Email Giving

Generate Revenue Through Our Patented Mobile Donation Technology

Email Giving

Supercharge your emails! Snowball buttons in your emails makes it so easy for donors to act. Your subscribers believe in your cause. When they receive an email telling them of all the good work you’re doing, they simply tap the Snowball button and donate with the payment method they’ve saved with Snowball. It’s a beautiful experience!

How It Works In Your Marketing Emails

Step 1:

Email recipients view Snowball Email Buttons of different amounts. They select the desired amount and a confirmation email automatically pops up.

Step 2:

Their donation is confirmed by simply pressing SEND.

*First time users go through a one-time process where they will enter their donation information. For future donations through Snowball, no forms or requests for donation info are needed. All future donations are authenticated via email.


They receive an transaction receipt of their donation.

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