New Test Environment for Merchants

We’re pleased to announce our new test environment for merchants. With the flip of a toggle, merchants can switch between test and live modes – all within the same dashboard. We wanted to give your team a place to test changes without impacting your existing settings for emails already sent to your customers, with the goal of enhancing your experience with our Email Payment technology.

When using the test environment, you can try several of our features without running live transactions and incurring processing fees. Create an offer button and send it to yourself; attempt a two-click payment and see how it works. Go through the checkout process, and get a receipt. View your test transaction info on your dashboard. You’ll understand the experience your customers will have, and you’ll be able to catch and correct errors before sending out a live message. See our FAQ on using the test environment for specifics.

For merchants using our API, the test environment is the perfect spot to try out your integration. You’ll have access to test API credentials within your test dashboard, and our documentation will help you get your connection set up properly.

Once you’ve tried out your tweaks and are ready to take them to production, just flip the toggle back to “LIVE” and update your settings as needed. Let us know what you think!

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