Event Fundraising Software: Top 10 Tools You Have to Know

Check out these top 9 event fundraising software tools your nonprofit has to know.

Fundraising events are quite often both hectic and important times for nonprofits. Whether it be a marathon or a charity gala, your fundraiser is essential to bringing in donations and making genuine bonds with donors.

There’s a lot that goes into any fundraiser; we know that fundraising event planning is stressful. But don’t worry, you don’t have to bear the administrative load alone! Event fundraising software can help your organization make your event the best it can possibly be.

For details like volunteers, seating arrangements, and more, we’ve picked out our top 9 event fundraising software tools you need to check out:

  1. Snowball
  2. Double the Donation
  3. OneCause
  4. Handbid
  5. Salsa
  6. Qgiv
  7. Fundly CRM
  8. Fonteva
  9. DonorSearch
  10. Hootsuite

If you’re ready to host your most stellar fundraising event with the help of an innovative event fundraising software, let’s dive in!

1. Snowball

Event Fundraising Software Overview

While we’re not strictly an event fundraising software, our fundraising solution can help your nonprofit keep your event under control and running according to plan with our easy donation process.

We know that just about all of your supporters own smartphones and carry them with them religiously, so we help your nonprofit capitalize on your donors’ favorite piece of technology at events through the donation process, using text giving or mobile donation forms! 

Our software is protected with heavy security measures, like tokenization, PCI compliance, and passwordless logins.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

For our event software, you should use it right in the middle of the event. If you have a speaker, ask them to make a call for donations and instruct people to give using their phones. If you don’t have a speaker, simply make sure you have signs promoting mobile giving, as well as staff promoting the process as they walk around the event.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Our fundraising platform makes it easier to receive your donations even faster and it’s even a new, popular way to connect with donors! But our favorite features include:

  • Online donation forms
  • Transaction and donor data
  • 2-step text-to-give process
  • Unlimited admin access and accounts
  • Recurring gift options

We revolutionize the donation process by bringing simplistic and convenient giving to your donors at your events and all the time.

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

We offer 3 packages so your organization can find the right features:

  • Snowball Basic is free! The only charges you’ll see are a 2.9% and 30ďż per transaction fee.
  • Snowball Premium runs at $399 a year, on top of the 2.9% and 30ďż per transaction fee.
  • Snowball Enterprise is available for the largest nonprofits with high demands. Contact Snowball for a quote on Enterprise.

2. Double the Donation

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Double the Donation, while not strictly an event fundraising software solution, can most definitely make your events more successful with their matching gift tools!

With Double the Donation’s matching gift tools, your organization can help donors decipher their matching gift eligibility during the donation process! Their tool lets your supporters search their employers within a database so discover if they can double the contributions.

Double the Donation’s matching gift tools can be integrated into your event registration forms and promoted at your fundraising events.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

After the event is over and you’ve received donations, make sure to send out communications and reminders to donors to get their gifts matched and that you include the Double the Donation tool. You can even make follow up calls to high-potential donors.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Because matching gifts programs are often forgotten about or overlooked, your biggest challenge will be promoting! Luckily, Double the Donation helps your organization promote:

  • During the donation process
  • At fundraising events
  • Across your communications
  • Across your website

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Double the Donation offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $299/year
  • Premium Plan: $499/year
  • 360MatchPro: $3,000/year

3. OneCause

Event Fundraising Software Overview

OneCause knows that fundraising events can be challenging and exhausting even if you’ve held dozens of events before! Their event fundraising software solutions are designed to help newbies and event veterans.

The OneCause mission is to ease the administrative burden nonprofits find themselves in when hosting fundraising events and campaigns. Their software’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface makes it the ultimate management tool for any event.

With their solutions, you’ll be able to promote your event via social media and create brand awareness while recognizing donors and sponsors.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

The short answer is your going to be using this event fundraising software throughout the whole experience, since OneCause has solutions for fundraising events from start to finish. OneCause’s software is going to be particularly helpful when it comes to charity auctions, so keep that in mind.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

We adore OneCause because they can manage it all! And we when say all, we really mean it. They’ll have your event covered from beginning to finish, as they handle:

  • Overall event management
  • Ticketing
  • Registration and checkout
  • Payments
  • Reporting and analytics

What more could you ask for?

