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Top 10+ Blackbaud Partners Nonprofits Need to Know

Need to find some great Blackbaud partners for your nonprofit? Look no further.

In the nonprofit world, the name “Blackbaud” certainly rings bells for almost any fundraising or donor management professional.

If your organization makes use of Blackbaud software and integrations to manage your fundraising campaigns and supporter engagement efforts, you’re in good company. Many mid-sized to enterprise level organizations have used the Blackbaud product family to drive their missions further, and their technology isn’t lessening in popularity any time soon.

However, just because you’re using Blackbaud software doesn’t mean you’re using them in the most effective way. To truly capitalize on these products, you’ll need more than just an out-of-the-box solution; you’ll need a diverse array of Blackbaud partners to support you! 

The importance of a complete nonprofit technology system can’t be understated, which is why we’ve put together a list of 10 Blackbaud partners that can push your strategy to a whole new plane.

  1. Snowball — Top Blackbaud Partner for Nonprofit Security Solutions
  2. DNL OmniMedia — Top Blackbaud Partner for Nonprofit Technology Consulting
  3. Double the Donation — Top Blackbaud Partner for Matching Gift Opportunities
  4. Goodshop — Top Blackbaud Partner for eCommerce Fundraising
  5. Meredith-Webb Printing Company — Top Blackbaud Partner for Direct Mail
  6. Worldplay — Top Blackbaud Partner for Online Videos
  7. Unicorn HRO — Top Blackbaud Partner for Human Resources
  8. Studyo — Top Blackbaud Partner for School Project Management
  9. BoardMax — Top Blackbaud Partner for Board Management
  10. SJ Consulting LLC — Top Blackbaud Partner for Web Design
  11. ProHero — Top Blackbaud Partner for Spokesperson Engagement

Let’s get started to find out which partners could be best for you!


1. Snowball — Top Blackbaud Partner for Nonprofit Security Solutions

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

You may know Snowball (formerly @Pay) as a leading force in the online and mobile giving sphere, but did you know about our other nonprofit solutions, including best-in-class security innovations?

Snowball offers next-level security-authentication services to ensure risk-free fundraising for all nonprofits. 

Through passwordless login and unique two-step verification, nonprofits relying on Snowball can keep their donors’ information secure without any extra hassle. In fact, these systems won’t just increase security; they’ll also increase efficiency for your supporters during the giving process!

Even better, Snowball partners with Blackbaud so that you can be sure all of the data you collect during the giving process is automatically (securely) transferred into your CRM.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

In addition to Snowball’s fundraising suite, your nonprofit will have access to security solutions including:

  • User-friendly password-free login system
  • Text message dual factor authentication
  • Single-sign on authentication
  • Token-based authentication

With Snowball’s Blackbaud integration, your staff can count on top-notch security, a convenient donation process, and seamless data capture using your existing software.




2. DNL OmniMedia — Top Blackbaud Partner for Nonprofit Technology Consulting

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

For a comprehensive approach to your software, your nonprofit should partner with a technology consulting firm who can assess your current operations and help you develop smarter strategies for using software to your advantage. Even better, find a tech strategy consulting partner specifically trained in Blackbaud’s suite of products!

If that sounds like a service your nonprofit is in need of, DNL OmniMedia can help! As a longtime Blackbaud partner (and the 2016 Solution Provider of the Year), Team DNL has years of experience helping nonprofits assess their strategies and develop custom solutions to meet their goals.

And since DNL OmniMedia understands that every organization is different, they take a client-focused approach to every project they take on. When partnering with their team, you’ll receive a completely customized suite of nonprofit technology services that are developed to align with your unique needs.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

DNL OmniMedia works to extend your Blackbaud solutions through a dynamic consulting experience that includes:

  • Technical strategy
  • Custom Blackbaud configurations and development
  • Data migration and maintenance
  • Analytics and reporting

Plus, DNL offers custom products built for the Blackbaud Luminate Online suite. Their specialized tools can help you enhance your advocacy efforts, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, and online giving interface.



3. Double the Donation — Top Blackbaud Partner for Matching Gift Opportunities

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

Any nonprofit participating in the fundraising process can take advantage of matching gift opportunities. However, searching for matching gifts can quickly become a frustrating and inefficient process. This is why your nonprofit should use Double the Donation.

