Auctions are a tried-and-true fundraising event, but now there’s a way to add a twist to this classic. With mobile bidding software, you can make your next silent auction event more convenient for both your organization and your donors!

While your nonprofit can use this software to track your procured items and organize seating arrangements, your donors may be able to bid from their handy cell phones — it all depends on the provider you choose!

And there are plenty of mobile bidding software providers. To help start your research, we’ve listed out our favorite 8 solutions:

  1. BidPal by OneCause
  2. ClickBid
  3. DonorPerfect
  4. NextLot
  5. Auctioneer Software
  6. AuctionMaestro
  7. Bidr
  8. BiddingForGood

Read on to learn about the top mobile bidding software providers and find the right one for your nonprofit!

Bonus: Mobile bidding isn’t the only way for donors to give from their smartphones! Check out text-to-give to engage donors at other types of events!

See how BidPal's mobile bidding software can aid your nonprofit with silent auction events.

1. BidPal by OneCause – Best Mobile Bidding Software

See how BidPal's mobile bidding software can help your nonprofit host a stellar auction event.

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

BidPal, mobile bidding software by OneCause, allows nonprofits to “mobilize your cause.” Their paperless solution does more than just let donors place bids.

Their software will assist your nonprofit in tracking item procurement, selling fixed price items, and creating custom thank-you’s, just to name a few.

And for those who prefer the traditional methods, OneCausewill even help manage silent auctions with paper bid sheets, print package tent cards, printed receipts, and more!

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

OneCause provides a mobile app that helps you engage your donors in a modern way. With their app, you can:

  • Review receipts from previous events
  • Track all donations
  • Send push notifications to donors year-round
  • Receive updates with charitable news

OneCause makes it easier to bid on the go.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

BidPal, mobile bidding by OneCause offers multiple packages to fit any event.

Learn more about BidPal by OneCause!

Check out ClickBid's top mobile bidding software for nonprofits.

2. ClickBid – Our Top App-Less Mobile Bidding Software

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

ClickBid’s mobile bidding software lets you create the ultimate donor experience with simple bidding processes.

With no apps to download, your donors can just click on a link and begin bidding instantly, all thanks to ClickBid’s software.

In addition, with ClickBid, you can even mass message your supporters to send them updates, reminders, and other notifications to keep them engaged with your nonprofit.

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

ClickBid offers incredible features with their mobile bidding platform:

  • Mobile check-in and check-out
  • Fund-A-Need display
  • Personalized event landing page
  • Year-long donations

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

ClickBid offers their annual event license for $795.

Learn more about ClickBid!

Take a look at DonorPerfect's mobile bidding software for your next silent auction.

3. DonorPerfect – Best Mobile Bidding Add-On

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

ReadySetAuction by DonorPerfect will satisfy all your silent auction event needs.

You can personalize ReadySetAuction to give your attendees the best experience for them by printing or emailing receipts. Print catalogs, bid sheets, and gift certificates while enjoying the benefits of the software’s cashiering with emailed receipts.

You can use this software from beginning to end!

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

When your event concludes, you can easily integrate all your data into your DonorPerfect system — it only takes 2 clicks!

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Contact DonorPerfect for a quote today!DonorPerfect's mobile bidding software can help your nonprofit's next auction event accept even more bids.

Learn more about DonorPerfect!

See how NextLot's mobile bidding software can help your nonprofit with your next silent auction.

4. NextLot

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

NextLot’s online auction software also features a mobile bidding solution! Their focus on a modern software solution means an easier, more intuitive process for your nonprofit.

Even your remote bidders can participate in your next silent auction by placing bids through the NextLot Mobile App for phones and tablets.

Don’t forget! The app is branded with forms and catalogs to give your bidders everything they need.

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

You’ll even be able to webcast your auction for your remote bidders. They’ll be able to view your HD, branded webcast from their cell phones and tablets using the NextLot Mobile Bidding App. You can even stream your auction in multiple languages and accept bids in other currencies.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Contact NextLot for a demo and pricing.NextLot's mobile bidding software can help your organization offer more ways for your donors to place bids.

