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Webmail Users Open Emails on Mobile Devices First

Webmail users are opening messages on mobile devices at an increasing rate. Check out this infographic to see how it affects your business.


Increase Conversion with Email Checkout

Everyday, we as consumers are inundated with emails from our favorite retailers. Everyday, we ignore those emails. Why? Because they are either irrelevant (they aren’t offering me products I want) or they require additional, inconvenient steps to complete an action. SeeWhy states that 97% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned. Clearly, something is broken. What’s even worse is that marketers

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@Pay Two-Click Merchant Payments at eTail East 2013

@Pay is happy to be exhibiting our two-click payment technology for merchants at eTail East in Philadelphia from August 12th-15th. @Pay president and CEO John Killoran and vice president of sales Jason Rozenblat will be at booth 412, and available to discuss how retailers can increase sales by giving customers easy web and email payments. This year at eTail East,

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Press Release: @Pay Universal Email Checkout Compatible with iOS 7

Today we’re pleased to announce that @Pay’s Email Checkout technology is compatible with Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 7, which will be released in the fall. @Pay’s secure, two-click email payments have already proven reliable on more than 93.5% of popular mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, JavaScript, and Windows Mobile. Email Checkout from @Pay is Compatible on iOS 7 and

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Cross Browser Compatible Mailto Links for Mobile + Desktop Clients

We live in a world where different browsers run in different operating systems on different types of devices. A big part of a front end developer’s job is to keep this multitude of compatibility issues in mind so as to provide the best experience regardless of the user’s device and platform. Even with accepted standards, a website might look perfectly

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Press Release: @Pay Delivers Two-Click API Release

After months of methodical planning and steadfast coding we’re pleased to announce that today marks the release of our first Application Programming Interface (API). With this tool companies are given the power to seamlessly integrate two-click checkout into emails and websites. Our Email Checkout technology—the first of its kind—allows email marketers and retailers to close a sale directly from a

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