Double the Donation can streamline the matching-gift search and maximize your nonprofit’s fundraising results. This means less effort for your fundraisers and larger contributions to your campaign.

Double the Donation has the ability to integrate its services with your webpage, so that donors themselves can check if their employer offers matching gift opportunities. This saves you countless hours of research on prospective supporters.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

Using Double the Donation involves a few simple steps:

1. Your nonprofit shares the database on your website or fundraising forms.

2. Donors enter their employer’s name to determine matching gift eligibility.

3. If donors find that their employers do have matching gift eligibility, they can then research their company’s matching gift policy.

4. The donor gives a matching gift and your nonprofit starts to see results.

These are just a few ways to taking advantage of matching gift research.

Not to mention that through a variety of solutions, Double the Donation can optimize the potential your fundraising process with such features as:

  • Three amazing product plans
  • Website integration
  • Embedded plugins
  • Marketing catalog access

Help your fundraising campaign reach its fullest potential. Use Double the Donation and its high-grade service to achieve the results you need for your matching gift strategies today.




4. Goodshop — Top Blackbaud Partner for eCommerce Fundraising

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

Looking for a unique, easy way to raise more money for your nonprofit? Try working with Goodshop!

This Blackbaud partner provides a new method of charitable giving through online shopping. Once your nonprofit has registered your cause with Goodshop, supporters can choose to donate a portion of any online purchase they make to your organization.

With Goodshop, there’s no extra work for you or your donors. Their model is so simple and successful, Goodshop has raised over $11 million so far!

Key Services of This Blackbaud Partner

In addition to their core service, Goodshop helps your nonprofit raise money through:

  • Their coupon-finding browser extension, Gumdrop
  • Their “shopfunding” site, Goodshop Give
  • Their search engine, Goodsearch

And your donors don’t have to worry—there’s absolutely no cost to them for using any of Goodshop’s platforms. Because Goodsearch receives funding through their retailer partnerships and advertisements, the additional donations are really just that: free money for your cause!




5. Meredith-Webb Printing Company — Top Blackbaud Partner for Direct Mail

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

For over 60 years, Meredith-Webb has grown as a leader in the printing industry. They pride themselves on using competitive technologies to provide their customers with a high-quality printing experience, so it makes sense they would partner with Blackbaud to deliver amazing services to nonprofits, too.

In particular, Meredith-Webb can help your nonprofit develop and send professional-grade direct mail at a reliably low rate.  

Meredith-Webb is also committed to sustainable practices and prioritizing eco-friendly paper options, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing any of your nonprofit’s values in order to get a great deal on your direct mail needs!

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

You can use Meredith-Webb for all of your printing needs, including:

  • Marketing materials
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Lithographic labels
  • Packaging

Located in North Carolina, Meredith-Webb provides these services all across the United States.




6. Worldplay — Top Blackbaud Partner for Online Videos

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

Built to drive engagement and revenue through the power of video, the Blackbaud technology partner Worldplay gives nonprofits access to a professional set of video management tools. Their all-in-one platform can empower your organization to create your own online video library that’s fully branded and well-stocked with your original content.

You can build a video platform that’s unique to your goals. Whether that’s charging viewers a monthly membership fee or broadcasting live events, with Worldplay, you can do it all. 

The best part is that you’ll maintain full control of all of your content rather than outsourcing video management to a third-party platform.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

Wordplay provides everything you need to manage your videos in your own way. For instance, you can:

  • Upload and organize content using playlists, seasons, and custom categories
  • Restrict viewing based on user groups, memberships, and passwords
  • Monetize your video content
  • Build custom content reports

If you need help making the most of Worldplay, don’t worry. Their video specialists can help with anything you need!




7. Unicorn HRO — Top Blackbaud Partner for Human Resources

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

With features to help your organization manage your employee relationships from recruitment through retirement, Unicorn HRO can be your end-to-end human resources management system.

Unicorn HRO provides an integrated solution for all of your business processes, including human resources, benefits administration, and payroll. That way, every member of your team can use a streamlined solution to stay on top of the tasks that are important to their role.

