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Let us help you pick
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Not sure which Snowball fundraising platform is best for your organization? Just shoot us an email. We’ll steer you toward the plan that serves your nonprofit’s needs perfectly.

More than just
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You’re not in this alone. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your Snowball account and meet your fundraising goals with personal support and smart management tools, including …

✔ New-account coaching: We’re here to walk you through your account set-up and show you around your suite of powerful Snowball fundraising features.

✔ Bilingual US-based support: Get answers to any technical questions you may have with exceptional in-house support, offered in English and Spanish.

✔ Customer relationship management: Manage your online and off-line supporters, staff and volunteers more efficiently with your very own CRM dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my organization receive the funds that we’ve raised?

Snowball initiates an automatic ACH transfer of the funds you’ve raised directly into your organization’s bank account. Processing time usually takes two business days.

Does my organization need to be a nonprofit to use Snowball?

Most of our clients are nonprofits, but we’re happy to service other types of organizations as well. Just give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for.

Does my organization need to use its own payment processor?

We have a payment processor built right into our platform that requires no additional work on your end. Or, we can accommodate any payment processor you may prefer with a little help from our Snowball Enterprise integration team.

Can I incorporate my organization’s colors and logo into a Snowball donation page?

Absolutely. We include simple tools that allow you to customize any Snowball donation page to match the look and feel of your organization’s branding.

How quickly can my organization start using its Snowball account?

Immediately! Organizations can start raising money the moment that they create an account with Snowball.

Is my organization tied to a contract with Snowball?

No. You’re free to start and stop using Snowball whenever you’d like. There are no sign-up or termination fees, either.