Top 4 Blackbaud Software Integrations (You Don’t Know About!)

Learn why these Blackbaud software integrations are such game-changers for your fundraising strategy.

If your nonprofit is one of the many organizations who’ve taken advantage of Blackbaud’s excellent product offerings, you may be wondering how you can extend your software even further by implementing a custom integration.

While Blackbaud offers a number of valuable fundraising and constituent relationship management software options, you might need to look outside the Blackbaud catalog to build a system that’s fully responsive to your needs, goals, and strategies.

If that’s the case, we recommend checking out these amazing third-party integrations designed to seamlessly connect to your Blackbaud product and enhance your fundraising power:

  1. Snowball
  2. 360MatchPro
  3. Qgiv
  4. Fonteva Events

We’ll dive into what each integration can help your nonprofit do, and we’ll even provide next steps for implementing the integration yourself or with the help of a Blackbaud expert.

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Snowball offers a top Blackbaud software integration for mobile fundraising tools.

1. Snowball: Top Blackbaud Software Integration for Mobile Fundraising

Blackbaud Software Integration Overview

No fundraising strategy is complete without mobile giving, and Snowball has got you covered when it comes to simplifying the mobile donation process for your supporters and for your team.

With Snowball, you’ll be able to promote easy giving via mobile donation pages, mobile-ready email buttons, and text-to-give. With all of those options, your nonprofit can rest easy knowing your mobile donors have access to as many convenient donation channels as possible!

Plus, here at Snowball, we know how easy it is to get distracted and abandon a task midway-through. To make sure that doesn’t happen to your donors in the middle of a donation, we’ve designed a simple two-step giving process that reduces donation page abandonment and ensures that your donors’ gifts make it from Point A to Point B.

Our Favorite Blackbaud Software Integration Features

When you integrate Snowball’s online and mobile giving tools with your Blackbaud software, you’ll be able to capture valuable mobile gift data and store it seamlessly in your Blackbaud database.

That means that you can capitalize on the convenience of text giving (and other mobile channels) without sacrificing any donor information along the way!

Snowball offers Blackbaud-integrated mobile donation tools for nonprofits.

Of course, the integration will also give you access to other Snowball features, including:

  • Unlimited online donation pages.
  • Recurring gift capabilities.
  • Unlimited user access.
  • Fundraising event thermometers.

The ease of Snowball plus the power of Blackbaud can be your nonprofit’s ticket to success!

Learn More About This Blackbaud Software Integration

Contact our team of Blackbaud specialists to get started implementing your Snowball Blackbaud integration as soon as possible. (After all, your mobile donors are waiting!)

360MatchPro is a leading Blackbaud software integration to help you automate matching gifts.

2. 360MatchPro: Top Blackbaud Software Integration For Matching Gift Automation

Blackbaud Software Integration Overview

If your organization is looking to increase the number of donations coming in with hardly any added effort on your part, 360MatchPro by Double the Donation may be the solution for you.

Taking advantage of matching gifts is an excellent way to increase incoming donations, yet one that many organizations miss out on because they lack the time and/or staff to dedicate to tracking down donors and their employers. Enter— 360MatchPro.

360MatchPro is a next-level matching gift program that automates the majority of the process. This allows your organization to receive the benefits of corporate philanthropy without having to focus on all of the minute details yourselves.

Our Favorite Blackbaud Software Integration Features

As a platform designed for use primarily by larger and enterprise-level organizations, 360MatchPro offers a number of pre-built integrations with leading nonprofit software solutions. For those using tools in the Blackbaud suite, 360MatchPro integrates with Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge, and Luminate CRM.

Embeddable search tools make 360MatchPro a leading Blackbaud integration for matching gift fundraising.When you combine 360MatchPro with your current Blackbaud software, you will be able to take your fundraising to the next level through specialized features such as:

  • A company search widget that may be embedded in donation webpages, confirmation pages, emails, etc. This tool allows the donor to take just a few seconds to look up their employer and check for matching gift eligibility. The donor is then provided with the next steps and encouraged to contact their employer.
  • Automatic screening is another way to find donors who are eligible for a matching gift from their employer. 360MatchPro automatically screens donors based on the contact information provided, like their email domain, and tags those who may be eligible for matching gifts.
  • Customizable email templates divide donors into three possible categories: eligible for matching gifts, unknown eligibility, and likely ineligible. Donors then receive automated follow-up emails depending on which category they fall into. For example, eligible donors may receive instructions on how to request a match, while donors with unknown eligibility would be encouraged to reach out to their employer for more information. As an added perk, emails can be further individualized with the donor’s name and donation details for an extra personal touch.
  • Data security is ensured through firewall protection, data encryption, and two-factor login. Your organization’s data and your donors’ personal information will be safe and sound when you use 360MatchPro.
  • Tracking email metrics allow you to see how your email outreach is performing by analyzing open rates, click rates, and delivery rates. These stats help you compare your campaigns against one another to see how to best optimize your email marketing for increasing matching gifts.
  • Syncing data from 360MatchPro to your Blackbaud donor management software, such as Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge, or Luminate CRM, has never been easier. This greatly streamlines the process by allowing you to better understand and utilize the information generated by your matching gifts efforts.