Plus, Unicorn HRO offers a user-friendly employee portal to give your nonprofit staff the power they need to manage their paychecks, PTO and leave time, and employee profiles.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

The Unicorn HRO suite includes a wide range of human resources management features, including:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Performance appraisals
  • Education and skills tracking
  • Workflow automation

Although Unicorn HRO’s platform wasn’t built specifically for nonprofits, their solutions are flexible enough that any organization can configure a management system that fits their unique needs.




8. Studyo — Top Blackbaud Partner for School Project Management

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

Designed for smarter project management for both students and educators, Studyo makes managing schedules and projects a breeze.

Studyo’s planner tool helps teachers more efficiently develop lessons and assign tasks, while students can use the simple mobile or web app to track their schedules and make more active decisions regarding their school responsibilities.

With Studyo, students, teachers, and parents have access to a comprehensive view of the student’s schedule, calendar, assignments, and exams all in one centralized place. And because no two schools function the same, Studyo lets educators design an interface that fully matches their model, from class period times to course layouts.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

Studyo’s app gives you access to all of the following features:

  • Drag and drop lesson planning
  • Centralized configuration across school departments
  • Parent accounts with weekly progress reports
  • Cross-school communications

Studyo seeks to provide a more harmonious education experience for everyone involved. When all of your teachers, administration, students, and parents are on the same page, your school is bound to see greater organization on every level.




9. BoardMax — Top Blackbaud Partner for Board Management

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

For nonprofits, your board can have a major impact on your fundraising and outreach strategies. If you’re looking to develop more effective board management and engagement, try implementing BoardMax, a specialized solution for streamlined board activities.

BoardMax has tools for every role within the board management process. Administrative assistants can use these tools to manage board materials and centralize schedules, while executives can use the system to get a complete picture of your board’s goals and impact.

And of course, your board members themselves can leverage BoardMax’s board portal to track meetings, action items, documents, and much more!

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

BoardMax can help you develop more focused board strategies with features like:

  • Meeting management
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Document hosting
  • Board member task management

By keeping all of your board management activities and documents in one accessible location, you’ll make it much easier for everyone on your team to complete their necessary tasks and succeed in their roles.



10. SJ Consulting LLC — Top Blackbaud Partner for Web Design

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

A digital strategy firm dedicated to developing your nonprofit’s online efforts, SJ Consulting offers web development and online marketing solutions for organizations looking to kick their digital presence up a notch.

SJ Consulting works with a variety of popular content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Luminate CMS, and custom platforms, to build out nonprofit websites that are optimized for success. Their team of designers and coders can ensure that all of your systems work together for one complete online fundraising and marketing system.

Their consultants can also help you guarantee that your web presence contributes to your overall strategic goals, too, including increased donations or broadened awareness for your cause.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

SJ Consulting takes a holistic approach to your web presence. Along with building a strategic website, this firm can help you with:

  • Online giving programs
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Web analytics

On top of their nonprofit engagements, SJ Consulting also offers free monthly webinars on relevant topics in the nonprofit online marketing sector.




11. ProHero — Top Blackbaud Partner for Spokesperson Engagement

This Blackbaud Partner at a Glance

Imagine how much exposure your nonprofit could gain if you partnered with a like-minded celebrity, public figure, or influencer. With ProHero, you don’t have to imagine it—you can make it happen!

ProHero is a Blackbaud technology partner that connects nonprofits with notable individuals who can further their fundraising and advocacy campaigns. 

Nonprofits can sign up with ProHero (for free!) to receive the opportunity to connect with celebrities and athletes. You can make direct proposals to high-profile figures who might have an interest in your cause and receive endless benefits, including free marketing and donations.

Key Features of This Blackbaud Partner

ProHero’s unique services allow your team to propose an engagement with the spokesperson of your choice. For instance, you can receive:

  • Promotional support
  • Event attendence
  • Online or in-person auction items
  • Speaking engagements

Once you’ve found a spokesperson who wants to support your cause, the options for your engagement are endless. How could a charitable celebrity help your cause? Find out with ProHero!



With the right Blackbaud partners on hand, your nonprofit will have all the resources you need to raise money and impact your cause.

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