Our story is unique and exciting.

Snowball launched into the nonprofit space two years ago with a pilot program aimed at accomplishing this one simple goal: make it easy to give. Through this journey and with an incredible response from the market, our team realized that we not only had lighting in a bottle, but that we could be doing much more in other markets. Whether it be payments, philanthropy, or mobile commerce…Snowball is doing things that no other company can do.

Inside the Snowball family, we promote a free-thinking and fast-paced culture from the top down. This has helped us constantly push the boundaries of how our technology can be leveraged to improve a brands’ online customer experience. Our young, superstar team is made up of people that truly care about improvements through innovation. This mindset combined with our technology has helped us form partnerships with some of the largest organizations in the world.

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Snowball started over 5 years ago as a project to make it incredibly easy for people to donate to worthy causes. At first, our buttons just worked in email and we were the merchant account on record for all transactions. As time went on, we built Snowball into the entire VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover network so organizations could use their own merchant account. In 2015, we began offering our authentication technology in text message and qr code, since then we have gotten really busy. About 400 organizations have signed up with Snowball and that number is growing rapidly. Now, in September 2016, we are offering 2-click from web for all mobile devices.

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