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Giving Tuesday Ideas: 9 Fundraisers for 2020 (& Top Tips)

Do you know how you’re going to raise money for #GivingTuesday? Or are you still coming up with creative Giving Tuesday ideas? A common mistake that most organizations make when participating in this iconic giving day is not coming up with a concrete strategy. While you might get donations by publishing a few posts on social media with links to

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Text-to-Give | Complete Guide for Nonprofits and Fundraisers

Text-to-give is a modern fundraising method that enables donors to give to nonprofits via their mobile phones. Using their phones’ native texting applications, donors can instantly text donations to their favorite nonprofits. In 2010, one of the first publicized text-to-give campaigns was The Red Cross’s relief efforts after Haiti’s devastating earthquake. For months, “Text HAITI to 90999” flashed across Americans’

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Attracting New Donors with Text Messaging

Businesses are constantly fighting to be noticed in a busy world. People are being inundated with information online through their own searches and time on social media. This makes it difficult for nonprofit organizations to stick out from the crowd. And, for an organization that depends on donors in order to continue operating, that can be a worrisome situation. However,

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Best Ways to Help After Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, & Nate: Text-to-Give & More

Last updated on 10.8.17 @ 11:12 AM EST Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston region of Texas. Homes were destroyed, towns were flooded, and multiple people lost their lives because of this tragic hurricane. As Houston weathers the flooding and its residents are spread far and wide to various shelters and make-shift homes, many people are asking: how can we help?

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10 Mobile Giving Strategies — The Nonprofit Tech Carnival

As we explained in the announcement post, this month’s carnival theme homed in on the best strategies for mobile giving. (Read the full announcement here!) We were incredibly thrilled with the submissions that came in, and we can’t keep this great advice to ourselves! We’re happy to share 10 of those submissions with you all right here and now. Each

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Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Blog Carnival – We’re Hosting!

Technology is trending mobile. And that means that nonprofit technology is trending mobile as well. From text-to-give to donation pages optimized for smartphones, there’s no shortage of mobile fundraising opportunities. We’ve written a lot about the topic. So, when we decided to host this month’s Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival, the choice for what our focus should be was

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Charity Auctions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximize Donations

So you want to host a charity auction. That’s great! Auctions can be a fun way to engage your supporters and raise funds for your worthy cause. Plus, bidding on a unique item can be just the right motivation your donors need to give. If you’ve started planning an auction, you know that it can take a lot of work.

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5 Ways Technology Can Increase Volunteer Retention

Nonprofits constantly search for ways to retain their volunteers while continuing to recruit. With the advancements in technology, it is now easier than ever to keep open lines of communication with all volunteers. Being able to reach out to thousands of volunteers at any time can be as simple as a click of a button. Making volunteers feel welcome is

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6 Donor Abandonment Causes and Solutions: An Actionable Guide for Nonprofits

Every nonprofit already understands the inherent challenges associated with getting an interested supporter to the finish line, aka the donation page. However, many nonprofits underestimate how much effort it takes to get a donor to cross that finish line once they click the ‘donate’ button. In fact, many people who click on your donation button aren’t finishing the process. That

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What is the Mobile Giving Foundation? (And Why You Don’t Need Them)

The Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF) is a nonprofit organization that’s been around since August of 2007. Started by former wireless industry executives, the MGF set out to change the way fundraising was done. They used their connections within the industry to make deals with the top mobile carriers in the country. They were an integral part in some of the

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