A wrap-up of the Great Salt Sprint 2013

@Pay’s engagement in the Great Salt Sprint on July 27, 2013 was great fun! We had a productive and educational session here in Albuquerque, despite technical difficulties involving interfacing with participants in other locations around the world. Each local participant came away with some new knowledge and something they can possibly use in their professional lives.

@Pay came away with a much better knowledge of the SaltStack product, improving its application in day-to-day functions. For instance, we learned how to create personal development boxes using Vagrant, which led to an immediately usable implementation.

Globally speaking, there were 130 registrants. During the eight hour sprint hundreds of code commits were made, many bugs were squashed and the overall product was greatly improved. A GUI for Salt—known as Halite—was introduced, and documentation was written. Overall, a fantastic success and a much larger turnout than last year’s event. Thanks, @SaltStackinc Inc.!

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