Nonprofit Software: Ultimate Guide + 10 Powerful Solutions

With the right tools, you can raise awareness for your mission, increase your fundraising revenue, and manage your constituents— all while staying organized and on budget.
Nonprofit software is the key to managing and growing your organization. Learn about the top software providers that can help drive your mission forward.

Nonprofit software exists to help manage and grow organizations just like yours. With the right tools, you can raise awareness for your mission, increase your fundraising revenue, and manage your constituents— all while staying organized and on budget. 

There are plenty of high-quality and affordable solutions that deserve your attention. In this guide, we’ll help you find the right software for your nonprofit with information like: 

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Nonprofit Software FAQs

Nonprofit Software FAQs 

Review these common questions to discover what nonprofit software is

and how it can support your organization. With this foundational knowledge, your

software search should be a breeze!

What is nonprofit software?

Nonprofit software refers to any technology that helps organizations facilitate, track, and oversee their day-to-day operations. The primary reason that nonprofits invest in digital solutions is to maximize their potential in several areas, including fundraising, donor management, and event planning. 

Why is nonprofit software important?

Manual, paper-based processes are outdated and inefficient. That’s why nonprofits of all sizes can benefit from adding nonprofit software to their toolkits. Whether you need an event planning package or a productivity suite, nonprofit software can help: 

  • Improve decision-making: Most nonprofit software tools do the heavy lifting with data analysis so that you can make better decisions faster.
  • Cultivate relationships: From personalizing solicitations to keeping notes on donor activity, the best nonprofit software has tools for managing your supporter relationships. 
  • Streamline operations: Nonprofit software excels at automating tasks and reducing the need to switch between platforms to store, track, and report information. 

With nonprofit software, you can put your best foot forward towards accomplishing your mission.

What are the different types of nonprofit software?

There are several different types of software that can accommodate your nonprofit’s every need. These solutions generally fall into three categories which include: 

  • Fundraising software: Fundraising software makes giving easy by tracking donor relations, accepting donations online, and building campaigns. 
  • Marketing software: Marketing software helps nonprofit maintain and grow their supporter lists with personalized, automated outreach. 
  • Donor management software: Donor or consumer management software (CMS) is a database that stores, tracks, and analyzes your relationships with donors.

Whether you need fundraising support or a more comprehensive solution, the key is to choose tools that make your operations run smoothly, so you can focus on developing relationships and making an impact. 

Best Nonprofit Software: 9 Providers

Best Nonprofit Software: 10 Providers

If you’re having a hard time finding the right solution for your organization, review our list of best nonprofit software providers for inspiration:

Snowball - Best Online Giving Platform for All-in-One Fundraising

Best Nonprofit Software for All-in-One Fundraising – Snowball

Nonprofit Software Overview 

Snowball is a comprehensive fundraising platform that helps nonprofits raise more. Our suite of innovative features allow you to customize campaigns, host auctions, and collect donations all from one platform. One standout feature is our Text-to-Give service which brings powerful nonprofit fundraising right to your supporters’ mobile devices. Receive donations anytime, anywhere with less user error.

Plus, with our built-in donation management tools, you can collect, manage, and update key information about your donors to more effectively secure their support. 

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

Snowball offers a tiered pricing system, so you can choose a plan that’s cost-effective and right for your organization. Start fundraising for free with an Essential plan or take full advantage of Snowball’s Professional tier for unlimited access to auctions, email blasts, and after-hours support. 

Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Management - Bloomerang

Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Management – Bloomerang

Nonprofit Software Overview 

Bloomerang is a donor database software perfect for nonprofits of all sizes. Store and leverage your donor information to retain donors, find new prospects, and view donor engagement statistics. This practice helps manage your donor relationships, leading to recurring giving and consistent support.

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

Bloomerang offers a fairly wide range of pricing options based on your needs. For organizations that need fewer than 1,000 donor records, the price is just $99/month. If you’re a brand new nonprofit just getting started with donor management, Bloomerang even offers a free version to help you get on your feet.

Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Engagement - CharityEngine

Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Engagement – CharityEngine

Nonprofit Software Overview

CharityEngine is a CRM solution that automatically tracks and stores donor engagement information, including correspondences, visits to your website, donations given through donation platforms, involvement with advocacy campaigns, and more. This helps you redefine the donor journey and build relationships with vital supporters. 

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

When you invest in CharityEngine, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager and implementation team to help get you started. Contact CharityEngine about their pricing plan. 

