Make the Most of Your Network with P2P Year-End Giving

Many nonprofits fall into the idea that the organization does all the work, while supporters simply give money. If that’s you, it’s time to flip the script. The most effective campaigns leverage a network of top volunteers and supporters to help do the fundraising work on behalf of the organization.

That’s because each and every current supporter represents their own network of potential donors to tap into—through friends, family, and colleagues. It’s your job to seek out the supporters with the most potential and empower them to fundraise for you.

Here’s how:

1) Make a list of your 20 most engaged supporters.

Who comes to mind when you think of people who’ve given generously and consistently? Or the folks who stay after the board meeting to help fold chairs? These people are happy to help. And now they’re your Giving Season champions.

The people who’ve donated to your cause in the past are, of course, huge assets to your organization. But that’s not all. Your organization’s greatest treasure is (often literally) right in front of you: your volunteers. And because these are people who already understand your mission, they’re the most likely to both share your cause with their own networks and to donate themselves. That’s why volunteers are twice as likely to donate to end-of-year campaigns than non-volunteers.

Snowball Tip: Filter Your Supporters ✔

Use data to zero-in on your most engaged donors and volunteers. In your Supporter Management area, use the filtering options to sort by number of donations, total amount given, or campaigns that supporters were active in.[boc_spacing height=”10px”]

2) Personally ask them to make a commitment.

Approach each champion and help them set a personal goal for your cause. It could be hosting a virtual event for the holidays, committing to identifying new donors, or raising a set amount for your cause. Think of it this way: if every one of your pre-selected supporters commits to securing $1,000 for your cause, you’ll have $20,000 more at the end of 2020!

3) Help them plan for success.

To achieve their goals, encourage your champions to come up with their own “people power” lists—20 people in their network that they can count on for donations or in-kind support. (Hey! Your organization’s fundraising team just grew by 400 people.) Last but not least, provide your champions with talking points about the work your organization does, and how every dollar raised meets specific needs.

4) Ask them to share your Snowball campaign pages.

This one’s easy. Encourage your volunteer fundraisers to share your end-of-year Snowball campaign pages to their networks every month from now until New Years’. And rather than asking for direct donations, your champions can simply encourage their networks to share the Snowball campaign pages from there. Then, your fundraising team can continue to grow exponentially!

Snowball Tip: Use the “Sharing” Buttons on Your Campaign Pages ✔

Supporters can text their closest connections when they’re viewing your page on their mobile phones. From mobile or desktop, they can email their “people power” list of 20 folks and also share to their widest network on social media.[boc_spacing height=”10px”]

Peer-to-peer fundraising strategies like these are known for raising significant amounts of money and expanding your reach with ease. There’s no better time to employ these tactics than heading into the year-end giving season!

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