck. If your campaign brings in more than $50,000, your platform rate will drop from 4.9% to 4.4%. What an incentive!

Check out Fundly's GoFundMe Alternative

 Raise money for your cause on Bonfire, a t-shirt-based GoFundMe alternative.

2. Bonfire

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

The best crowdfunding campaigns offer the smartest perks, and it doesn’t get any smarter than a T-shirt! Everyone wears them, and every time they do, they spread the news about your organization and the cause you support.

Bonfire makes it easy for anyone to design their T-shirt, with options to upload your design or craft a design in their web builder.

Users can also integrate their social media accounts into their mobile-optimized crowdfunding website!

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

You take away 100% of the profits from your campaign without paying any production costs. Bonfire charges 3.5% for processing and 4.5% for use of their platform.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

If you’re looking for the platform for your product fundraiser, here’s why Bonfire is the choice for you:

  • Fundraising-specific option. Bonfire isn’t just any T-shirt manufacturer, it’s built with special features for fundraisers.
  • Design features. If you’re got a graphic designer on staff, you can upload a premade design onto a wide variety of products. If not? No worries, the web-based design feature makes it easy to create professional images.
  • Campaign scheduling. Bonfire has to make sure you collect enough orders to pay production costs. Schedule your campaign for anywhere from one week to three, and if you don’t make your minimum number, you can easily relaunch and try again!

GoFundMe-alternative site Bonfire allows users to fundraise through selling custom t-shirts.

Check out Bonfire's GoFundMe Alternative

Double the Donation is a GoFundMe alternative software that helps find matching gifts.

3. Double the Donation

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

If you are a nonprofit running a crowdfunding campaign, you could be missing out on a major source for additional donations. Double the Donation helps you find this missing source: matching gifts.

Matching gifts are a part of corporate philanthropy programs in which businesses will match the gifts their employees make for nonprofits like yours.

Double the Donation’s matching gift database helps your donors identify their eligibility for a matching gift program and guides them to their company’s forms. This database can add to the success of your crowdfunding campaign by finding extra money you didn’t even know was available!

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

The Double the Donation database is free to use for your donors. Their plan starts at $299 per year with no startup fees or transaction fees. Plus, you can try out the services for free for 14 days!

Why This GoFundMe Alternative Is Better

Double the Donation makes a great addition to any crowdfunding campaign. Here are some reasons we love this software:

  • Free technical support. Double the Donation’s services do not require an in-depth technical or coding background. But if you do run into problems, technical support is always there for your nonprofit.
  • Database embedding. The matching gifts database can be embedded directly to your website, encouraging your crowdfunding donors to explore your organization further. Or you can create your own matching gifts page branded to your nonprofit.
  • Versatile application. Not only can your donors learn about their eligibility to match their gifts to your crowdfunding campaign, but they can also match general donations to your nonprofit. You could increase donation amounts for all your fundraising efforts!

Double the Donation's database helps you grow revenue through matching gifts in addition to your GoFundMe alternative.

Check out Double the Donation's GoFundMe Alternative

4. EdCo

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

Edco is a crowdfunding platform designed specifically for schools and school organizations. You can add team members to engage with students, faculty, alumni, and anyone else invested.

Create a fundraising page in under 5 minutes! Then, add your team members so that everyone can share the page and gather donations. Integrated software makes it easy to share the fundraiser on social media or in targeted emails.

Edco gives you the opportunity to encourage donors to leave a message after donating to attribute the donation to the member of your team who referred them.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Edco has a platform fee of 4.9% and a credit card transaction processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Edco updates your donors’ information into a donor database. This way you can reach back out to donors and grow your donor base over time. They also send out automatic thank you notes and tax receipts to your donors after each donation.

Start an Edco campaign today!

StartSomeGood is a website like GoFundMe that focuses in fundraising for social causes.

5. StartSomeGood

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding campaign designed to help individuals, nonprofits, and other organizations or groups fundraise for social impact causes.

This platform has a more selective process for accepting campaigns, but in return, campaigns get full support from the StartSomeGood team, including promotion through their social media, newsletters, and even eBooks.

StartSomeGood uses an All or Nothing fundraising structure, so those campaigns that don’t meet their goals won’t receive their funding. This can be a strong motivator to raise funds in a short amount of time.

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Submitting a project is free, but accepted projects are subject to a 5% platform fee and additional payment processing fees.

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Here are a few reasons we love StartSomeGood’s crowdfunding platform: 

  • Personalized feedback. The customer support at StartSomeGood is hard to match. When your project is accepted, you’ll automatically receive feedback and advice from StartSomeGood’s global support team, ensuring your project is at its best from start to finish.
  • High quality fundraising pages. Because StartSomeGood individually approves each campaign submission, all campaigns are vetted and held to the highest standard. It takes a little more work, but high quality content will lead to more successful campaigns.
  • 96% satisfaction rate. When you partner with StartSomeGood, your campaign is almost guaranteed success. Their team will work as hard as you to design, promote, and execute a pitch-perfect fundraising campaign.

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform designed for social enterprises.

Check out StartSomeGood's GoFundMe Alternative

Plumfund is a website like GoFundMe that organizations and individuals can fundraise for virtually any reason.

6. Plumfund

GoFundMe Alternative Platform Overview

Plumfund is a crowdfunding platform that enables fundraisers to collect donations for virtually any kind of personal cause or project. From baby showers to travel, anyone can easily meet their personal fundraising goals on Plumfund!

Designed to make giving feel good, Plumfund is one of the most user-friendly sites to request and collect cash gifts. Fundraisers can share their stories, post photos, and accept donations all on their personalized fundraising pages.

And, Plumfund’s easy updates feature allows fundraisers to share their successes and show donors exactly where their contributions have gone!

GoFundMe Alternative Provider Pricing

Plumfund is 100% free for fundraisers accepting offline cash and check gifts. If fundraisers accept credit card donations, donors are subject to third party processing fees (2.8% plus $.30 per transaction).

Why this GoFundMe Alternative is Better

Plumfund is one of the best online tools for personal fundraising. Here are a few of their standout features:

  • Free gift registry. In addition to their free crowdfunding tools, Plumfund also equips users with the tools to set up their own free online registries for any occasion. You can add your wishlist to your campaign page, truly maximizing your donors’ options!
  • Freedom from deadlines. Unlike more traditional crowdfunding platforms, Plumfund focuses less on meeting goals and more on giving gifts. That means you can keep your registry or campaign open as long as you’d like, without fear of not receiving your funds.
  • Social media integration. Donors can add comments using their Facebook accounts directly to fundraising pages. Sharing a message of support has seriously never been easier!

Bonus: Raising money for your wedding or honeymoon? Check out these tips to raise even more money during your crowdfunding campaign!

Plumfund is a unique crowdfunding service that empowers donors to give to personal causes they care about.

Check out Plumfund's GoFundMe Alternative

The options for online fundraising are almost limitless, but we think this list gives you a great place to start for your next crowdfunding endeavor.

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