MarketingSherpa Case Study: @Pay Helps Nonprofit to Achieve 12.5 times Higher Revenue Than Industry Average

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Roadrunner Food Bank faces real-world challenges like many nonprofits. Its ultimate goal is not only to increase donations and expand its reach, but to ultimately stop hunger in New Mexico.

“Right now, New Mexico ranks No. 1 for child food hunger, and we’re tied for No. 4 for overall hunger,” Warwick explained.

Her challenge is big, and the team at Roadrunner is always seeking donations to help New Mexico’s neediest.

“Previously, we’d never thought to have the technological backend to support making a physical gift possible through email,” Warwick explained. “It allowed us not only to make an ask for the first time through our email campaign to make a gift, but it also is a good reminder in the sense of it helps build consistency and good reminders for our donor base.”

Since implementing the two-click solution, Roadrunner has seen that one out of three responders to Roadrunner’s fundraising emails donates via the solution, while the rest donate on the website.

Nearly half of all donations and half of all donation amounts from fundraising emails have come from the two-click solution.

Additionally, Roadrunner’s return on donation revenue per email is 12.5 times higher than the nonprofit industry average (as benchmarked by M+R and the Nonprofit Technology Network).

Roadrunner is also experiencing a response rate five times higher than the nonprofit industry average as well as a conversion rate (total number of successful donations divided by total donations attempted) of 57.8%, which is 2.6 times higher than the industry average of 22%.

For Warwick and the Roadrunner team, the biggest key to success in implementing the solution was finding a partner with prompt customer service.

“When it comes to customer service, I think, for me, that’s very important because I don’t have the time to go hunting people down,” Warwick said.

In 2015, Roadrunner is looking to revamp the site and add mobile responsive design to make the experience seamless on whatever device a potential donor is viewing it from. There is also a content overhaul planned in terms of rewriting site pages for SEO and including keywords for pieces.

The team will continue utilizing the two-click system for generating donations as well as ticket sales.

“I think nonprofits have a lot to learn from the for-profit sector, and so it’s great. @Pay really considers us a partner in this and help us make the product better because, definitely, with limited staff and limited resources, we couldn’t do it on our own,” Warwick concluded.

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To get involved with RoadRunner Food Bank click here. Please consider using their @Pay buttons to donate each month in two clicks and help fight hunger in New Mexico!


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