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Webmail Users Open Emails on Mobile Devices First

Webmail users are opening messages on mobile devices at an increasing rate. Check out this infographic to see how it affects your business.


Press Release: @Pay Universal Email Checkout Compatible with iOS 7

Today we’re pleased to announce that @Pay’s Email Checkout technology is compatible with Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 7, which will be released in the fall. @Pay’s secure, two-click email payments have already proven reliable on more than 93.5% of popular mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, JavaScript, and Windows Mobile. Email Checkout from @Pay is Compatible on iOS 7 and

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@Pay Offers Universal Email Payments on Smartphones and Tablets

Offer secure email payments to more than 93.5% of mobile customers—without an app. @Pay’s Two-Click Email Checkout is an uncommonly simple way to solve the problem of mobile conversions and increase the effectiveness of email marketing. With nearly half of all emails now being opened on mobile devices, closing the deal in that first point of contact is essential. Our

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