@Pay Introduces Native Support for Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

@Pay Introduces Native Support for Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

We are pleased to announce that @Pay now provides native support for Salesforce’s popular Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Salesforce’s NonProfit Starter Pack is currently being using by nonprofits all over the world to raise more resources, communicate more effectively with their donor base, and strengthen their communities.

Nonprofit Starter Pack is a pre-configured application for lightweight donor management that nonprofits can install on top of Standard Enterprise Edition. It is designed to give small organizations with limited resources some of the basic tools to make Salesforce more nonprofit-friendly. It is a free and open-source set of add-on packages and primarily relies on the community for product development and support.

It includes features that enable nonprofits to:

  • Manage individual donors and their donations, memberships, relationships and company affiliations
  • Create and manage Households and household giving
  • Create and manage recurring gifts and payments

Through this new native support, transactions processed through @Pay automatically appear as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities within Salesforce. Fundraisers are thus able to easily track donors and their gifts within the Nonprofit Starter Pack for reporting and remarketing purposes.

Native support means that nonprofits using Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack have an even more compelling reason to add @Pay’s express payment technology to their fundraising toolkit.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us or email us at media@atpay.com

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