Best Nonprofit Software for Website Building - Morweb

Best Nonprofit Software for Website Building – Morweb

Nonprofit Software Overview 

A strong online presence is the key to increasing your brand visibility and raising your cause. That’s why Morweb provides nonprofits with the tools, support, and web design needed to thrive online. With their easy drag-and-drop style design capabilities, your team can create custom pages that drive traffic in no time. 

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

Morweb provides crucial tools such as donation forms, CRM integrations, and consulting services to those interested, starting at only $99/month. Plus, if you already have a site and want to upgrade to Morweb, their web design agency team will help you migrate all of your existing content and data over safely.


Best Nonprofit Software for Matching Gifts – 360MatchPro

Nonprofit Software Overview 

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is a matching gift automation software. This tool is perfect for large nonprofits and educational facilities wanting to get the most out of their matching gift revenue. If your organization retains $25,000 or more each year in matching gifts, 360MatchPro will automate the match process.

With this tool, you’ll never miss out on another matched donation again. Once someone donates, 360MatchPro uses their entered data (such as an email domain or employer details) to determine their eligibility for a match. 

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

360MatchPro’s software is simple to set up and configure to your organization’s current software. Contact their team to find out which pricing plan is right for you.

Best Nonprofit Software for Event Planning - Regpack

Best Nonprofit Software for Event Planning – Regpack

Nonprofit Software Overview 

Regpack is an online registration software for event planning. This platform offers key features such as embeddable registration forms, group registration options, scheduling and check-in tools, and online payment processors. Additionally, you can streamline communication with registrants through automated messaging tools and extract useful insights from data reporting and analytics.

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

Starting at $125/month, Regpack is a powerful tool that can help grow your nonprofit. Schedule a demo with their team to see how the platform supports your goals. 

Best Nonprofit Software for Productivity - Boardable

Best Nonprofit Software for Productivity – Boardable

Nonprofit Software Overview 

Boardable ensures your board of directors are connected and working in tandem. With Boardable’s tools like an agenda builder, a meeting center, document storage, task manager, goal tracking and reporting, voting capabilities, and more, your team can productively work towards your fundraising goals and push your mission forward.

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

If you’re deciding between software packages, try out a free trial of Boardable. Then, once you’re ready to buy, choose a pricing plan that fits your budget.

Best Nonprofit Software for Volunteer Management - Mobilize

Best Nonprofit Software for Volunteer Management – Mobilize

Nonprofit Software Overview 

Mobilize is an effective volunteer recruitment and management platform for both in-person and virtual events. With this tool, your event team can use their robust data reporting features and streamline volunteer recruitment. Plus, their peer-to-peer recruitment tools make it easy for organizations to grow their supporter bases.

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

To get started, visit Mobilize’s site for a free demo. Or try out their services with a limited starter account. This allows your team to host five events and collect up to 500 petition signatures. 

Best Nonprofit Software for Finances - File990

Best Nonprofit Software for Finances – File990

Nonprofit Software Overview 

File 990 is a top choice for nonprofit tax filing software because it’s designed to help you get your Form 990 completed before the annual deadline. This helps nonprofits maintain tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3). For smaller nonprofits just getting started, having some guidance and structure around the 990 filing process is a smart idea. 

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

With File 990, you don’t pay until you are ready to submit your return to the IRS. Plus, their prices are 30-90% less than most professional accounting services.

Best Nonprofit Software for Impact Measurement - SureImpact

Best Nonprofit Software for Finances – SureImpact

Nonprofit Software Overview 

Understanding how your organization’s programs and services affect the communities you serve is essential to fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission. SureImpact’s impact measurement tools empower nonprofits to assess the efficacy of their work and demonstrate their value to funders, ensuring their ongoing support.

With a user-friendly interface, SureImpact makes information easily accessible to nonprofit staff, leadership, and funders. Nonprofit professionals can use impact data to improve their offerings. By providing data directly to stakeholders, SureImpact allows nonprofits to show that they are delivering tangible results.

How to Get Started with This Nonprofit Software

Visit the SureImpact website to learn more about their nonprofit solutions, and schedule a demo for a comprehensive look at their platform.

Additional Resources for Nonprofit Software

Additional Resources for Nonprofit Software

Technology makes it possible to expand your nonprofit’s reach and better serve your community. To ensure you’re making the right choice, look for nonprofit software that integrates with your existing technology and has intuitive features so your team can get started with ease. In the end, you should have a comprehensive tech stack that helps you save time and raise more. 

For more information on nonprofit software, check out these additional resources:

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