Virtual Fundraising Software for Nonprofits | 15 Top Picks

Virtual fundraising software for nonprofits

Virtual fundraising software is crucial to raising money as we move through the COVID-19 era and beyond. This method of collecting donations opens a world of possibilities for nonprofits like yours. For example, your donor data is retained for relationship-building, people can donate to your cause worldwide, and it opens avenues for recurring giving. The end goal remains the same as physical giving: to drive your mission forward and deepen your relationships.

At Snowball, we’ve seen the fruitful results of integrating virtual fundraising software into nonprofits’ strategies. These tools help your team make the most out of your fundraising efforts by streamlining tasks such as organization, donation collection, and communication with your supporters.

We’ve organized our favorite virtual fundraising software into a few categories for your convenience:

If you’re ready to start collecting gifts with the best virtual fundraising software on the market, let’s dive in!

All-in-one virtual fundraising software

All-in-One Virtual Fundraising Software

Snowball virtual fundraising software


Here at Snowball, we offer a virtual fundraising platform that streamlines the giving process for you and your supporters. This tool helps your team build custom donation pages, manage events, and securely store sensitive data. While providing an easy way to accept gifts, Snowball’s virtual fundraising software allows nonprofits to process donations faster, and for donors to make an impact even more quickly.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Snowball’s essential plan includes a comprehensive suite of tools with even more available in their paid plans. These powerful features include:

  • Custom online donation page
  • Event management tools
  • Access to transaction and donor data
  • Recurring gifts options
  • Unlimited administrator access
  • Automatically updating fundraising thermometer
  • Text-to-give functionality
  • Auction website and mobile bidding tools

With this all-in-one tool, you’ll avoid the risks associated with transferring data between software and provide a seamless experience for your donors.

Software Pricing

Snowball offers four bundles, each level offering more helpful features to supplement your fundraising efforts. Snowball’s basic package, the essential plan, is free to use, with only collecting a standard processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Virtual Fundraising Software for Online Donations

Virtual Fundraising Software for Online Donations

If your organization is collecting donations in the virtual sphere, these options are perfect for you.

Fundly virtual fundraising software


Fundly offers virtual crowdfunding software for nonprofits and individuals. With a custom donation webpage, organizations can tailor their hub for collecting donations to their brand and mission. As you raise money for your campaign, you can update your fundraising pages with photos, videos, and personal anecdotes to engage with your online audience.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Fundly provides the following assets to your online donation page:

  • Mobile giving capabilities
  • An app for your nonprofit board
  • Easy page share options for social media

With these options and more, your team can host an effective crowdfunding virtual campaign.

Software Pricing

Fundly charges a platform fee of 4.9%, in addition to a standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction for donors.

Soapbox is a favorite fundraising software company

Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage provides helpful Salesforce apps for nonprofits to customize their toolkits and make the most of fundraising data. These apps serve a wide variety of needs with accurate data analytics, donation tracking, donation form building, and event hosting capabilities.

Before Soapbox Engage, choosing the right apps was expensive and time-consuming. With the help of this suite of apps, organizations can use affordable and effective tools in no time.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Soapbox Engage provides valuable online tools such as:

  • A multitude of invaluable applications
  • Unlimited donation pages
  • Event management software
  • Automatic communication settings for donors

This provider is excellent for those looking to raise money through events and donation pages.

Software Pricing

Soapbox Engage starts at $49/month per app, and unlimited packages start at $199/month.

Qgiv virtual fundraising software


Qgiv’s technology provides a seamless donation portal for both organizations and their donors. To provide each nonprofit with a customized experience, your team can use their software to create donation forms specifically for your needs, complete with your organization’s brand colors, logo, fonts, and important donor data.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

When your organization provides a secure giving process through Qgiv’s platform, you’re equipped with:

  • App or QR code-based check-in and checkout processes
  • Real-time bidding functionalities
  • Fully integrated event management, with multi-guest ticketing

With Qgiv’s virtual software, your team can supplement online campaigns with peer-to-peer fundraising pages, text-to-give numbers, and other auction events capabilities.