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

OneCause knows that no two nonprofits are the same so one package option won’t fit all! They make multiple packages sure to fit any event. Contact OneCause for pricing on their event fundraising software solutions.

4. Handbid

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Handbid understands that nonprofit fundraising can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to reach today’s on-the-go supporters. That’s why they supply user-friendly and mobile-accessible auction software that’s built specifically for nonprofits.

Handbid’s core mission is to help nonprofits of all sizes to adopt powerful yet easy-to-use fundraising tools. That’s why they’re able to meet the needs of organizations ranging from small teams with limited resources to enterprise-level nonprofits that are already pulling in hundreds of millions in revenue.

From check-in to check-out, your team can virtually handle your entire event without wasting any time (or breaking the bank). Handbid allows you to set up your auction, process invoices, generate insightful reports, and much more — all within a matter of minutes.

Beyond online auctions, you can expand your digital engagement opportunities with intuitive crowdfunding tools, peer-to-peer tools, and text-to-give to maximize donations.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

Handbid enables your team to seamlessly host social fundraisers and pull off lucrative virtual auctions. Whether you’re hosting a virtual campaign or an in-person event, Handbid comes equipped with the necessary tools for boosting donor engagement.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Handbid has you covered from the initial planning stages to payment processing, so you can maximize supporter engagement with ease. Reach your donors anywhere with outstanding features like:

  • A mobile bidding app and bidding website
  • In-app live streaming
  • Real-time text and push notifications
  • Registration management
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Insightful reports
  • Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising tools
  • Text-to-give benefits

These core features will take your online fundraising to the next level!

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Handbid offers a range of packages that suit any budget. Take a look at their pricing page for up-to-date costs.

5. Salsa

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Salsa provides excellent solutions to help your organization with every type of fundraising event. Their strategy will help you boost your organization’s staff efficiency while strengthening donor relationships and improving fundraising across multiple channels.

With Salsa, engaging your donors is a piece of cake. Between beautifully branded forms and fundraising appeals that are all optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop, your donors won’t be able to say no!

In addition, your fundraising page will be incredibly flexible all while giving your donors an easy way to contribute. This way, if they show up without cash or check, they can still donate through your online donation form!

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

This software will be particularly helpful if you’re focusing on gathering donor data from the event, since Salsa’s event planning technology feeds into the CRM.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Salsa’s software gives your organization tons of incredible features like:

  • Customizable event registration pages
  • Built-in fundraising coaching
  • Fundraising dashboard
  • Online donation forms

And those are just a few!

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Contact Salsa today for a quote on their event fundraising tools for nonprofits!


6. Qgiv

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Qgiv lives by the slogan, “easy to start and easy to grow,” and with a simple signup process and an intuitive interface for constructing donation pages, your organization will love their solutions.

Qgiv knows your events are only successful if your donors are happy (and giving!), so they focus on making your donors feel like a key component to your organization (because they are!).

With gorgeous donation forms, genuine thank-you’s and receipts, and opportunities for engagement, your supporters will never want to stop supporting your nonprofit. Plus, when you make the donation process as easy as Qgiv can, your supporters really won’t be able to say no.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

Qgiv’s software is perfect for simple events and sign ups.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Qgiv rarely limits your organization because they want to see you grow and succeed! Check out these features:

  • Unlimited donation forms
  • Unlimited simple events
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited training
  • Unlimited live support

With Qgiv, your organization doesn’t have restrictions!

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Qgiv offers 4 different packages so your organization can find exactly what you need! Their pricing is as follows:

  • Start: $0/month, 3.95% + 30ďż  per transaction
  • Grow: $49/month, 3.95% + 30ďż  per transaction
  • Engage: $199/month, 3.95% + 30ďż  per transaction
  • Impact: Contact for rates


7. Fundly CRM

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Fundly CRM strives to understand your nonprofit’s mission from front to back and side to side. They’ll help you improve fundraising and communication with compelling storytelling.

Fundly CRM lets you simplify event planning with effective project management! Plus, you’ll be able to configure custom registration forms and sell other items with your registration sign ups.

