@Pay Featured on PYMNTS.com

@Pay Featured on PYMNTS.com

What is the missing link to selling online? According to @Pay President and CEO John Killoran, the answer is simple: Email.

“[Email is] a connecting point to customers, and most importantly, it can be used to reach them on their mobile phones,” John said in a recent interview with PYMNTS.com.

So why are 97 percent of mobile shopping carts abandoned by consumers? John reasons that mobile shopping involves too many steps, too many clicks, and too many passwords which deter consumers from buying on mobile devices.

@Pay’s mission is to streamline the buying process. With @Pay’s patented two-click buying technology, making purchases on mobile has never been easier.

“The simplified process, @Pay expects, will result in a decrease in e-commerce shopping cart abandonment rates, and therefore will boost in merchant conversion rates and sales,” says PYMNTS.

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