Online Fundraising In 2021 | Complete Guide and Resources

More people have turned to online fundraising in the past year than ever before, and the same will be true in 2021 and beyond. The internet has completely changed how we connect, conduct business, and find information, so it’s little wonder that it’s also become one of the most important (and effective) ways for nonprofits and individuals to raise money

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10 Online Courses to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

“Oh, if we only had the money for that!”  Really? Why not? There’s no reason to hold you back from providing a high-quality, robust mission that serves more people than you ever dreamed. You just need money.  “Easier said than done,” you’ve probably stated more than once. Sure, it’s not easy, but neither is your mission.  Besides, unless you’ve served

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3 Rules for Working Smarter, Not Harder, on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is getting competitive. On Tuesday, Dec. 1 (Giving Tuesday’s 2020 date), your supporters will likely be inundated with dozens of donation requests from scores of organizations. Each year, more and more nonprofits jostle for limited attention and wallet share on this single day of fundraising. The old-school Giving Tuesday strategy involves spending months gathering campaign materials (emails, videos,

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Political Campaign Fundraising Plan: Handy Guide + Template

Any successful fundraising campaign starts with a detailed and actionable fundraising plan. Political fundraisers are no different! That’s why it’s crucial that if you’re looking to plan and host a fundraiser for your upcoming political campaign, the first step is ensuring you have a comprehensive political campaign fundraising plan. A fundraising plan contains pertinent information relating to your forthcoming campaign

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Fundraising Software | 24+ Low-Cost Providers for Nonprofits

Getting up and running as a brand new nonprofit is a major challenge—and costly software is a huge part of that. Finding the right donation tools early in the planning process will help you build a solid foundation to grow on. Any nonprofit can benefit from free and low-cost fundraising software that can give you a major leg up! We’ve

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How to Create a 1-Page Fundraising Plan to Minimize Chaos and Maximize Revenue

This post was contributed by Sandy Rees from Get Fully Funded. If you don’t have an annual fundraising plan, you’re not alone. Most folks in small nonprofits have no fundraising plan to speak of. Or maybe they have a few ideas about what they want to do during the year, but nothing is fleshed out or written down anywhere, which

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Church Communication Letters & Samples [With Useful Tips]

Communication is key. How you communicate with your congregation is vital for building and maintaining relationships. Trust between congregants and church leadership relies on open lines of communication so church members can participate in and understand their church’s practices.  After all, effective communication practices lead to a strengthened community and increased transparency, two essential factors for maintaining a spiritually prosperous body

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Donor Management Software: A Buyer’s Essential Guide

Your nonprofit juggles all sorts of information. You have information about your donors, the gifts they give, restrictions on those gifts, and more. Keeping it all straight may seem like a challenge, especially for a small organization trying to grow. Luckily, nonprofit donor management software is specifically designed to help keep your nonprofit organized. However, each database is designed with

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Find the Right Association Management Solution | 8 Top Picks

Finding the right association management solution that meets your exact needs can be a major challenge. Striking the perfect balance of price, utility, and scale is tricky, but necessary. Without the proper management and database tools, it’s incredibly difficult for professional or trade associations to grow (let alone properly manage expenses or keep members engaged). If you’re in the market

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Event Fundraising Software: Top 10 Tools You Have to Know

Fundraising events are quite often both hectic and important times for nonprofits. Whether it be a marathon or a charity gala, your fundraiser is essential to bringing in donations and making genuine bonds with donors. There’s a lot that goes into any fundraiser; we know that fundraising event planning is stressful. But don’t worry, you don’t have to bear the

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