Effective Event Branding and Fundraising

We’ve all heard of the term “branding” and most event professionals associate it with making the most of your brand colors and logo. However, branding goes beyond typical visual marketing, especially when you’re dealing with event branding because it’s all about creating a feeling or a memory that comes to mind for attendees long after your event is over.

Effective branding creates loyal attendees and memorable experiences. The better your brand is marketed at your event, the more people will remember your event and want to come back next year. Beyond creating a great vibe around an event, branding also helps with fundraising.

There are endless possibilities using your brand to get people to donate. For example, you can have branded incentives that attendees get when they donate a certain amount ― $5 gets you event swag and $10 gets you entered to win a free lunch sponsored by the organization. Get your event branding on point and start earning the proceeds you need.

Here are 3 tips for effective event branding:

Let Your Cause Take Center Stage

Your branding should resonate with your cause, and most importantly your attendees. For example, if your event is trying to raise money for cancer research, then why not have an interactive booth where attendees can play a game where they’re able to see how your organization has helped with cancer research over the past X amount of years. This supports both your cause and your brand.

Creatively Brand

Don’t just do the same old t shirts, banners, and posters. Get creative with your branding. Here are a couple of ideas:
Try edible branding with your company name or hashtag on the food
Get an augmented reality app and incorporate your brand logo in the game

Follow Up

Appreciation goes beyond just saying thank you. Your attendees have taken the time to attend your event and you want to show them that you are thankful. Try sending a handwritten thank you card or a small treat. You want them to remember their experience with your event fondly. It’s also a smart idea to add something like “See you next year” somewhere in your thank you card. You want them to start thinking about attending next year’s event.

Now that you know how branding impacts your event, don’t be afraid to get creative. Effective branding will help you get your attendees back each year to continue to support your cause.

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Miranda Romero is a Digital Marketing Specialist for SpinGo who loves working with branding and image. SpinGo is an event engine empowering event makers by providing them with seamless event management software and innovative event marketing services.

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