25 Raffle Basket Ideas to Excite Donors and Raise More

Our 25 top raffle basket ideas include wine baskets, spa baskets, movie night baskets, and more. Read on to find the perfect ideas for your next raffle.
Our 25 top raffle basket ideas include wine baskets, spa baskets, movie night baskets, and more. Read on to find the perfect ideas for your next raffle.

Raffles, live auctions, and silent auctions are tried and true fundraisers that attract donors with exciting prizes and friendly competition. If you’ve decided to host one for your school or nonprofit, you’re already on the right track to raising funds while providing donors with an engaging experience. But to guarantee high event turnout, you need to entice people with your prizes. 

That’s where raffle baskets come in! Instead of offering one item per winning ticket or highest bid, why not offer a whole collection of items?

Raffle baskets are centered around a single cohesive theme. The items that make up the basket can be as inexpensive or high-profile as you like, depending on your organization’s budget and fundraising plan. The best raffle baskets will be targeted towards your organization’s audience of supporters, using any known preferences as a guide. 

We’ve compiled a list of our 25 best options, broken down into these categories:

  1. Popular Raffle Basket Ideas
  2. Unique Raffle Basket Ideas
  3. Cheap Raffle Basket Ideas
  4. Raffle Basket Ideas for Adults
  5. Raffle Basket Ideas for Schools


As we explore these ideas, keep in mind the resources you have at your disposal. If your organization has any relationships with local businesses, this is a great time to leverage those connections and ask them to donate items for the baskets. Now, let’s take a look at the ways you can get creative with these raffle basket ideas. 

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Whether your event is in-person, hybrid, or online, these popular raffle baskets will be in high demand.

Popular Raffle Basket Ideas

Whether your event is in-person, hybrid, or online, these popular raffle baskets will be in high demand. 

1. Wine basket

Fine wine is a staple of high-class fundraising events like galas. Bring a taste of elegance to your raffle or auction with a quality wine basket. 

Select a few bottles of wine or champagne to include in the basket, then add any other wine-related items you can procure. For example, include an electric corkscrew, wine glasses, or a guide to wine-tasting. If you partner with a local winery, you can include a personal tour and tasting, as well. 

2. Spa basket

Any supporter would love the chance to take a break from their busy lives and have a rejuvenating spa day. Gather everything you’d need for a relaxing spa day at home, including:

  • A nice robe
  • Bath bombs
  • Scented lotion
  • Candles
  • Clay or gel face masks
  • Relaxing essential oils
  • Nail supplies
  • Handmade soaps

For an added bonus, include a certificate for a massage package at a local spa. This could be for an individual or a couple, depending on which option you think your audience would prefer. 

3. Date night basket

Think of your perfect, all-expenses-paid date. What would you do? Where would you go? Let your imagination run wild to create the best date night basket for your raffle. You might even consider a themed date night, such as:

  • Downtown date: Include a reservation at a nice restaurant in your nearest city, plus a bottle of wine and a free night at a hotel. Or, include a pair of sought-after tickets to a concert or a broadway show. 
  • Amusement park date: This basket could include two tickets to your nearest theme park, along with snacks, a disposable camera, and a picnic blanket.

Any items that will help the winning donors create a romantic atmosphere belong in this basket.

4. Bake-off basket

With the rise in popularity of cooking and baking competition shows, this basket can be a hit for any family or group of friends. Provide baking supplies, such as rolling pins, cookie cutters, icing piping tools, aprons, etc. You can leave it open-ended or focus the supplies on one specific baked good. For example, if you’re hosting your auction around the holidays, you could focus the basket on holiday cookies. 

To encourage friendly competition, provide a separate basket with items of the opposite color so that supporters can easily create teams for their bake-off. 

5. Movie night basket

Movie nights are fun for all ages, and these popular baskets are a perfect low-budget option for your raffle. Pick up these items with a quick trip to the store:

  • Popcorn
  • Candy
  • DVDs or download codes for recent movies
  • An Amazon gift card to rent any movie of their choice
  • Soda, wine, or another fun drink

If you want to provide a keepsake as well, we suggest a novelty popcorn basket that the recipient can reuse any time they host a movie night. 

When you list these unique raffle baskets on your auction website catalog, you’ll easily capture the attention of donors..

Unique Raffle Basket Ideas

When you list these unique raffle baskets on your auction website catalog, you’ll easily capture the attention of donors.. 

6. Crafting basket

Crafting baskets offer supporters the chance to learn a new skill and create a handmade item that they can keep forever, all at no cost to them! 

