Millennials: Checked Out on Cash

A segment of NerdWallet’s article: “Millennials Checked Out on Using Cash.” “About one in four millennials carries less than $5 cash on them seven days a week, according to a 2014 study by the Independent Community Bankers of America. Almost three-quarters of millennials also said that mobile banking was “very important” to them. Because millennials represent about a quarter of

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@Pay Featured on

What is the missing link to selling online? According to @Pay President and CEO John Killoran, the answer is simple: Email. “[Email is] a connecting point to customers, and most importantly, it can be used to reach them on their mobile phones,” John said in a recent interview with So why are 97 percent of mobile shopping carts abandoned by

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New Test Environment for Merchants

We’re pleased to announce our new test environment for merchants. With the flip of a toggle, merchants can switch between test and live modes – all within the same dashboard. We wanted to give your team a place to test changes without impacting your existing settings for emails already sent to your customers, with the goal of enhancing your experience

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New Email Handling with Mandrill

Here at @Pay we are constantly improving and adding features to our Email Point of Sale. Whether we’re upgrading the front-end or back-end, we’re always driven by great user experience. Today, we’ve integrated Mandrill for all system email messages (like receipts, password resets, and transaction alerts). Mandrill is a scalable email infrastructure built on the robust and reliable MailChimp platform.

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FinTech Startups Experiencing Rapid Growth

The payments industry has exploded within the last year – raising $1.2 Billion. There were some big time deals including Paypal’s $800 Million acquisition of Braintree. International bank BBVA purchasing Simple for $117 Million. Venture Capitalists firms also took part in the action, pumping $80 Million into FinTech startups Stripe & $16.5 Million into Dwolla. The innovation payment startups have

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We’ll be at SXSWi for Austin Techbreakfast 2014!

Senior Account Executive Mike Hogan will present a live demo of our Two-Click Email Checkout Technology at this year’s SXSWi! The live showcase will feature a demo of @Pay’s email payment platform. Attendees from SXSWi will experience the power and convenience of @Pay’s simple, secure email payment platform. Come see us at Austin Techbreakfast to experience how simple it is

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Webmail Users Open Emails on Mobile Devices First

Webmail users are opening messages on mobile devices at an increasing rate. Check out this infographic to see how it affects your business.


Increase Conversion with Email Checkout

Everyday, we as consumers are inundated with emails from our favorite retailers. Everyday, we ignore those emails. Why? Because they are either irrelevant (they aren’t offering me products I want) or they require additional, inconvenient steps to complete an action. SeeWhy states that 97% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned. Clearly, something is broken. What’s even worse is that marketers

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A wrap-up of the Great Salt Sprint 2013

@Pay’s engagement in the Great Salt Sprint on July 27, 2013 was great fun! We had a productive and educational session here in Albuquerque, despite technical difficulties involving interfacing with participants in other locations around the world. Each local participant came away with some new knowledge and something they can possibly use in their professional lives. @Pay came away with

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@Pay Presents Email Payments at Affiliate Summit 2013

Visit @Pay president John Killoran and senior account executive Mike Hogan at Affiliate Summit East 2013, which takes place August 18th to 20th in Philadelphia. @Pay will be presenting our two-click technology, which streamlines web and email payments. Stop by booth 807 to learn how you can increase sales on your site with our easy-to-integrate payment API. Founded in 2003,

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