Free Nonprofit Software: 9 Outstanding Tools for Fundraising

Free Nonprofit Software: 9 Outstanding Tools for Fundraising

There’s a sea of software nonprofits can use to help manage their organizations, but what happens when the current drags you in too many directions?

Don’t worry, we’ve picked out 9 great software providers for nonprofits:

  1. Snowball
  2. Double the Donation
  3. Fundly
  4. Bonfire
  5. Edco
  6. Bloomerang
  7. Donately
  8. DonorSearch
  9. 360 MatchPro

Best of all? All these selections are totally free, meaning that anyone can get started with them! No financial investment required.

Read on to see which software will work best for your organization!

Snowball is the top free nonprofit software for fundraising.

Free Nonprofit Software #1: Snowball

Why we like it

We at Snowball realize how many people are on their smartphones and cater to them (and nonprofit donors!) with mobile giving options.

We let your nonprofit accept donations through your website, email buttons, and text giving in just two clicks. In fact, Snowball is a top PayPal alternative made specifically with the features—recurring gifts and donation buttons—nonprofits need.

Our software focuses on simplifying the donation process like no other has before, therefore increasing donation rates.

Using Snowball’s services alongside your CRM will allow for near flawless fundraising that requires little effort.

Email buttons will look like the ones featured below. Simple, large, and easy to read (and click on)!



What it offers

We give nonprofits three bundles: Basic (free!), Premium, and Enterprise.

Snowball Basic doesn’t have a yearly subscription fee, and we only charge a 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction credit card processing fee.

We give you these features, too:

  • Online donation pages
  • Recurring gifts
  • Transaction and donor data
  • Unlimited admin access and accounts
  • Bilingual support

The takeaway: Over 90% of adults own smartphones and over 50% of millennials prefer giving online, so Snowball is your perfect solution to broaden your donation acceptance methods.



Double the Donation is our #2 free software for nonprofits.

Free Nonprofit Software #2: Double the Donation

Why we like it

Double the Donation’s matching gift database software is a great addition to any fundraising campaign. This database helps you discover free money you never knew was available!

The database can be used by donors to search for their employers and see if they have a corporate philanthropy program including matching gifts and the eligibility standards related. Through these programs, companies will match a portion (or 100%) of a donation made to nonprofit organizations.

Double the Donation’s database informs donors of their eligibility for such programs and guides them to the proper forms. Therefore, the database can help your organization increase donations without ever asking for additional funds!


What it offers

Nonprofits can choose from the Basic or Premium plans, both of which are free for your donors to use. Plus, your nonprofit can try either plan for free for 14 days!

The Basic plan offers:

  • Easy database setup
  • Customizable branding of the database webpage
  • Free technology support
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited users

Meanwhile, the Premium plan offers all of these awesome features, plus:

  • A plugin for up to five webpages
  • Customizable design through CSS
  • Integration with the donation process
  • Integration with payment vendors

The takeaway: Double the Donation’s software is a free search tool that can help find you extra funds without ever asking for additional donations. It is a perfect addition to your next fundraising effort.


Fundly has a powerful crowdfunding tool that's completely free to use.

Free Nonprofit Software #3: Fundly

Why we like it

This crowdfunding software lets your organization create and customize an online donation page that accurately portrays your nonprofit and your cause. Don’t worry about designing a page or finding a payment processor because Fundly has it all!

Crowdfunding has grown in popularity due to its ease of use and relative simplicity. It seems like a new crowdfunding platform is popping up almost every day, but the most well-known options aren’t always the best (just look at these alternatives for examples).

That’s why Fundly, a simple, free, and effective software takes the second spot on our list.

Fundly will make your crowdfunding page look professional like the “Campaign for Will,” featured below.


What it offers

Don’t worry about needing web design experience to build a beautiful campaign page; Fundly takes care of it for you! They offer these features:

  • Facebook Open Graph Actions Sharing
  • Mobile-friendly pages
  • Fundly app
  • Quick start guide
  • Imported contacts
  • Customizable email templates
  • Secure payments
  • Quick payment processing

They charge a platform fee of 4.9%, and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

The takeaway: Fundly helped organizations (and individuals!) raise over $330 million with their crowdfunding site! Your nonprofit can even sign up for their VIP campaign, which gives you in-depth campaign assistance from start to finish.



Bonfire, a free nonprofit software, helps nonprofits fundraise with t-shirts.

Free Nonprofit Software #4: Bonfire

Why we like it

Bonfire isn’t just any t-shirt manufacturing website, it’s also a smart crowdfunding platform for individuals, small nonprofits, and national charitable organizations!

No matter your size or the cause you support, creating a t-shirt to sell is easy with Bonfire’s web-based builder. You can upload your own design or build one right on Bonfire.

And when we say free, we mean it! When you organize a t-shirt campaign on Bonfire, you pay nothing upfront and take all the profits once your scheduled campaign is over. Plus, donors can add a donation to the price of your t-shirt.