Choose a specific craft to base the basket around, such as cross-stitching, crocheting, or, for younger audiences, friendship bracelet making. Then, provide all the supplies your winner will need to get started, including:

  • Yarn, thread, or fabric in multiple colors
  • Knitting needles or a cross-stitch hoop
  • Basic instructions or a how-to guide


To inspire additional donor engagement, ask the winner if they’ll share a photo of the finished project on social media and tag your organization. 


7. Gardening basket

If you’re hosting your raffle in the spring or if you know your audience includes avid gardeners, choose this unique raffle basket idea. Include gardening gloves, packets of seeds, shears, and a watering can. You can even add a gardening journal to keep track of watering schedules, plant growth, and information about each plant. 


8. Coffee shop hop

Let donors explore the city, support local coffee shops, and drink free coffee with this gift basket idea. For a fun twist on bar hops, provide an assortment of gift cards to local coffee shops, so that the winner of this raffle basket can try out all the coffee your city has to offer!

Along with the gift cards, include a few bags of coffee grounds from your local shops and some small merchandise, like stickers with their logo. If your organization doesn’t already have a relationship with local coffee shops, this is a great opportunity to give them promotion and added business in exchange for in-kind donations.


9. Pet supplies basket

Your supporter base likely includes pet lovers that would bid on a basket of quality pet supplies. Include items like:

  • Cat or dog toys
  • Treats
  • A pet blanket or bed
  • A colorful collar or bandana
  • Dog grooming certificate 


You can offer multiple baskets, one for dogs and one for cats, or you make one basket with supplies for both. 


10. Camping trip basket

For another unique option, create a raffle basket with everything you’d need for a weekend camping trip. This could include:


  • Camping supplies: Start with a lighter, fire starters, and flashlights. You can also add a sleeping bag or even a pop-up tent.
  • Outdoor basics: Bug spray, sunscreen, and water bottles are crucial for any camping trip. If you have water bottles branded to your nonprofit or school, make sure to include one.
  • S’mores ingredients: Don’t leave out this classic camping experience! Include basic graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows, or go with gourmet options. 


A camping trip basket can be targeted towards adults or be more family-friendly, depending on your audience. 

If your organization is running on a tight budget, try an inexpensive raffle basket idea.

Cheap Raffle Basket Ideas

If your organization is running on a tight budget, try an inexpensive raffle basket idea. There’s still plenty of room to get creative and attract donors with these low-cost options.


11. Local gift cards

A gift card basket is similar to the coffee shop hop basket we discussed earlier, but with more opportunity for variety. You can include gift cards to any local businesses or professionals that your organization has relationships with in this basket. 

Provide gift cards to restaurants, botanical gardens, cooking classes, art lessons, or anything else! Don’t forget to write thank you letters to each business or person who donates the gift cards.


12. Self-care basket

Think of a self-care basket as a spa basket on a budget. Include a variety of low-cost items that would help you take care of yourself on a restful day off, such as:

  • Tea
  • Warm socks
  • A candle with a calming scent
  • A basic journal and pens
  • Chocolates


To add another self-care element, create a set of affirmation cards to include in the basket. These cards could be printed, laminated, or handmade for a low-cost but personal touch.


13. Beach day basket

Beach day baskets are a cheap raffle basket idea that can still be very popular with bidders. Personalize the basket as much as you can to your organization’s area and any beaches near you, but include these basic elements:

  • Beach towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Sand castle molds and shovels
  • Blow-up beach balls
  • Sunglasses
  • Branded water bottles


If there are any attractions around your nearest beach, such as a lighthouse or a well-known seafood restaurant, you can include a gift card to round out the beach day.


14. Snack basket

Food or snack baskets of any kind can be cultivated inexpensively. If you have a vendor willing to donate a snack basket, however, that’s an even better option. 

These baskets can include a variety of snacks or be based on a specific theme. For example, fill a snack basket full of cheeses, fruits, and crackers, and the winner can create their own charcuterie board!


15. Holiday basket

Holiday baskets are incredibly adaptable—just choose an upcoming holiday, and gather any related items to fill the basket. Here are some easy and affordable examples:

  • Christmas basket: Small Christmas decorations, peppermints, hot chocolate mix, and Christmas tree ornaments are just a few possibilities. 
  • 4th of July basket: Include sparklers, red white and blue bandanas, and a picnic blanket. 
  • Earth Day basket: For a unique holiday basket, include a small plant, some seed packets, and gardening gloves. 


You can create a basket for any holiday that’s coming up soon, and donors will be interested. 

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If you know your audience prefers events that are more sophisticated than family-friendly, consider these raffle basket ideas for adults.

Raffle Basket Ideas for Adults

If you know your audience prefers events that are more sophisticated than family-friendly, consider these raffle basket ideas for adults. 

