Preview Snowball's Fundraising Features

(included in Enterprise and Premium plans)

Events / Campaigns

Snowball makes it easy for your supporters to text donations from their phones, anytime, anywhere.

  • Solicit funds anywhere with custom Text-to-Give keywords.
  • Track donations in real time.
  • Build excitement and chart your success with live event thermometers.


Offer your supporters the flexibility of ticketing in advance or at your event, for any type of fundraiser, gala or gathering that your organization hosts.

  • Sell event tickets and share receipts.
  • Register attendees and get accurate head counts.
  • Sell tickets with Text-to-Give functionality.

(included in Enterprise and Premium plans)

Snowball Donation Pages

Turn community members into champions of your cause! Then convert regular supporters into repeat donors by securing credit card information for future giving.

  • Create customizable forms to accept online donations.
  • Spread the word via Digital Megaphone social sharing.
  • Encourage engagement through commenting functionality.

(included in all plans)

(included in all plans)


Add, update and track new and existing supporter information in one place. Our convenient customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard makes it easy.

  • Manage supporter, staff and volunteer information.
  • Search, sort, filter and export the data you need.
  • Track online and offline donations and gifts.
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