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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Snowball?

Very! Snowball protects your donors and their information by utilizing methods above and beyond industry standards! To find out more about the measures Snowball takes to ensure your donor’s safety, check out our security page.

Why is Snowball better than other giving platforms?

Snowball is the only giving platform that is built upon a 2-click authorization technology using SMTP (email). This makes giving with Snowball fast, easy and secure on any device with an email account.

Is there multi-campus support?

Yes! If you are a church with satellite congregations, or a non-profit with different branches, we can work with you!

What is email authentication?

Our patented 2-Click technology uses email addresses to authorize all transactions. This allows a donor to give without the need for a password and username, and allows you to collect a donation without requiring payment details on subsequent transactions.

Can I use my own payment processor?

Yes! We support over 90 payment processors. Contact us to find out more information.

What if I don't already have a payment processor?

No problem! We can get you set up with a payment processor with very low rates in just a few minutes.

Do you integrate with CRM's?

Yes! We integrate with many CRM’s including Blackbaud products, Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack, and various church management softwares. If you don’t see an integration that you need, let us know! Our team is always adding new integrations.

Do mobile carriers take a cut?

Nope! Our Text-to-Give product bypasses the carrier. Not only does this mean that cell phone carriers will not get a cut, but this also means that you will not have to wait 90 days before funds are disbursed.

What is 'Cross Pollination' and how does it work?

If the donor opts-in, cross pollination allows Snowball to function as a wallet. This means that one payment method can be used across multiple Snowball customers.

What donor information is collected?

We collect the donor’s first and last name, email address, and billing address on every transaction. When using our dynamic text-to-give, we also collect the mobile phone numbers. Since our Text-to-Give and 2-click email transactions are processed through SMTP, not only do we automatically collect the donors email address, but it is also guaranteed to be a real email address! There are options to add additional fields if there is other information that you need to collect.

What donation amounts are accepted?

Snowball donation amounts are only limited by the gateway and the credit card being used, we don’t impose any additional limitations. Most gateways will process amounts as low as $1, but there are some that have a higher minimum, so contact us if you want to know your minimum.

What is a card not present transaction?

Any donation made without physically swiping a card is a card not present transaction. This includes all donations made by a donor initially filling out their credit card information on a payment capture page (including web-based forms and mail-in forms). Unfortunately, credit card processors typically charge a higher fee for card not present transactions, because it requires more effort to authenticate the transaction when the card is not physically available.
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