Software Pricing

Qgiv charges a 3.95% + $0.30 transaction fee per donation charged quarterly or monthly.

Virtual Fundraising Software for Event Planning

Virtual Fundraising Software for Event Planning

Check out our list of the best event planning platforms for nonprofits.

OneCause virtual fundraising software


OneCause provides an effective fundraising event management software that aids your team from registration to follow-up. With mobile-friendly donation capabilities, your guests can give from their personal devices at any point throughout or leading up to your fundraiser.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Check out these features provided by OneCause:

  • Easy management of silent, live, and virtual auctions
  • Secure credit and debit card processing
  • Mobile bidding 
  • Instant checkout and automated bidding receipts

Take advantage of this array of tools and the high security offered by OneCause. It’s crucial that your team invests in software that is taking extra precautions to prevent breaches. 

Software Pricing

Find out more information on the package tiers available with OneCause.

99 Pledges virtual fundraising software


99Pledges is a well-known peer-to-peer fundraising platform. This tool is excellent for nonprofits that host events such as walk-a-thons, read-a-thons, or similar fundraisers. When you use 99Pledges, you can provide participants with a personalized donation page to easily share with their networks. This solution is particularly effective because your organization can keep track of your fundraising activity with its dashboard.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

To host the most effective peer-to-peer campaign for your nonprofit, 99Pledges offers:

  • Easy donation page set up
  • Admin progress reports
  • Quick payout of funds to nonprofits

Consider these attributes to be essential when choosing your virtual fundraising software.

Software Pricing

99Pledges campaigns are free to host. You even get to keep 90% of all donations made online via credit card and PayPal and 100% of all donations made via cash or check to your fundraiser.

Handbid virtual fundraising software


Handbid provides software that helps organizations implement fundraising apps to their toolkit. It’s an excellent solution if your team is hosting crowdfunding, peer-to-peer campaigns, and auction events.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Use Handbid’s auction capabilities for an engaging fundraiser:

  • Mobile bidding capabilities
  • Video streaming options for your event
  • Remote auction management

It’s essential for nonprofits hosting virtual events to have a seamless virtual event management software to capture as many donations as possible.

Software Pricing

Handbid’s packages start at $695 per year, with various options for different needs per organization.

Virtual fundraising software for donor management

Virtual Fundraising Software for Donor Management

Organizations in need of robust donor management software can benefit from the following options.

Lumaverse virtual fundraising software


Lumaverse is a virtual fundraising software that helps you implement the most effective event strategies. With this tool, your team can easily keep track of your supporter’s data, facilitate events, and implement successful marketing strategies.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Lumaverse offers such a diverse array of tools and services such as:

  • Fundraising event tools
  • Donor data management
  • Seamless data transfer

With their virtual fundraising tools, you can find the right tools to supplement your effort regardless of your organization’s unique needs.

Software Pricing

Lumaverse’s CRM plans begin at only $65 per month, and you can get started with a 30-day free trial.

CharityEngine virtual fundraising software


CharityEngine is a fundraising platform and CRM solution all in one integrated stack, making this option a complete solution from donor acquisition to recurring giving. Using this tool, your organization can run successful campaigns based on accurate data reports and raise more for your mission.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Use this helpful tool to:

  • Secure payment processing with PCI certification
  • Manage all fundraising efforts
  • Collect crucial KPI data

With CharityEngine, your organization can receive actionable data to push your campaign forward.

Software Pricing

With CharityEngine, your organization can receive actionable data insights to push your campaign forward. This way, your operations will continuously improve as you unlock new information.

Bloomerang virtual fundraising software


Bloomerang is an end-to-end database for organizations that require a robust tool for their constituent management. With these offerings, their goal is to decrease donor attrition and increase fundraising revenue for your mission.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

This tool offers:

  • Interactive data dashboards
  • Smart reports
  • Custom email designs
  • Social listening

These features provide detailed information for your team to make more informed marketing and fundraising decisions.

