Email Checkout driving large donations

We’re ecstatic to announce a new milestone in our partnership with Roadrunner Food Bank. They just received a $5,000 donation via @Pay’s Email Checkout technology. This large donation is an extraordinary gift to New Mexico’s communities and an achievement for @Pay.

In the past 17 months Roadrunner Food Bank has been an amazing partner. They are a true pioneer of two-click Email Checkout technology amongst nonprofits and charities. For our part, we’ve assisted them in driving more than $70,000 in new donations through their email marketing efforts. The associated @Pay campaigns also drove up website donations and increased exposure for our state’s largest food bank.

Email Checkout reduces friction for donors using smartphones and mobile devices. Here’s the proof—we have seen exponential growth in both donation size and repeat donations to Roadrunner Food Bank via their @Pay user base.

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