16. Liquor basket

Ask major donors to donate bottles of craft liquor to comprise this gift basket, then set your starting price for bids high. When you ask for in-kind donations for these bottles, you’ll likely get a varied selection to attract bidders. 

Add in glassware and a few other drink accessories, and you’ll create a very classy raffle basket. 


17. Travel basket

A travel basket is another high-value item that’s sure to be a highly sought-after prize for your attendees. There are a few different ways you can create a travel basket:

  1. Secure two travel tickets, reservations for accommodations, and a few gift cards or certificates to activities around the destination city to create a short, all-expenses-paid vacation.
  2. Provide travel magazines, a trip planning journal, and an appointment with a private travel agent so that the winners of the basket can design their own vacation.

If you choose the first option and you’re hosting a virtual auction, travel baskets can even be fully virtual.


18. Sports ticket basket

For your avid sports fans, combine tickets to local sporting events with merchandise from local teams. The better seats you can secure, the more bids you’ll get for this item. To modify this raffle basket for a school auction, provide tickets and merchandise for a high school sports team. Throw in a VIP parking spot at your school’s stadium to make this item even more popular. 

19. Cocktail basket

Some guests will find a cocktail basket even more exciting than a liquor basket, especially if you include quality drinkware that they can use for years to come. Include everything you need to craft cocktails, such as:

  • Cocktail shaker
  • A variety of ice cube trays
  • Strainer
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Recipe book
  • A bottle of liquor
  • Mixers

Just like the crafting basket, you can encourage the recipient of this basket to post their creations on social media and tag your organization to encourage further engagement. 

20. Grilling basket

Perfect for any dad or other grill-lover, the grilling basket will be a popular item if you’re hosting your auction around Father’s Day. Some ideas for this basket include:

  • Grilling supplies like tongs and a grill brush
  • An apron
  • Specialty seasonings
  • Beer
  • Recipes

Ask your staff or donors to contribute their best grilling recipes to make this basket more appealing. A collection of recipes from community members will feel more personal than a generic cookbook anyone could buy at the store. 

Raffles and silent auctions are classic fundraisers for schools, but you need new

Raffle Basket Ideas for Schools

Raffles and silent auctions are classic fundraisers for schools, but you need new prizes to excite parents year after year. With these raffle basket ideas for schools, plus thorough planning and helpful volunteers, you’ll host a raffle that supports students and is fun for the whole family. 


21. Family game night

Fill this basket with a variety of board games, or even video games, that the whole family can play together. Start with classics like Clue, Guess Who?, and Uno. Then branch out with more unique games to spice up this family game night basket. 


22. Book basket

Support students’ education and foster a love of reading by offering a book basket. You can get very creative with this basket, but consider these starting points:

  • Children’s books: You can create different book baskets based on grade or reading level, or provide books for a variety of ages in the same basket. 
  • Gift cards: Ask local bookstores to donate a few gift cards for a good cause—raising money for the school and inspiring kids to read more at home!
  • Reading accessories: Add in anything from fun bookmarks to a reading light kids can use to read before bed. 


Check with your school librarians to see which books have been the most popular with students recently. You can even give the winning student an entire book series in one basket!


23. Outdoor adventure basket

An outdoor adventure basket is essentially a children’s version of a camping raffle basket. You can include some of the same items, like sunscreen, bug spray, and water bottles with your school logo. 

Consider also including sweet granola bars, colorful carabiners, and a backpack. To get students excited to learn more about nature, include a book that gives kids a guide to the outdoors. 


24. Cookie decorating basket 

If your school is also selling cookie dough to raise money, a cookie decorating basket could be the perfect way to generate excitement for both fundraisers. Once families purchase their cookie dough, they’ll need decorating supplies! 

Fill a colorful basket full of these items:

  • A variety of flavors of icing
  • Cookie cutters in fun shapes
  • Sprinkles
  • Candy cane pieces


Add in a children’s cookbook to inspire further exploration in the kitchen.


25. Family road trip basket

Think of everything you’d need to occupy kids during a long family road trip. This basket could include car snacks, coloring books, and small games. You can also provide some children’s books about traveling or fun facts about nearby locations. For the parents, add in a few gift cards for gas and fast food restaurants that they can use on the road. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have plenty of unique raffle basket ideas, make sure you’re prepared to host the best possible fundraiser. 

The right tools can boost your organization’s fundraising potential by making the auction process easier for both organizers and donors. With Snowball, you’ll receive access to a comprehensive suite of fundraising tools and resources, including our auction software. Create unlimited custom silent auctions, use our Text-to-Bid functionality, and securely process payments through the platform.

Check out these additional resources for even more raffle and auction advice, and you’ll be well prepared to generate funds with your raffle baskets:

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