Their event management tools even go as in depth as scheduling the venue, recording the directions, and managing the host’s details. You’ll be able to customize different tickets and email all receipts!

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

The Fundly event software can be used for a multitude of events and fundraisers, which is great! Plus, you can incorporate a peer-to-peer campaign in the event lead-up using the Fundly crowdfunding platform. There are tons of fundraisers that pair well with Fundly’s event tools including: product sales, classes, walkathons, themed nights, and auctions.

For more event fundraising ideas that pair well with Fundly’s software, check out this resource.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Fundly CRM offers nonprofits a comprehensive software solution that includes features like:

  • Cross-event dashboard
  • Online event registration donations
  • Registration fees
  • Custom registration forms
  • Event expenses log

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Fundly CRM offers 5 different packages and their pricing is as follows:

  • Easy Launch: $60/month
  • Easy Start: $120/month
  • Easy Grow: $240/month
  • Easy Go: $360/month
  • Easy Pro: $600/month


8. Fonteva

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Fonteva Events is the perfect solution for nonprofits already using Salesforce. Because it was built in Salesforce, Fonteva Events seamlessly integrates with your CRM. However, it can only be used in conjunction with Salesforce.

Fonteva Events can handle any type of event from multi-day, multi-session events to a simple, 2-hour event. They offer nonprofits easy event set up with registration flows and speaker, sponsor, vendor, and venue management, too!

Plus, with Fonteva Events, there’s no software to install and you get three free upgrades a year.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

Fonteva is the ideal option if your organization uses Salesforce.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

Fonteva offers incredible event fundraising features, like the following:

  • Attendee management
  • Advanced registration
  • Event marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Reports and dashboards

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Contact Fonteva for a quote on their event fundraising software!

9. DonorSearch

Event Fundraising Software Overview

DonorSearch is a great solution for every nonprofit and while not a fundraising event software, it can be (and should be!) used in conjunction with your organization’s upcoming fundraising events.

DonorSearch’s Integrated Search allows for thorough reports for your disposal! Simple enter information that identifies a prospect, and their Integrated Search will generate a comprehensive report that details your prospect’s important wealth and philanthropic information, including income, real estate, stock ownership, and more.

Plus, with DonorSearch, you’ll be able to make note of your donors’ previous gifts to other organizations and analyze giving patterns.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

It’s best to perform a prospect screening of your event RSVPs before the event if you plan on there being lots of opportunity for one-on-one interaction. If you think your event is likely to bring in a large group of new prospects, you should definitely screen after the event and let the results guide your stewardship and follow up.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

DonorSearch’s ProspectView Online provides you with incredible information, like:

  • Wealth information that shows ability to give
  • Philanthropic activity that shows past giving, including year, amount, type, recipient and other data
  • Nonprofit affiliations

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Contact DonorSearch for a quote on their prospect research tools that can help you at your next fundraising event!


10. HootSuite

Event Fundraising Software Overview

HootSuite helps your organization with social media management in order to enhance your events! Their software helps you reach more supporters with a smarter and quicker strategy.

Their solution offers one central dashboard that you can manage all your of social media accounts from! You’ll be able to load in and schedule content to meet your marketing needs.

With HootSuite’s reporting, you’ll even be able to track your return on investments. Their up-to-date analytics let you find trends and implement new strategies to improve on your social media usage.

When to Use This Event Fundraising Software

HootSuite is a great tool to employ during the lead up to your event! You can manage your social media better and drive promotion of the fundraiser.

Why We Love this Fundraising Event Software

HootSuite allows you to brand your organization on your social media platforms quickly and with ease! They offer you the following features to get your social media profiles on top of their game:

  • Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Team management
  • Security
  • Content Curation
  • Monitoring
  • Contests
  • Apps and integrations

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

HootSuite offers a free 30-day trial! When you’re done with that and want to subscribe for a package, they offer 4 great plans:

  • Professional: $19/month
  • Team: $99/month
  • Business: $499/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote


Now that you have the top 9 tools for event fundraising, there’s no way you won’t hold an amazing fundraising event for your nonprofit! With all this knowledge, your execution will lead to success. Happy fundraising!

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