Text Giving

Accept Donations With Your Own Dedicated Text Number

Text giving with Snowball is incredibly easy and great for events.

Text Giving

Get paid faster

A new way to connect with customers

Perfect for events like fundraisers & concerts

Every transaction confirmed by email

Snowball makes it easy for people to text donations from their phones.  They simply text a dollar amount to your Snowball text number.  This is great for events. Super easy and super secure.

How Text Giving Works

Step 1: Send a Text

Your subscribers text a preset word or amount (trigger) to your Text-to-Give number. Example: “50”. We provide a donation link.

Text giving with Snowball is incredibly easy and great for events.

Step 2: Authenticate Donation

They confirm their donation by tapping SEND on the confirmation email that pops up. No login, no passwords, no apps to download.

*First time subscribers go through a one-time process where they will enter their donation information. For future donations through Snowball, no forms or requests for donation info are needed. All future donations are authenticated via email.

Text Giving Step 2: The donor receives a confirmation email and presses ‘send.

Done! Your Text Giving Transaction is Complete!

They receive an email receipt of their transaction.

Text Giving Step 3: The transaction is complete and the donor receives a donation receipt via email.

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