Software Pricing

Depending on your team’s needs, this tool is scalable with free and paid plans, including more record storage and higher annual revenue tracking as you climb the tiers.

Virtual Fundraising Software for Product Sales

Virtual Fundraising Software for Product Sales

ABC Fundraising virtual fundraising software

ABC Fundraising

ABC Fundraising is a tool that helps organizations host highly profitable product fundraisers by providing teams with their own online storefront to sell highly demanded merchandise.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

ABC Fundraising can boost your funds by:

Supplement your next fundraising campaign with their ideas, easy interface, and products.

Software Pricing

Check out ABC Fundraising’s free information kit for pricing and steps to get started with their software.

Bonfire virtual fundraising software


Bonfire specializes in customized apparel for nonprofit and individual fundraisers. When you sell your organization’s apparel with Bonfire, you’re given a fundraising page to raise money for your organization and get new donors involved with a gift in return for their generosity.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Here’s what you benefit from with a Bonfire campaign:

  • Custom branded products
  • No wasted inventory
  • Free fundraising pages

Take advantage of this unique fundraising platform to raise awareness for your organization and collect revenue from supporters worldwide.

Software Pricing

Bonfire eliminates up-front costs and wasted inventory for nonprofits, with only an 8% fee from donations upon checkout. Try out their pricing calculator for the most accurate estimate.

Other Top Virtual Fundraising Software Picks

Other Top Virtual Fundraising Software Picks

Finally, check out some of the most highly recommended platform options for nonprofits.

Double the Donation virtual fundraising software

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is a convenient and effective matching gift fundraising software. This tool provides matching gift options to donors and increases awareness surrounding corporate matching gifts. This action simplifies the matching gift request process and raises more for your fundraising efforts.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

Double the Donation’s comprehensive database provides:

  • Embeddable software on donation forms
  • An ever-growing resource of eligible companies
  • Robust analytics

With these features, you can raise more than ever before with more options for receiving funds from companies and donors.

Software Pricing

Their price is $299/year for access to a matching gift database that can help raise multiple times that amount with minimal effort. Plus, you can try out their software risk-free for 14 days!

GivingMail virtual fundraising software


GivingMail is an excellent online fundraising option for organizations with direct mail strategies. This tool takes the guesswork out of leveraging direct mail as a part of your campaign. By using this software, your team can actually save money on supplies and redirect focus to other fundraising efforts rather than dedicating a ton of time and effort to direct mail.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

GivingMail offers:

  • Multiple options for direct mail packages
  • Package design creation and editing options
  • Printing and mailing capacities

With these features, you’ll be sending effective mail to bolster your donor relations in no time.

Software Pricing

The price for GivingMail’s services depends on the package. Their prices are as low as $1.00 per piece, including postage fees.

DonorSearch virtual fundraising software


DonorSearch offers a powerful prospect research tool that simplifies the fundraising process. By helping you find exactly who to target with individualized prospect research, you’ll have a better understanding of how to distribute your time and marketing efforts effectively. With wealth screening and proven philanthropy data, DonorSearch will give you the most accurate view possible and reduce the need for manual research.

Key Virtual Fundraising Software Features

The prospect research tool provides:

  • Pertinent contact information for streamlining donor acquisition
  • Donor philanthropic history
  • Targeted marketing capabilities

Don’t waste time that you could spend fundraising on searching high and low for new donors. DonorSearch has you covered with the ability and affinity to give.

Software Pricing

Donorsearch’s main services are contracted. A condensed version of the prospect research tool, called DS Giving, is free and an excellent introduction to their product.

Wrapping Up

With the right virtual fundraising software for your organization’s needs, your team can build strong relationships with supporters and maximize fundraising efforts to push your mission forward. Refer to this resource for insights and details to help guide your software buying determinations.

Regardless of which virtual fundraising software you adopt, your new tools will help you raise more from your supporters and set your organization up for long-term success.

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