What it offers

When fundraising on Bonfire, you can rely on:

  • A wide range of apparel to customize
  • Mobile-optimized fundraising pages
  • Social media integration
  • Secure checkout via PayPal, credit card, and debit card
  • Live support

The takeaway: Bonfire is a fundraising platform built for anyone to use, regardless of size or cause! You take 100% of the profits for your custom-designed shirts.



Edco is a free top nonprofit software for team crowdfunding.
Free Nonprofit Software #5: Edco

Why we like it

Edco is a crowdfunding source perfectly designed for team fundraising. If your nonprofit has specific teams or groups from within, Edco is the free nonprofit fundraising software for you!

What it offers

Like other crowdfunding software, there is a small fee per transaction or off of the total profit you make, but no outstanding fees for the software itself.

Edco offers fundraising pages that can be created quickly, then the ability to build a team to help spread the word through each person’s personal network. Some of the other features Edco offers are:

  • Stored contact lists so that after your first fundraiser you never have to start another campaign from scratch.
  • Instant funds access through your 501(c)3, debit card, or check.
  • Automated thank you notes to your donors including the donation receipts for tax deductions.

The takeaway: Edco gives you the opportunity to start a crowdfunding campaign for free and use the networks of your team to spread the message.


 Bloomerang has free nonprofit software perfect for reaching out to donors.

Free Nonprofit Software #6: Bloomerang

Why we like it

Bloomerang is a donor database software perfect for nonprofits of all sizes. Store donor information in a database like this one to best reach out to them in future fundraisers.

The donor-centric software makes it easy to retain more donors, find new prospects, and view donor engagement statistics for future actions.

What it offers

With different functions based on the size of your donor base, Bloomerang has options for whatever your needs may be.

Start with the free services as a small nonprofit, and as your new technology helps your organization grow, you can choose higher tiers of services to grow with you.

Bloomerang offers effective features such as:

  • Donor records
  • Unlimited users
  • Free email support
  • Free access to Bloomerang Academy
  • Unlimited giving pages

The takeaway: Bloomerang offers donor database services which can grow with your nonprofit organization. The features help with communication with your donors increasing the overall effectiveness of your fundraisers.


Donately is a free nonprofit software perfect for fundraising.

Free Nonprofit Software #7: Donately

Why we like it

Donately is a fundraising software which provides donation page builders and peer-to-peer fundraising pages that make it easy for your donors to give to your organization.

What it offers

Donately’s fundraising software seamlessly embeds into your nonprofit’s website. They offer customizable donation pages that you can brand to your organization.

With Donately, you can track donation amounts online and in-person using the same software.

The best part? Donately offers their services with a variety of donation tools, while still offering:

  • No contracts
  • No monthly/annual fees
  • No signnup fees
  • Unlimited functionality

They only ask a percentage as low as 1% of the donations you receive. This means they only make money if you do.

The takeaway: Donately is free from out-of-pocket costs and makes fundraising easy, fast, and manageable. Their customizable tools can be branded to your organization and even embedded onto your website!


DonorSearch is a free prospect research tool for organizations.

Free Nonprofit Software #8: DonorSearch

Why we like it

DonorSearch Giving’s free nonprofit software allows nonprofits to complete a prospect research on an individual-by-individual basis. Their desktop and mobile-friendly site only requires four fields of information for a search: person or business, location, type of gift, and your preference in list order (gift year or amount).

What it offers

DonorSearch Giving provides plenty of results about your potential donor like:

  • Birth place
  • Occupation
  • Family information
  • Recent donations, including the type of gift, state, amount, and year

The takeaway: Thanks to DonorSearch and the information it provides, your nonprofit will be able to decide if certain prospects are able to donate to your organization, which allows you to appropriately target potential donors.


 Check out 360 MatchPro's matching gift nonprofit software.
Bonus! Nonprofit Software #9: 360MatchPro

Why we like it

360MatchPro is a software that helps you identify the potential matching gifts in your donor database.

With this software, you can see exactly how many donors are eligible for matching gifts programs and your potential for increased revenue from your nonprofit’s fundraisers.

What it offers

This matching gifts automation software tracks eligible donors and forecasts potential matching gift revenue. When you can see these opportunities, you are better able to plan your fundraising strategies to include matching gifts promotion.

360MatchPro offers automated outreach to eligible donors to inform them of the opportunity to increase (possibly double!) their donation to your organization.

Your donor’s data is completely safe in the 360MatchPro database. It is protected by security protocols such as AES-256, data encryption, and more.

The takeaway: Promoting matching gifts is important, and this software does more than simply help with promotional efforts. You can track eligibility among your donors and forecast potential as a part of your regular fundraising efforts.


Every nonprofit is different and looks for different benefits from software. Now that we’ve spelled out the features of our favorite nonprofit software, you can decide which will work best for your needs!

Didn’t find a software you liked? Check out these additional resources:

Mobile giving has never been easier with Snowball!


We curate our lists with the top software and products in the industry. Let us know if your software is missing!

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