Keeping the Spirit of Holiday Giving Alive

Even one week after the end of #GivingTuesday, the results of this incredible holiday continue to generate excitement for what the future holds.

It’s been¬†four years since the inauguration of this global day of giving, and reports on the record breaking participation in 2015 ¬†alone are enough to fuel fundraising¬†inspiration as we come¬†up¬†on the final weeks of 2015 and the holiday giving season.

Here are some quick numbers via the reports on the¬†Giving Tuesday website¬†to sum up this years’ success:

  • Total raised over the 24 hour period: $116.7 M
  • Charities received more than 1.08 million online contributions
  • Online giving¬†grew 52% compared to 2014
  • The average¬†online gift amount also increased by 6% to $137 per online donation
  • The mean gift amount donated by individuals was¬†$107.47
  • 698,961 total donors participated

And that’s simply taking into account¬†the amounts raised. The movement itself gained incredible global attention with:

  • 71 countries around the world participating
  • 1.3 MILLION mentions on social media (114 Billion impressions on Twitter and 917,313 users reached on Facebook)


And here locally in New Mexico, #GivingTuesdayNM:

  • Raised over $260k for nonprofits!
  • Successfully spread awareness of the great work being done across the state

Not only was Giving Tuesday record breaking in the amount of donor dollars brought in, but also in the overall exposure the day received.

One of the key takeaways for us moving forward for the rest of 2015 is to use the amount of impressions #GivingTuesday received both in New Mexico and around the world to finish out the year strong.

Undoubtedly, not everyone who¬†saw a Facebook post or a tweet, or who read an article about #GivingTuesday responded by giving a gift. But one of the most encouraging results from Giving Tuesday is that¬†the momentum generated. It’s necessary to continue to embrace the generosity present in¬†the air because of Giving Tuesday and at this time of year in general. Keep the message going on social and use it to connect with donors as 2015 comes to an end and as we transition into the new year.

Always remember: just because #GivingTuesday is behind us doesn’t mean that the giving has to end.

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