Learn more about NextLot!

See how AuctioneerSoftware can help your organization with your next silent auction.

5. Auctioneer Software

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

Auctioneer Software listened to their customers’ wishes and designed a mobile app that can be used with their auction software.

The app makes it easier for bidders to access and participate in your auction.

With the mobile bidding app, your supporters can connect to your event at any time from any location.

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

Their app offers plenty of features like:

  • Bid notifications
  • Social media sharing
  • Watch-list
  • Search function
  • Detailed item listings

Plus, you’ll be able to post an unlimited amount of silent auction items with unlimited pictures!

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Auctioneer Software’s app is available on the Google Play store for free!Check out AuctioneerSoftware's mobile bidding software.

Learn more about Auctioneer Software!

See how AuctionMaestro's mobile bidding software can help your nonprofit with your next silent auction.

6. AuctionMaestro

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

AuctionMaestro’s Text2Bid Mobile Bidding solution takes an intuitive approach to mobile bidding. Without an app, AuctionMaestro allows donors to text their bids in.

AuctionMaestro uses just a few easy steps to accept bids via text. But don’t worry about your supporters who don’t use cell phones; they’ll be able to donate at one of your kiosks through AuctionMaestro’s private bidding web page.

Your bidders can even configure AutoBid to outbid any other bidder for a specific item. This way they can sit back and enjoy the event without the stress, but with text notifications about their increasing bid.

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

AuctionMaestro’s MyBids Bidding Center helps simplify the bidding process for your guests even further. With this, your bidders can view their bids, wishlist items, and purchases all in one, centralized place.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Text2Bid is priced at $995 and 4% of revenue.AuctionMaestro can help your nonprofit make sure your auction runs smoothly.

Learn more about AuctionMaestro!

Check out Bidr's mobile bidding software and how it can help your organization with your next silent auction event.

7. Bidr

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

Bidr’s text giving solution, known as Text.Gives, can also be used for mobile bidding!

The process is simple:

  1. Determine a keyword for your campaign.
  2. Donors text your keyword to the designated number and receive a welcome text, followed by the prompt for a monetary value they’d like to donate or bid.
  3.  Donors respond with a number.
  4. Create a payment pin for identification.

Plus, your donors can scroll through their watch list and your item listings with the Bidr app!

Best Features of Mobile Bidding Software

Your nonprofit will be able to manage everything from your software’s dashboard. From setup to signage, you can see everything in one centralized location. You’ll be able to customize your event and make adjustments on-the-go with the Bidr app.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Bidr has a 3% fee, followed by a 2.9% and 30¢ fee for credit transactions.See how Bidr's mobile bidding software can help your organization with your next charity auction event.

Learn more about Bidr!

See how BiddingForGood's mobile bidding software can help your organization plan and manage your next silent auction event.

8. BiddingForGood

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

BiddingForGood by Frontstream helps streamline your event and encourage even more bidding. The easier and more accessible the bidding process is, the more bids your nonprofit will see.

Their mobile-friendly website helps individuals place bids right from their favorite devices and bidders can configure outbid notifications, so they’ll never lose track of a bid.

Guests can easily keep updated on their bid status from their phones and tablets while enjoying the event. They won’t have to leave conversations and drinks unfinished to check up on clipboards!

Best Features for Mobile Bidding Software

By using BiddingForGood in the U.S.A., you’ll also gain access to their network of over 450,000+ bidders. The company describes their community of bidders as “cause-minded,” so you’re sure to see a rise in bids with these individuals. Plus, BiddingForGood has seen that previous organizations who used their network saw 33% more bids than organizations who didn’t.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

BiddingForGood has packages starting at $249.BiddingforGood can help your nonprofit host a stellar auction event with their mobile bidding software.

Learn more about BiddingForGood

Now that you have our favorite 7 mobile bidding solutions, your auctions are sure to be a breeze to plan and execute! Your easy mobile bidding software is sure to please your bidders by providing easy and convenient ways to place bids both at and away from the event. Happy bidding!

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