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Webmail Users Open Emails on Mobile Devices First

Webmail users are opening messages on mobile devices at an increasing rate. Check out this infographic to see how it affects your business.


Increase Conversion with Email Checkout

Everyday, we as consumers are inundated with emails from our favorite retailers. Everyday, we ignore those emails. Why? Because they are either irrelevant (they aren’t offering me products I want) or they require additional, inconvenient steps to complete an action. SeeWhy states that 97% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned. Clearly, something is broken. What’s even worse is that marketers

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Two-click web payments hit the next level

We’ve had a big week at @Pay, and it just got bigger – to the tune of $10,000. That’s right, someone just processed a $10,000 payment through our two-click checkout. Anyone who has used our two-click web payments or Email Checkout knows that it’s an incredibly convenient way to pay – especially on mobile devices. Merchants and nonprofits familiar with our

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Unexpected Uses of Email

In a previous post, we shared four ways to conquer email. Expanding on this topic, we wondered if there was anyone creating innovative new ways to use email altogether. Here, we’ll share the most innovative things we’ve found that people are doing with email. 1. Email as a personal assistant – There are several companies trying to create this experience,

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Email Checkout driving large donations

We’re ecstatic to announce a new milestone in our partnership with Roadrunner Food Bank. They just received a $5,000 donation via @Pay’s Email Checkout technology. This large donation is an extraordinary gift to New Mexico’s communities and an achievement for @Pay. In the past 17 months Roadrunner Food Bank has been an amazing partner. They are a true pioneer of

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@Pay Stories: Roadrunner Food Bank

Vowing to end hunger ain’t small potatoes. Yet that’s exactly what New Mexico’s Roadrunner Food Bank signed onto 33 years ago. @Pay is proud to be an ally in the most recent chapter of Roadrunner’s history. Over the past 18 months, we’ve enhanced email campaigns for the state’s largest food bank with two-click Email Checkout. It’s a partnership we’re thrilled

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