Through these features and more, your integration with 360MatchPro will allow you to take part in matching gift programs and see all that corporate philanthropy can bring to your organization.

Learn More About This Blackbaud Software Integration


Contact 360MatchPro to learn more about what their software does and how it might fit in with your existing Blackbaud toolkit.

To learn more about 360MatchPro and all of their various integration options, check out their other partners here.


Qgiv is the top Blackbaud software integration to support your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

3. Qgiv: Top Blackbaud Software Integration for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Blackbaud Software Overview

A peer-to-peer fundraising platform that packs a punch, Qgiv can help you mobilize your supporters and bring in more funds through events and online social fundraising campaigns.

Qgiv makes peer-to-peer fundraising simple by enabling nonprofits to quickly build an event using their user-friendly interface. Then, you can design custom event registration forms, spread the word via social media integrations, and keep track of your progress on their interactive dashboard.

Most importantly, everything Qgiv offers is unlimited. From registration forms to training, you won’t have anything holding you back when it comes to fundraising!

Our Favorite Blackbaud Software Integration Features

With so many donations coming from new donors during your peer-to-peer campaign, staying on top of constituent data is vital; luckily, the Qgiv Raiser’s Edge integration can help.

Qgiv can sync up your peer-to-peer efforts with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge fundraising platform. That way, you’ll have your full Raiser’s Edge functionality plus all of the benefits of Qgiv, including:

  • Customizable donation forms and confirmation pages.
  • Donation form social sharing.
  • Embeddable donation widgets.
  • On-site donation kiosks for event day giving.

With Qgiv and Raiser’s Edge working together, you’ll have unlimited peer-to-peer potential and powerful donor management and fundraising campaign options.

Not familiar with Raiser’s Edge? Check out this helpful post to learn what this Blackbaud software can do.

Learn More About This Blackbaud Software Integration

Check out Qgiv’s integrations overview to find out more about how to connect Qgiv and Raiser’s Edge.

Fonteva is the best Blackbaud integration option for managing and planning major events.

4. Fonteva Events: Top Blackbaud Software Integration for Event Management

Blackbaud Software Overview

For organizations who plan regular events—from small-scale meetings all the way to massive fundraising events or conferences—Fonteva Events is the event management solution you’ve been looking for.

Built to work in Salesforce, Fonteva Events is an end-to-end event management platform with a robust set of features to help streamline and enhance every part of the event planning experience.

Fonteva for Blackbaud users

You’ll be able to get a big-picture view of your event using the software’s user-friendly dashboards, customize your event management interface to match up with exactly the type of event you’re planning, and generate reports on your event’s success across a variety of metrics.

Plus, Fonteva puts no limits on the types or number of events you can plan. Host one large paid event, multiple free events, or any unique combination thereof; you can plan anything and everything for just one annual fee!

Our Favorite Blackbaud Software Integration Features

While not an integration per se, Fonteva Events is a native Salesforce app. That means that if you’re a Blackbaud Luminate CRM user, both Fonteva Events and your Luminate platform will be part of the larger Salesforce ecosystem. 

And since Fonteva Events is native to Salesforce, there’s no additional integration required. This app functions as an extension of Salesforce, so it can work seamlessly with any other Salesforce platforms you use, such as Luminate CRM. It’s incredibly easy to get started with high-quality Salesforce apps.

When you pair the two together, you’ll have access to out-of-this-world event management features that don’t come standard to Salesforce or Luminate CRM, including:

  • Flexible guest management tools, including an event agenda builder.
  • Custom ticketing options.
  • An event microsite generator.
  • eCommerce tools for event merchandise or online donations.

If you’re not a Luminate CRM user, learn everything you need to know about this Salesforce-specific platform as well as the other components of the Blackbaud Luminate suite by checking out this handy guide from the Blackbaud experts at DNL OmniMedia.

Learn More About This Integration

You can get started using Fonteva Events with your Luminate CRM platform by contacting Fonteva for more information.

There you have it! Our favorite Blackbaud integrations can improve your fundraising abilities and help you find new ways to engage your constituents.

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